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Monday, July 28, 2008

IRS Looking at Surrogate, Lawyer and Bank Chairman Link

Source Reveals the IRS is looking at the connection between Westchester County Surrogate Court Judge Anthony A. Scarpino, attorney Frank W. Streng, of White Plains-based McCarthy Fingar, and Yonkers-based Hudson Valley Bank Chairman William Griffin.


Are tax-free loans the new brown-bag payoffs that corrupt our courts?

Equity loans to judges and “gifts” to a judge’s family are not subject to annual reporting by judges, and are not income reported to the IRS. Loans for $400,000 to Surrogate Anthony Scarpino were made by Hudson Valley Bank which is controlled by William Griffin. At least $300,000 just happened to be paid to Scarpino prior to trials in which Griffin appeared before Scarpino as a witness and litigant against the Carvel family, who were represented by Frank Streng.

In 1982, the Bank and its vice president John Finnerty (who remains on the Hudson Valley Bank Business Development Board) faced and survived indictment for phony “loan” schemes and “various counts of larceny and misapplication of property”.

Why did Griffin’s bank “loan” Scarpino $400K ?

Lawyer William Griffin is the controlling shareholder and chairman of Hudson Valley Bank. Griffin also alleges to control multi-million dollar charities (including Carvel family charities “Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation”, “International Institute of Health Foods”, and others).

New York State Department of Banking found that Griffin’s Hudson Valley Bank altered the names on at least $5 million in U.S. Treasury securities allegedly after Thomas Carvel’s death, diverting the funds into an account co-owned and controlled by one of Griffin’s cohorts. Multi-millions that “disappeared” from all Carvel family account records at Hudson Valley Bank were one of the subjects of litigation before Scarpino. Is it any surprise that the diverted money was never returned to Agnes or Pamela Carvel?

What favors did Griffin get from undisclosed “loans”?

Neither Scarpino nor Griffin disclosed their $400,000 financial arrangements at any time. Scarpino denied a trial by jury in all Carvel cases. In the trials before Scarpino, Griffin sought to take ALL CARVEL FAMILY MONEY and end fraud investigations into the theft of over $250 million from the estates of Thomas and Agnes Carvel. Is it any surprise that Scarpino ruled in favor of Griffin against Agnes and Pamela Carvel?

Has Scarpino repeatedly paid Streng hundreds of thousands for estate litigation for throwing cases?

Streng advertised on his web site that he was an advisor to Scarpino. In other words, doesn’t Streng work for Scarpino?  Neither Streng nor Scarpino disclosed their relationship at any time in the Carvel cases. Was it ever disclosed in any case?  Pamela Carvel personally paid almost $1 million to Streng to fight Griffin’s involvement in charity frauds and criminal real estate scams.

Is it any surprise that Streng did nothing against Griffin? Is it any surprise that Scarpino ordered Streng to be paid almost $1 million in legal fees, but Streng refused to reimburse to Pamela Carvel the duplicate payments Streng received?  Does the IRS know Streng actually received payment almost double of what he billed?

Did Scarpino repay $400K tax-free “loans” from Griffin’s bank?

The records of Westchester County Clerk and Board of Elections indicate that Westchester County Surrogate’s Court judge Anthony Scarpino received (tax-free) $400,000 from Hudson Valley Bank.

Of that sum, $100,000 was an alleged pre-election “loan” to Scarpino before his election as Surrogate. What was the security pledged for that loan? Has Scarpino ever repaid any of it?

The remaining $300,000 was alleged equity loans secured by Scarpino’s real estate in Westchester. How much of these “loans” did Scarpino repay after he ruled in Griffin’s favor?

Is the Hudson Valley Bank Development Board just another covert pay-off to loyalist politicos?

Hudson Valley Bank also runs something called “Hudson Valley Bank’s Business Development Board” of which the bank itself says, “members benefit from their association with Hudson Valley Bank” “The Board of Directors looks to fill these positions with highly-qualified professionals, who can assist in achieving the Bank’s goals.”

How much of the Bank’s record “profits” are really from diverted estate and charity assets?

James Landy is President and CEO of Hudson Valley Bank. Landy was also chairman of the board of St. Joseph’s Medial Center (and William Griffin’s wife was on that board) when Griffin bought the property next to the hospital just before a purchase grant for the very same property was given to the hospital from the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation. Not only was charity grant-money funneled to Griffin but Hudson Valley Bank also kept substantial portions of the property for itself.

Mathew Landy is James Landy’s cousin. Griffin hired Mathew Landy as the alleged office manager over one secretary for the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation – a foundation gives grants only to Griffin’s insiders since Thomas Carvel’s death.

