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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Insight Grows in Attorney Sex Probe....(CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

With very little, if any, confidence left in the Manhattan-based Attorney Departmental Disciplinary Committee, which is charged with upholding the legal bar's ethics, yesterday's (October 10, 2007) posting has brought one important question for all to consider: Did you ever wonder why cameras and audio recorders are not allowed in hearings or courtrooms? .....MORE......……

And another insightful comment follows, in part, below and in responding to a woman having to resort to video and audio-taping the grossly improper acts of her own attorney. (To see the full comment, review the October 10, 2007 "comments" section):

From Eliot Bernstein of and Patentgate fame:

The reason this story is sad is because it shows how, since corruption is at the top, the whole has gone to hell all the way to bottom feeding attorney’s who are supposed to uphold justice.

This woman represents a needle in the haystack to fight powerful men who hide behind their Esq. degree-- openly, imagine that, as they fear no repercussions...

This woman is [screwed]in her plight to get justice against this man who hangs with the [connect], she is lucky she is not considered a terrorist, bagged, shipped to Gitmo, denied her frightening it should make you give up your rights to a government that is selling them out from you faster than a lawyer violating his ethics), until she kills herself in despair that no justice will come her way.

Just like all those other "suspected terrorists" denied habeas corpus and basic rights, while being tortured by some henchman ... who killed themselves without due process or rights, just like millions eventually did in concentration camps.

Normally I say bah, should have fought from the start, you gave it up, you get what was coming but here we have a bold New Yorker unafraid of the miscarriage of justice against her, who instead fears for her child and the future it holds for her, willing to fight for the right and it makes me pick my weapon of choice, my pen, to aid and abet her cause.

My hat and heart are off to her, not that she will win, not that she may blow her brains out in Nazi America in desperation but because she is a mother who wants not her children to have to fight this prick and those at the top who ignore her pleas for simple justice in a slam dunk case if the country had not gone utterly mad at the top, she chooses in their face, despite the havoc they will reap or rape upon her, to prevent her children from suffering at their hands.

The link to her video:

It is the not the point of her plight that matters, it is the fact that justice cannot be served in hers and many others lives due to our new Nazi American ways.

Her case shows that when the government is seized at the top, the center of government is corrupted as it has nowhere to go either, without a whistler blower becoming a dissenter, a dissenter a terrorist, a terrorist bagged, shipped to...

She fears no evil because like many New York females I used to know, she loves her children and is afraid of monsters running amuck and more afraid that law has become lawlessness, she does not take s*&%, roll over and die ....

She is reaching out to New Yorkers to take up her case against the corruption in the system, she is putting her neck on the line, she fears these attorneys and the committee's are working to kill her, she fears for her daughter, yet she fears more the future for her child.

Take a leaf from her; make her your poster child to show how the culture of corruption works top down and how even a little woman can take on big government when her priorities are right, when she has not sold out or given up.

What to do to kill this disease that plagues our country so?

I urge you to visit and to find out how the fox got in the henhouse when they were caught robbing the United States Patent & Trademark Office, how they had been planning in secret societies to overthrow the country for three generation, who they are, how deep they got, how to stop them and how the hunter was standing behind the fox with a big bad shotgun and...

Come on New York, get on the phone, call your f&*$ing politicians, your disciplinary departments, etc. - demand answers to the injustices, call the f*&%ing President, when they don't answer, as public servants should, they need to dragged out by the neck.

I am not sure if it is still in the Constitution, or if they are writing it away but it used to say, beware of government and if you find it corrupt, take [action] against it, TEAR DOWN THE WALL. Demand explanations.....

Children and all good parents need to take up the streets, protest their courts, protest the corruption, shout loud and long, put them in the courts and try them using their own legal bs to convict those found violating office of treason...

Wherever they flourish expose them to the light, like vampires they hate the light.
When you go to Iviewit you will see who they are and how they are operating...

The secret is out, it is a matter of time until their power is usurped and justice will prevail. On that day, this piece of s&$* rapist attorney in New York will lose his law suit against his victim, she will get justice to arrest him and try him and she will feel an ounce safer for her child. He will no longer be feeling safe that the top is corrupt and he will be shielded but instead will find him in jail...and justice will be served after being perversed.

Keep fighting honey and hats off to all those in New York who have some Chutzpah left, a set of balls, a take no s*&$ from public *&%*&$%# attitude and are working to return America to a safe from the terrorists within running or ruining our country.

Anybody who does not support my position and sides with the *&%$ going on in this country is not only non-patriotic but does not support the troops in killing people who did nothing to us...

Holy Cow Batman, a woman was accosted by her attorney for his fees, what should we do???

Golly Gee Robin, we need to get on the Batphone to Commiss Gordon....

Robin I fear the establishment can't help us any longer, it appears Joker has poisoned them all with Greed dust and it's Helter Skelter here in Gotham, perhaps the whole nation.

