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Friday, July 25, 2008

Federal Complaint: NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct is Corrupt

Federal Complaint: New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct is Corrupt

A filing in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York says New York’s Commission on Judicial Conduct (SCJC) is a “sham” operation designed to protect certain political insiders, and to target, chill and destroy other “non-player” justices throughout the empire state.

The federal complaint alleges that the SCJC ignores its charge of upholding the ethics of New York judges, all while pursuing a small inside group’s political agenda, and is a fraud upon the citizens, judges and the state’s justice system.

Highlights of the federal filing include:

1.    Plaintiff was encouraged when Appellate Division, Second Department Presiding Judge A. Gail Prudenti, directed that the allegations concerning the fraudulent assignment, internet advertising and financial sanctions be formally sent by Chief Clerk of the Court of the Appellate Division, Second Department, James Edward Pelzer to the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

2.    The Commission on Judicial Conduct sent plaintiff a form letter declining to take any action.

3.    Plaintiff has received numerous copies of the same denial letter sent to other complaints from the SCJC.

4.    Upon information and belief, and upon a thorough review of dozens of published actions by the SCJC against certain judges, the SCJC improperly advances certain agendas against some judges, while ignoring the outrageous conduct of others.

5.    Upon information and belief, the SCJC summarily ignores serious charges against select judges to advance certain agendas and to protect selected judges.

6.    Upon information and belief, the SCJC is a partial arbiter of secreted agendas that provides a grossly improper disservice to plaintiff, the general public, the legal community, the system of law and, in fact, the vast majority of honorable justices of the state’s courts.

Plaintiff Discovers that the Commission on Judicial Conduct is a Sham

7.    On or about Wednesday, March 5, 2008, at 10 o’clock in the morning, plaintiff met at the DDC offices with the newly appointed DDC Chief Counsel, Alan W. Friedberg who, just a few months earlier, had been the longtime Deputy Chief Counsel at the SCJC. Plaintiff had requested a meeting, and Mr. Friedberg scheduled the referenced date and time.

8.    Plaintiff possesses an audio tape of the March 5, 2008 meeting with DDC Chief Counsel, and who was the prior Deputy Chief Counsel of the SCJC, Alan W. Friedberg.

9.    During the meeting, Mr. Friedberg stated to plaintiff that he was a very “hands-on” type of person, and that he had, in fact been very “hands-on” at the SCJC.

10.    Mr. Friedberg took great pride in stating his personal involvement in all matters and did, in fact, voice his pride in being “the person” who put Judge Garson behind bars.

11.    Plaintiff did not discuss the common belief that it was Kings County District Attorney Charles J. Hynes who had prosecuted the matter of ex-judge Gerald P. Garson.

12.    At no time during the March 5, 2008 meeting did Mr. Friedberg use the words “fair and impartial,” “due process” or “integrity.”

13.    DDC Chief Counsel Friedberg again refused to explain to plaintiff how, why or under what authority the McQuade complaint could ever be handled by a non-existent DDC outsider, choosing instead to confront plaintiff, the complainant, personally in order to chill any pursuit of my plaintiff’s right of due process concerning an attorney’s misconduct.

14.    Upon information and belief, Counsel Friedberg did concede that plaintiff was entitled to be properly represented by counsel even if, for the sake of argument, plaintiff was a mass murderer, a bank robber, the one who stole the Red Cross 9/11 monies, beat old ladies, harmed defenseless animals or was a litter bug.

15.    Though he advised he was a very “hands-on” person, Mr. Friedberg told plaintiff he had never heard about the numerous submissions to the SCJC alleging that numerous judges had been involved in furthering a fraud by an attorney friend where: over $100,000.00 in Red Cross 9/11 donation money had been stolen by the justices’ friend’s client; an insurance company had been defrauded by the scheme the justices advanced; their friend’s client had committed suicide; and, the involved surrogate had confronted the pro se complainant-litigant in the courthouse lobby to voice his anger at being asked to recuse himself.

