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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Re: FBI - U.S. Department of Justice

We have been asked to present the following contact information for anyone who believes that any complaint and/or information they filed with any FBI agent, squad or regional office needs re-review, reconsideration or special attention: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Professional Responsibility, Room 3266, 950 Pennsylvania, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20530.


Anonymous said...

Have a friend who went to the NY office with info & documents, an agent then took everything and went to the other party who then made trouble for my friend. There is still a very bad taste from this experience. Maybe I will speak to my friend.

Anonymous said...

I too called the FBI headquarters in NY and spoke to the guy in charge of the region. I know many who had called the Westchester FBI and gave specific information and documents on corruption and illegal activities. I know very well how law enforcement works, and explained to this guy who it was that was coming forward and the issues and evidence they had. He told me what was being presented was sufficient for the Westchester office to look into, and he would call them to find out if there was a problem and get back to me.
Well, needless to say, he didn't get back to me. I called twice and left messages. That was enough for me to figure that the fix was in, and he found out. I have known enough of these guys, what to say and what to ask and I know how the system works. If you hand them a case on a silver platter and they walk away, it's because it's been fixed from the inside and they want nothing to do with it.
Who has asked the moderator of this blog to have people get in touch with the DOJ?
If the DOJ were really interested in the corruption of NY courts, they just have to read the postings here and ask some of the "disgruntled litigants" who have made public statements about the corruption, to have engough to do an investigation. And, there certainly have been enough complaints to governement agencies, including the OCA, FBI and the DOJ for them to look into the problems everybody has been complaining about.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to the above story. An FBI agent contacted me in 2006 about court corruption in western ny and this agent proceeded at first with tons of great information and then disappeared and gave a lame response for his departure. The DOJ in washington, also said in 2006 and 2007, that they will not investigate the NY COURT SYSTEM, stating that she did not know who would be responsible for that and she mailed me the right to sue letter for fed. ct. So really, i wish the administrator of this site would explain the new knowledge they have explaining that this will now be addressed!

Anonymous said...

This is a special office, the OPR and H. Marshall Jarrett who heads it, appears to have integrity. So much so that Bush denied him clearence to investigate matters against him.
"Earlier, the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) attempted to investigate whether Gonzales and other government attorneys acted within the law in authorizing and overseeing the program. President Bush personally intervened in the spring of 2006 to shut down that investigation by preventing OPR investigators from gaining the necessary security clearances."
"President Bush personally intervened in spring 2006 to shut down that particular investigation by not allowing OPR investigators to be granted the necessary security clearances. Gonzales has told Congress that Bush consulted with him on the matter, and that Gonzales actually advocated that the security clearances be granted so the OPR probe could continue -- but that Bush overrode that advice.

The OPR inquiry was shut down not long after the head of OPR, Marshall Jarrett, had informed superiors that his team was about to interview witnesses and review records that would directly contradict sworn testimony to Congress by Gonzales, according to Justice Department records and interviews. The testimony in question was Gonzales's assertion that there had been no "serious disagreement" within the Bush administration regarding the legality of the eavesdropping program."

Regarding his background
"Jarrett has been a career federal prosecutor and administrative officer of the Department of Justice for twenty seven years. He was a First Assistant U.S. Attorney in West Virginia. He was the head of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney's Office in the District of Columbia. He also served a stint as the deputy chief of the Justice Department's elite Public Integrity Section, which oversees the prosecution of political corruption cases."

So OPR complaints should go to Jarrett and I would send copies to the DOJ OIG Glenn Fine who has been jointly investigating the President, Gonzales and others in their actions.

Best of luck in cleaning the corruption.
Eliot Bernstein

Anonymous said...

Thank you eliot, i will make another attempt. This explanation was needed, because i believe so many people have attempted to address this with so many federal agencies, as i have, without response or results. I will let you know if i i get any response.

Anonymous said...

Eliot, are you the administrator of this site? Did the DOJ get in touch with you?

Anonymous said...

This is scary stuff..... officials looking the other way?!?! wow.

Anonymous said...

Called the publicized number for the Anti Corruption FBI in White Plains many times. Either there would be no answer or I would get an answering machine. I wanted someone alive. So I gave up. Are they merely going through the motions? Eliot's story is facinating. God Bless him

Anonymous said...

....this is the "American Way>"

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