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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Milberg Judge Approves $75 Million Mea Culpa

Judge Approves NY Firm's $75 Million Mea Culpa, Drops Charges
New York Lawyer - The National Law Journal by Amanda Bronstad - July 15, 2008

LOS ANGELES — A federal judge has agreed to dismiss charges against Milberg after the law firm agreed last month to a $75 million settlement. The firm had been charged with conspiracy, mail fraud, money laundering and obstruction of justice. In an investigation spanning nearly a decade, the government had alleged that the firm and seven of its former partners made $251 million in attorney fees by paying secret and illegal kickbacks to lead plaintiffs. Milberg, which had been preparing for an August trial, avoided a plea deal under a non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors. Several former partners have pleaded guilty in the case, including co-founding partner Melvyn Weiss and William Lerach. Lerach is serving a prison sentence of 24 months. Weiss is scheduled to begin a sentence of 30 months next month.


Anonymous said...

way to go Mel, you bought your way out for only $75 mil, we all know that was on the cheap baby...Good Show you screwed the system again

Anonymous said...

you get away with 251 million the feds made him pay back 75 million
crime does pay.

the attorneys for the fed i hope they are not proud of this.
profesional courtesy.

Becaause he avioded prosecution does he get to keep his law lic?
Maybe they should make him president of the barr association

Anonymous said...

someone said Mel made a good deal, they are right! this swindler always knew how to deal, it was in his blood, he was always a thief. I know he stole from me. He should rot in JAIL forever

Anonymous said...

Wow..You get to commit any number of crimes and then you could pay your way out of it...doesn't surprise me... lawyers and judges get away with murder. Our system sucks and makes me sick to my stomach. I was better off when I was naive and thought that people really cared about each others well being, but boy was I wrong.

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