Inherent Unfairness to Judges, Attorneys and Complainants at the DDC & SCJC

16.    Plaintiff’s fully documented March 5, 2008 meeting with Mr. Alan W. Friedberg provides a troubling insight by the current DDC Chief Counsel, and the former SCJC Deputy Chief Counsel, into the lack of due process at both “ethics” entities. Personal agendas and selective enforcement have completely replaced the charge of ethics oversight at the DDC and the SCJC. If, for the sake of argument, Mr. Friedberg was truthful in stating he had never heard of the various issues raised by plaintiff over the past few years, then the issue becomes who is really in charge at the DDC and SCJC.

17.    Upon information and belief, lower level employees at the DDC and the SCJC, and who are improperly beholden to political and legal outsiders, advance or thwart selective ethics inquiries without regard to merit.

18.    As a result of the March 5, 2008 meeting at the DDC, plaintiff corresponded with Mr. Friedberg of the DDC and with the Chief Counsel of the SCJC (Exhibit “G”). Plaintiff cannot confirm if the SCJC Chief Counsel has personally received the documents as the typical terminating form letter was the only response.

To see the filed federal complaint and exhibits, CLICK HERE


Anonymous said...

I can tell you that most people are happy that Friedberg is out of the CJC. And, as you know, it's not uncommon for a bad seed to be moved UP instead of OUT. Though Friedberg was finally shown the door at the CJC, he now, unfortunately for them and the public, head the 1st Department's attorney disciplinary committee. If you though things were bad under Tom Cahill, just wait and see how Alan continues his own dirty (and illegal) funny games.

The readers of this blog should know that Bob T. is a top shelf administrator. And he knows that there are people even within the CJC who have their own agendas, and their own marching orders from those who got them their job there.

Yes, there is a problem with the disappearance of certain complaints against certain judges-- but you didn't hear that from me......

Anonymous said...


You fellows don't know the half of it!

Anonymous said...

his (Alan F) job is to contain, control, defuse and deflect as many situations as possible. Let's get real here - Reading COVER-UP AND OBSTRUCT.

Anonymous said...

I know of 5 people who have filed complaints against different judges. 3 provided written proof that the judges committed crimes. All of us got a form letter from some hack named Jean Savanaugh. Does anyone know this clown? Does she really exist? Who got her the job there? Who does she take her orders from?
When are the feds going to step in?

Anonymous said...

Dealing with the CJC back in the early 90's, I strongly detected the political maneuvering going on within the investigation I was a part of, and it turns out the CJC used me to advance their agenda, regarding a judge..who eventually was removed!

As the years went on, this judge's friends and politicos became judicial administrators and supervisors of mine...enmasse! Right after they all took positions, I found myself attacked viciously and criminally on the job, and when I was advised by the union to file with the judicial OIG, against my better thinking.. I did, and immediately the connected administrative judge sent a memo demanding my termination, to the NYC judge, Jan Plumadore! Plumadore wasted no time in preparing false allegations and documentation for what was to be his charges, unfair hearing and termination decision!

When I called my old buddy at the CJC, to file for an investigation of these two judges and possibly more...I could hear him gasp in fear, AS HE REJECTED any continued conversation about what my allegations were, and stated, "judges have tremendous latitude in dealing with employees"...a far cry from accepting my allegations regarding what a judge had done to me in the late 80's, with whom I worked , and where they continued to work daily with me, for 3 yrs to secure his removal....a vendetta of theirs! This lead atty at the CJC knew I was fired in retaliation and left me to hang while protecting the corruption and integrityless CJC and its judiciary!

Apparently, these judges were a political hotbed and would never be investigated for anything, at anytime, no matter if I had alleged felony criminal charges.

The CJC is an entity that must be dismantled in its present form and any new entity be created with a federal or citizen oversight group in charge. The state of NY has proven that the only business they can keep an eye on is....POLITICAL BUSINESS and nothing else! The judicial system is the most damaging ,to all taxpayers!

Anonymous said...

I disagree the Robert Tembecjian is a good administrator. He totally blew me off. They should get rid of all the top people and put in replacements. It's just wrong how the don't do their job.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just read this guy's complaint. Now a lot of things are clear to me as to why the state of our court system is so dysfunctional and fixed for the insiders. This is really bad.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on? I just read the complaint! Who the hell is in charge?

