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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Smoking Gun Flavors Carvel Charity Fraud...(CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

A February 18, 1992 “CONFIDENTIAL” memo from those who wrestled control of The Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation says it all, “Retain (Foundation Board) Membership to prevent family control.” And that’s exactly what has been going on for the last 17 years. “Enough’s enough,” said one attorney familiar with the various Carvel legal battles. “The lawyers have gotten more than their fair share of Carvel money—nearly $3 million dollars a year. People got too greedy. It has to stop.” Sadly, he asks, “Did you know Tom Carvel’s widow, Agnes, never received one penny of income from Tom’s estate?” ……MORE……

Baskin Robbins’ 31 flavors come up soft when compared with the ever-growing variety of frauds found in the Carvel Ice Cream legacy-turned-larceny saga.

No More Ice Cream for You

In a federal complaint filed in the United States District Court in Albany, New York on October 1, 2007, the niece of Ice Cream great Tom Carvel seeks to have the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation shut down.

In an odd twist of events, the named defendant in the action seeking the dissolution of the Carvel Foundation Charity is New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who was still in school when the Carvel frauds began, and who was no doubt enjoying Carvel Ice Cream at the time. 

"And it will be Attorney General Andrew Cuomo who will bring some long overdue justice to the Carvel family and Tom's wishes," says another White Plains attorney.

The federal lawsuit points to Assistant Attorney General Laura Werner of the New York State Charities Bureau in Manhattan as failing to properly oversee the brazen theft of the Carvel money meant for charities.

According to a well-placed source, Laura Werner is a long-term holdover from now-gone attorney generals who chose to keep any charity fraud scandals quiet. “When it comes to Carvel money, Laura Werner ignored everything,” says the source, adding, “Werner’s on her way out, so things might change for the better now.”

Pam Carvel is a bit more blunt, saying that since 1991 the “gross negligence of Assistant Attorney General Laura Werner” failed or refused to take actions to protect the interest of the Carvels and the intended charitable beneficiaries.

And it would take more than 17 years for Pamela Carvel to see the full extent of some of what was written on page two of that February 18, 1992, “confidential” document. The memo sets up Carvel Foundation “successor members” as Sal Molella, Ann McHugh’s son, Jim O’Connor, Dave Malane and Hudson Valley.

The “Hudson Valley” role is best explained in a complaint Ms. Carvel filed August 28, 2007 with New York State Chief Administrative Judge Ann T. Pfau. Carvel says Westchester County Surrogate Court Judge Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., appears to be actively involved in a long-standing pattern of criminal activity against Thomas and Agnes Carvel, their estates and their charities. The “incestuous influence,” says Pamela Carvel, includes the recently discovered findings that the judge had serious conflicts involving his own $300,000.00 in “loans” he has with the sole adverse litigant to Carvel family members-- the bank who wrestled control of all the Carvel millions.

And included in the complaint is her discovery on May 8, 2007, that attorney William E. Griffin (of Hudson Valley) fraudulently transferred a $10 million dollar Carvel Ardsley, New York property to the company of Griffin’s law partner’s brother for just 2 million. William Griffin-- the alleged president of the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation, and Chairman and major stock controller of the Hudson Valley Bank—is currently the subject of an investigation by the office of New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

One old-timer who knew the Ice Cream magnate says, “Carvel would be furious over Griffin’s self-dealing. You know Tom used to just walk into a school or organization and simply ask the principal or administrator what they needed- then he’d write a $200,000. check and walk out- that was Tom Carvel."

To view portions of the federal complaint and the “confidential” February 18, 1992 dated memo, See “Carvel Smoking Gun” to the right.


Anonymous said...

I've dealt with Pfau. Don't hold your breath waiting for her to do anything. She's one of the bad old boys. Take your ice cream and move out of new york.

Anonymous said...

How many millions did McCarthy Fingar steal from Carvel?

Anonymous said...

The bad guys don't want any family members on the Board because they don't want them to have any control.

Anonymous said...

Frank Streng is with McCarthy Fingar and he was part of the Carvel rape now he is part of the Astor Estate, WOW

Anonymous said...

the thieves hijacked the Carvel Estate - Foundation and some people have made and continue to make mucho dinaros

Anonymous said...

Hey, the crooked lawyers and judges steal from the small estates also. Not just the big carvel and astor money pits.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Winston's, Lekowitz and there are more, it all adds up!

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