Marc Oxman was covertly installed as guardian ad litem for Agnes Carvel without any evidence and without any hearing or trial. Oxman was hired to procure Agnes Carvel’s death by stress in London to eliminate Agnes’ claims against Griffin -- and so he did. Oxman is one of the members of the Development Board who “assists in achieving the Bank’s goals” along with Oxman’s law partner Andrew Natale, Jr.

Another Development Board member is Daniel Hollis, partner to Stuart Shamberg, attorney for Charles Lambert -- the Westchester County Public Administrator who hijacked control of Agnes Carvel’s estate into Westchester through alleged perjury by Griffin’s lawyers. Griffin’s lawyer’s alleged an “emergency” requiring the appointment of the Public Administrator for the sale 2000 acres of Carvel Dutchess County property for almost half the market value to an alleged con-man lawyer who already declared bankruptcy six months earlier -- owing Carvel businesses over $600,000. Is it any surprise that Griffin pulled off this hokey appointment at a moment when the Westchester Court lacked jurisdiction and when the law required that ALL PROCEEDINGS BE STAYED until the formal substitution of Agnes’ executor into the proceedings?

In addition to being a member of the Bank’s Development Board, Edward A. Sheeran is Executive Director of Yonkers Industrial Development Agency (“IDA”). IDA is the agency that played a part in the phony St. Joseph Hospital grant where Griffin purchased a property only after he knew his cronies in the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation approved a $2,000,000 purchase grant for a $700,000 parcel of land. Over $1,300,000 allegedly disappeared along with a corner of the property that was a branch office of Hudson Valley Bank. The IDA then stepped in to provide financing.

Michael Spicer is President and CEO of St. Joseph’s Hospital, which is the recipient of numerous unaccounted-for grants from the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation controlled by Griffin. Is it any surprise that Spicer is also “achieving the Bank’s goals” by being on the Development Board?

Lawyer Paul Amicucci is listed as being part of Griffin’s law firm. Paul Amicucci is also listed among the “Hudson Valley Bank Business Development Board” and listed as lawyer to many of the “charities” controlled by Griffin. On 6 October 2006, Griffin, allegedly acting for the Thomas and Agnes Carvel Foundation, sold Amicucci’s brother Agnes Carvel’s $10 million former residence with 19 arcres in Ardsley, New York for only $2 million. On that same day, 6 October 2006, Amicucci’s shell company (formed in March 2006) assigned the whole property back to Griffin through Hudson Valley Bank as an alleged lease assignment for security for an alleged US$1.3 million mortgage from Hudson Valley Bank. Could this be a means for cheating Agnes’ creditors and beneficiaries who are entitled to the real income from the property?

This same Ardsley property was appraised at $1.1 million in 1990 when Thomas Carvel died. While all surrounding real estate has increased in value 300-400%, the Carvels’ unique, exclusive, mountaintop acreage property only increased about 82%. When this real estate scheme was brought before Scarpino when discovered by Pamela Carvel in 2007. Scarpino did nothing. Could this be another one of Griffin’s schemes for transferring control and profit from a property without paying taxes on the transactions? Anyone still surprised at that???

So many questions, too few answers......


Anonymous said...

Betcha this Surrogate Scarpini (aka Westchester's king of dead people's money) is the next to topple off his throne.... wow, powerful story....

Anonymous said...

They may be 'tax free LOANS' but if they don't have to pay them back they should be called PAYOFFS.

Nice reference to "the new brown-bag payoffs that corrupt our courts?"

I miss brown bags.

Anonymous said...

the Hudson Valley Bank was always a mob bank. A Yonkers Police Capt. by the name of Anderson even robbed it, by the way he was first in his FBI class. Anderson built the bank building for the founding Yonkers bookmaker. Nicky's good friend Joey even put up the seed money for half of the loot and Anderson ripped him off. Bill Griffin is a front for various people. Look who's on the Board, take Angelo Martinelli for example, he's dirty. Take each of these people apart and you'll find plenty of dirt. The bank is used as a payoff means by the powers that be and the federal people have known that for years and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

I knew that once you mentioned the IRS was missing out on a lot of money, due to the underminding by the NY STATE JUDICIARY, that they would be jumping into this by today.
The best method to spur an investigation about and always will be the IRS..gotta love the one agency in America that does what it has to, for what they get paid to do...collect all the money due to matter who is involved!
The IRS will track you down, if you are on retirement and SSD for the little money you have to give them, so why not the huge windfall that could come from the NY STATE COURT SYSTEM! GO GET EM..IRS!

Anonymous said...

