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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lawyer Busted for Putting Too Much Cash in Political Coffers

Lawyer Busted for Putting Too Much Cash in Political Coffers
The National Law Journal by Amanda Bronstad - July 25, 2008

Los Angeles attorney Pierce O'Donnell was indicted on federal charges of making $26,000 in "conduit" campaign contributions by reimbursing employees of his law firm who gave to a committee supporting an election campaign for mayor in 2003. O'Donnell, 61, by reimbursing others, caused 13 illegal campaign contributions to be made by 13 people to the campaign. The three-count indictment includes claims that O'Donnell made false statements to the Federal Elections Commission by failing to reveal the true nature of the contributions.

If convicted, O'Donnell faces up to 12 years in federal prison. He is expected to be arraigned next month. In 2006, as part of charges brought by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, O'Donnell pleaded no contest to five misdemeanor counts of using a false name while making political contributions to the 2001 mayoral campaign of James Hahn. He also agreed to pay a $155,000 fine. Separately, O'Donnell agreed to pay a $147,000 fine to the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission. That same year, the commission also issued a fine of more than $13,000 to more than half a dozen employees of O'Donnell's firm, who he allegedly reimbursed for making contributions. Pierce O'Donnell, of Los Angeles-based O'Donnell & Associates, did not return a call for comment.


Anonymous said...

this goes on here ALL the time and no one gives a damn! Somebody was gunning for this dude big time! It would seems that he has ripped off enough clients that he has the bucks to pay the fines, but can he do the time that is the question and who will he rat out!

Anonymous said...

In New York, you get busted for NOT putting ENOUGH cash in political coffers.

Anonymous said...

Just be careful who's toes you step on...this guy forgot he was playing against big brother

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