Golly Gee Batman, should we give up and join the party, commiss Gordon offered us five million last week to back off Mr. Freeze, should I give him our wire #'s??? The CFR just started a European branch, maybe it is all hopeless...

Gotham was returned to a state of normalcy, where kids could play in the yard not fearing their government was violating them and denying them rights, New Yorkers were proud again, Batman was relieved, Robin was dead; Gordon is serving 25-life with Cahill, Kaye and all the other corrupt public officials and attorneys. Batman had a day of relief before the criminal element began to return working for another attempt at a power grab in a hundred years, knowing that at least for today woman and children were again safe from falling buildings and guys on camels on Broadway.

Goodnight New York and when you wake may you be pissed and more so take action. Call a politician for fun on any of a thousand issues; make sure he takes your call. Call and ask how the Iviewit patents are doing if you don’t have any other issues like war crimes that really piss ya off.

Best Batman, Eliot Bernstein, Iviewit, Patentgate


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just like everything: it's from the top down... And the top of the court system is out of control and wreckless... there is no accountability and so we get what we get- total garbage.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what is really disgusting, there is no law or constitutional prohibition to having cameras, recording devices, in the courts by anyone. They only thing that requires permission of the court, is to make an audio visual recording which is for rebroadcast by television.
There has never a court ruling that said that cameras were not allowed in the court. Same thing goes for recorders. And that's because there is none.*
What is criminal is Judge Kaye ignoring the Constitution and the laws of the state and just making up anything she feels like, and everyone in the courts just goes along with it.
Judge Kaye should stop wasting taxpayers money going around the state giving speeches about public policy issues on which she has a personal agenda. Judge Kaye's job to run the court system and make sure that the laws that the legislators have already enacted, (and who were elected by the citizens of the state to enact these laws) are being applied as the legislature intended. She has ignored her Constitutional mandate, legal requirements, and the rules of her own Court Administration which make it clear as to what she is supposed to do and what she is not to be doing.
It is ridiculous that Kaye asks attorneys and judges how to fix the problems which they create. Ask just about any litigant about their experience with the courts and you certainly won't hear about how fair and efficient the process was, and how pleased they were with the experience. But you will hear about how the process is a waste of time, effort and money. To say that the foxes are running the hen house, is an understatement and an insult to the hens.
The legislators must be clueless as to what is really going on in the courts. Kaye has all the state money she needs to go around blaming everybody but herself for the problems of the courts. Litigants, who have had their lives destroyed and all their money taken, don't have the luxury, or the platform, to get the attention of the politicians so they understand what is really going on in the courts.
Judge Kaye should spend her time doing what she was appointed to do and see to it that the Judges and court personnel are following the laws and rules that are already on the books and stay out of trying to change laws for which there is no public support for so that attorney can get more money they don't earn or deserve and judges can get more perks.

*(b) "Audio-visual coverage" shall mean the electronic broadcasting or
other transmission to the public of radio or television signals from the
courtroom, the recording of sound or light in the courtroom for later
transmission or reproduction, or the taking of still or motion pictures
in the courtroom by the news media.

Anonymous said...

I diddo all of the above, as a long time ex-employee of OCA! Judy Kaye is and always has been a MONEYED JUDICIAL HACK, whose purpose was to give high level judicial positions and lower level exempt positions to political friends of the court throughout the state! Her concern is in no way about the constitution, cameras (which of course she dumped so the public could not view the other hacks and any judicial mis-behavior) or concern for judicial independence or fairness. This appalling lady advocates discrimination of females and minorites with in her court system, as long as they have no political backing to attack her firings and threats of arrests of these LONG TIME court employees! I personally wrote to this woman about extensive discrimination i was suffering and viewing, and where OCA had settled a similar a case with me regarding these serious issues, back in 1997, and kaye not only ignored my letter ,but ordered the female chief administrative judge, Sharon Townsend in the 8 th dist. to fire me after 30 yrs of excellent service and no complaints. Townsend was put in this job, above all those who applied when she did not, only to further OCA'S personal, political, retaliatory and discriminatory agenda in nyc and have them rubber stamp townsend;s authority to bring it to western new well she did. Townsend accomplished this in a fashion that ignored the constitution and any federal laws prohibiting above! I am convinced these ladies et al, are unlearned of the law in general and just fling power and their sex to garner a court with employees and judges that will exhibit the same un-ethical, ignorant and illegal behavior! Judy kaye is the first person i advocate to be removed and arrested for abuse of power and use of organized crime tactics to obtain control of anyone who attempts to report the court's illegal actions. All of the above is based on fact and investigation!

Anonymous said...

counting the days till Tom Cahill leaves, he's a short timer

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know Allen H. Isaac formerly of Gladstein & Isaac? An Intern that worked for Mr. Isaac came forward came forward to CBS Scott Weinberger.Has anyone ever been victimized by Allen Isaac?

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