And they always think they can get away with it. And actually, they have gotten away with it in Westchester for decades! I would like to imagine a corrupt free group of leaders in Westchester for a change. Dare to dream!

Anonymous said...

WOW...Great, my, my, as the plot thickens in Peyton Place.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered simply closing down the Westchester courts and just starting over?

Anonymous said...

follow the money honey! Find out where the Judges and the Courts have stashed the public's money and it's quite a bit that they control. It all a very big secret since the Judges don't want anyone to figure how they get the bennies. These guys were always on the take. I couldn't believe the things I saw. They all got away with all this crap because there never was any oversight.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knew Griffin would sell his mother for a dime- hell, he ripped off Bob A and HVB until Bob died. And Bill wiggled total control of Bob's family's money. This nut has brought theft to a new low.

Everyone knew Streng was the go-to crook who couldn't be straight even if he didn't have to cheat.

And everyone knew Tony the G-man would eventually be busted because he wasn't even smart enough to be halfway decent mobster/lawyer/judge/bum.

What a crew....I'm embarased that I did business deals with the three of them.

Anonymous said...

hope Tony Scarpino gets jammed good, hes a two faced lowlife. Hes not a standup guy.
ps - I'll tell you a secret Tony wants to go to Brooklyn (as in Monroe) as a big JUDGE and he will step over bodies to get there.
The Manhattan DA did a number on him in the Astor case and he is pissed that he lost it and cant stop crying about it. There are certain guys that want and need him on Monroe. He will knife anyone in the back to get there. And he want his BIG PAYDAY and thats no lie.

Anonymous said...

"Show me the Money" is what it is all about in the Surrogate's Court and the Public Administrator's Office. The Daily News (see this blog) wrote about the Bronx County Surrogate Holtzman. It's the same all over NY State and that article is just the tip of the iceberg. If Andy Cuomo wants to do a job and go down in NY State history as a good AG he should clean this festering cancer up. Many people will not be happy, but so what, the pratice and custom is corrupt and everyone knows it.
Remember Andy, when the voters find out all the deals that have and are going on with these funds they will be happy if you do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I do not know much about this case except that the amounts of real money are breath taking. That is why the sharks are there.

Anonymous said...

Westchester has been THE center of corruption in the state for years. I hope the feds finally do their job.

Anonymous said...

the lawyers want to take all the money, that is what this whole thing is about. Arrest all lawyers and jail them all.

Anonymous said...

my husband a CPA has told me that if the IRS ever really held the Surrogate's Courts up to the light, the IRS would have a very large windfall. They are getting cheated regularly by the Trust and Estate professionals including the Judges.

Anonymous said...

my husband a CPA has told me that if the IRS ever really held the Surrogate's Courts up to the light, the IRS would have a very large windfall. They are getting cheated regularly by the Trust and Estate professionals including the Judges.

Anonymous said...

Griffin, Scarpino and Streng all attorneys are really the three stooges in drag! I know these jerks and they all couldn't get themselves arrested. But maybe I underestimated them? Maybe they will?

Anonymous said...

hear that Tony S and maybe Frank S are being squeezed and God only knows what will come out

Anonymous said...

hope someone get's to Tony Scarpino's girl friends - there is much dirt and they will have some tale to tell. Tony was going to divorce his wife at one point till he found out how much he would have to pay. Tony doesn't want to pay for anything - he just wants money coming to him - that's the kind of guy he is.

Anonymous said...

a whole lot of people know that tough Tony Scarpino wants a federal Judgeship. Trust me Tony Scumbag it will not happen there is way too much dirt which your friends will not be able to cover-up. Pay back is a bitch Tony, Ha, Ha.

Anonymous said...

The are good and bad judges. And there are good and bad court decisions. Remember, one side is always unhappy with what a court does. And a 'bad' court decision doesn't make a bad or corrupt judge. But I have to say what I've seen on this website convinces me of clear corruption within the ninth judicial department. But this is Nicolai-land, the home of statewide corruption and the manipulation of constitutional rights. That's what I believe.

Anonymous said...

the word was always that Tom Carvel was taken care of and maybe it was true. Griffin and some of his group benefited from this event. Then Big Al E. and Tony C. were in charge.

Anonymous said...

the IRS will find plenty of money from estates, not just the Carvel mess. The Surrogate Court is where the money goes to the black hole. The lawyers steal from the IRS and everyone else. Look at the Marital Deduction guys that's part of the scam.

Anonymous said...

it was known that Hudson Valley was a mob bank from the beginning so connect the dots, certain mob families had a whole lot to say in Westchester and they had a pad for the top cops

Anonymous said...


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