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like this poor bastard got screwed by the son-of-bitches is the courts! Fire them all and then take all their money, let their families starve. Screw them the way they have screwed US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is not just a nyc or greater nyc problem at the cjc - there are multiple complaints from one upstate county alone where Every single complainant received the Form Letter blow off signed by jean savanaugh i believe, either way, always signed by the same person. in Every situation there was absolutely not a single witness contacted to ascertain or verify anything at all before the white wash, blow off dismissals. sure, maybe not all complaints have merit. but it is statistically, logically and practically impossible for Every complaint to be lacking in any merit as well. most of the judges up here at issue had strong connections in the pataki administration. keep the drums beating for serious reform of the ny state judicial system statewide.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is all too surreal..Where the F--- are the FEDS...Put a stink bomb in these Offices, CJC, DDC, DA's, NYPD, and the AG'S, get rid of all these dirty stinking filthy lying criminals.

Anonymous said...

Keep your eye on the name Richard Emery. He is in deep!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I called the so-called Law firm of Richard Emery and spoke a lawyer by the name of Ilan Maazel..Mr. Maazel wanted to know every last detail of my case and after the 2 hour interview, He said, "SORRY THIS IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHTS CASE".

Anonymous said...

Every member of the DDC and the SCJC needs to be dragged in front of a grand jury, indicted and jailed!!

Anonymous said...

Gary I. Greenwald in Orange County is another rat involved in some deep illegal activities in order to win a case. Since the inept attorney is so dirty and corrupt it is the only way this looser can win cases for his criminal, sexual predators and corrupt clients.

Anonymous said...

that whole Surrogate's Court is a snake pit. All of them should be locked up. Take their law licenses and make them dig ditches. Stop the obstruction and coverup, the so-called system is only working to enrich the pirate lawyers and Judges.

Anonymous said...

there is an epidemic of corruption in the NY Judiciary. It's the coverup gang. And it's not just one court. Count the money that is being stolen. Everyone gets screwed since the IRS are also getting screwed by these con artists. Legitimate taxes are lost to the Gov. since the con artists low ball everything in the Surrogate's Court. Isn't that called stealing among other things?
But no one wants to do anything even when you file a complaint.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there talk a few years ago about eliminating the state's surrogate courts?

Anonymous said...

more than talk, believe that they had hearings back aways. It was a big to do! The Surrogates fought hot and heavy and killed it here in Albany. They want their own turf. They didn't want to be part of the Supreme Court mess.

Anonymous said...

It's been a well known secret for a very long time that the "ethics committees" do nothing but go after lawyers and judges who cross the wrong people, or simply don't fit into some fat cat's plans. Just as Spitzer used the state police as his own personal gang of goons, OCA has their own gang of goons- the various attorney and judicial 'ethics' committees. Most of us attorneys are too busy just trying to keep our head above water and survive, and we'll just try to avoid any battle with ANY 'ethics' committee. I do agree that it's pretty ironic that the 'ethics' committees of New York State are themselves grossly unethical..... only in New York, kids, only in New York....

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Bernadette E. Lupinetti from Orange County. Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. is marry to one Patrick Lupinetti who happens to be an ADA with medicaid FRAUD with the Office of Andrew Cuomo. Bernadette Lupinetti pulls some criminal stuns and yet not a single complaint has been taken seriously. I wonder why? is it because of her hubby's position? can this be? Benadette Lupinetti is involved in some dirty, dirty deals involving the sexual exploitation of a minor.

Anonymous said...

To a fly on the wall:
Great idea to mention the IRS not getting the funds they want and need so desperately, to get the FEDS AND/OR THE DEPT OF JUSTICE to move in on this judicial corruption!
Nothing moves America to address anything criminal or shortcutting their source of funds, than a complex scam!
America is about money, and if you can show them how they are being taken advantage of, as well as being scammed out of have your solution!
Bet this lights up the IRS OFFICE, as well as others.... today!

Anonymous said...

The Governor want to save some money.. I can think of several agencies that are totally useless...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If she is fired, maybe we could show many of the old timey female court employees, how to really wear their hair!
Kaye is a mess as a judge and a woman role model package..whose idea was she anyway!

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