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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Call for Public Hearings on Corruption in the NY State Judiciary and Bar

Integrity in the Courts
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

January 13, 2009

The Honorable Malcolm A. Smith, Senator
Office of the New York State Majority Leader
907 Legislative Office Building
Albany, New York 12247

via U.S. Mail & facsimile # 518-455-2816, 212-298-5605 and 718-528-4898

RE: Call for Public Hearings on Corruption in the New York State Judiciary and Bar

Dear Senator Smith:

Your status as Senate Majority Leader has renewed the promise of hope to the great people of New York. We are encouraged by, and have long yearned for, your leadership in reforming the condition of avarice and corruption that exists within and about our state’s court system.

We believe that the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct and the statewide attorney grievance committees are irreversibly corrupt. The growing outcry, volume of lawsuits and complaints from every corner of this state represents the serious condition of wholesale corruption and lawlessness by those charged with “ethics oversight.” The time for legislative action is now.

Our near two-year-long research has revealed a troubling state court “ethics” oversight structure that is itself corrupt. We have documented dozens of examples where the law, attorneys, litigants, state employees and, in fact, judges have been targeted for annihilation simply because of a political whim or the vengeful, misguided desires of a few. Conversely, we have evidence of many outrageous and criminal acts by certain individuals within and about the state court system that have been substantively ignored for no other reason than their favored position or political affiliation.

Accordingly, we respectfully request that you hold statewide, and televised, public hearings so that formal findings and recommendations may be presented to state lawmakers for appropriate action. We have commitments from current and retired New York attorneys and judges who wish to testify before you during the first public hearing. True “ethics oversight” must be restored, and the current system of destruction and cover-up must end. To assist you in the formation of a “Commission on Court Oversight,” and in preparation for public hearings, we have dozens of one-page case overviews.

We are confident that future generations will echo our gratitude of your restoration of our faith in our government and in our system of law.

Very truly yours.

Frank N. Brady

Integrity in the Courts


Anonymous said...

I will bring my OCA court transcript, that was entered into evidence in relationship to an official OCA hearing, that was later altered by removing and diminishing testimony after that hearing, to reflect an entirely different and incorrect scenario , so OCA could proceed with a false and illegal termination of my myself after 30 yrs, and in retaliation for my participation in the removal of Judge A.P. LoRusso...Buffalo NY.

This case has a witness to the alteration, besides myself...the person who testified to the original contents.

This is just one of several altered documents and stories used against me, in retaliation for the removal of that judge and the settlement of the first... title vii me against OCA in federal court in 1997.

Any investigation into court corruption would be welcomed...most certainly by myself for retaliation etc. and by other non-political female and minority employees... in the 8th judicial district.

This investigation should outline the situations regarding a very dangerous pattern of hostile and violent conduct taking place specifically in Buffalo City Court.... by a mob of connected and/ or grouped out of fear... female employees with issues related to employee success or particular actions, and some of their OCA employed relatives, all with heavy political connections to some important judges, and persons from political parties controlling Buffalo court politics, all of whom are able to produce terminations or transfers.

The Buffalo News is well aware of this story...since they have had access to it from the beginning and chose not to investigate the court system. The previous editor broke the LoRusso story and stayed on it from 1990-1997. But... this new female editor from the Buffalo neighborhood where some of these women live and grew up in......has chosen to conceal the the entire travesty from the taxpayers of WNY!

In conclusion...the Integrity in the Courts has requested an opportunity to expose something that has destroyed NY state in too many ways to mention here, and in my extensive experience has seen it implode out of control.

I cannot allow any longer, the truth be withheld from my fellow hardworking taxpayers, so they remain conned by the belief that they have an actual JUDICIAL SYSTEM...when it is really a criminal mob entity!

An investigation is requested by upstate NY.

Anonymous said...

From a man who has been forced to sacrifice essentially everything I once had to New Yorks scandalous judicial Crisis of Accountability, I say Bravo to you, Frank Brady.

I hope your voice is substantially louder than mine has been.

Kevin Patrick Brady

Anonymous said...

Tuesdays have traditionally been "LOBBY" Days at the State Capitol.

But with so much despair and budget fear, I would choose a Different Day, a Non Tuesday that is, to Organize Court Reform Lobby Day and since it will be done on a Non Tuesday, it may have a Better Chance of Getting Direct Media attention and Direct Attention of some of the Members.

It should be scheduled sufficiently in advance to get folks to come from EVERY corner of NY from Long Island to Queens to the Bronx to Buffalo of course including the Hudson Valley Region and the Wester Tier and the North Country and more.

And there should be Confirmation of numbers of folks attending and whatnot to truly make a very impressive Call for these hearings and changes.

from the hudson valley region

Anonymous said...

i will go.
They will never do it they will hide like Cahill.
They have lobyists.
Robbing us is to profitable.

Anonymous said...

shouldn't the reform efforts also come up with some other specific recommendations like a legislative fix on "judicial immunity" rules which is a common law Judge made doctrine in the first place?

the Family Court Act already has a section which discusses "bad faith" actions by Judges and leaves wriggle room to get around Judicial Immunity but the way the Doctrine is applied even in the Federal Courts the Courts CUT OFF even Discovery which may show immunity should not apply and thus make it an all encompassing doctrine of protection

so this should have a federal lobbying element to it as well with members of congress

Sure, the obvious concerns are that there would be a Further paralysis on the Court system by opening a floodgate of litigation against Judges but there are ways to address this 1) by making a sufficient standard to get beyond a dismissal motion and 2) creating a future Deterrent Effect by seeing a few judges that Tamper and Destroy and alter and Falsify evidence and more get some real consequences.

just some prelim thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Many solid, viable remedies have been proposed. They are FREE; on the table for the People's benefit, but We never seem to rally round them and get them passed.
Read for yourselves

Anonymous said...

I nominate RICHARD EMERY to supervise the hearings on corruption in the Judiciary! HEAR HEAR!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!

Anonymous said...

to the above who posted..

"the Family Court Act already has a section which discusses "bad faith" actions by Judges and leaves wriggle room to get around Judicial Immunity"

how odd.. I just came across that the very day you posted...

I believe it was in a Sec of law discussing liability as well...

Anonymous said...

In the case I have often spoke of there was a complaint made to the CJC charging Suffolk County Judge James C Hudson with misconduct.

1. He was involved in the case two years before it came to trial and it caused him to have a bias in the case he eventually tried. He gave a serial felon a free pass from jail for his 'truthful testimony' in the forthcoming trial. That felon didn't leave the courtroom in that very generous plea deal brokered by DA Tom Spota and he lied about the defendant - to- be being involved in an armed robbery while the defendant was proven to be in Europe.

2. I gave the judge pages of information stating that the serial felon's attorney had represented another person that the district attorney declared as an un indicted co defendant in the trial of the defendant, and allowed his latter client to give damaging, and untruthful testimony against his latter client. That matter is required to be sent on to the Grievance Committee when a judge becomes aware of attorney misconduct. He failed, or appears to have failed to do so.

3. That the judge caused to have the trial transcript changed from the daily sheets to the official transcripts sent to the appellate court after the defendant was convicted.

I was contacted by an alleged rep of the CJC that never gave me her name, position, or phone number. All I received was a letter from the CJC that there are no charges warranted in this case.

The defendant was convicted of three burglaries at trial and two of them were vacated by the 2nd Department. At least two of the charges were vacated even though they all should have been vacated. But protecting another judge is more important than allowing an innocent man to go to prison.

The Grievance Committee has the case of attorney conflict of interest for more than 19 months now, and other than the initial contact and at least a dozen letters I sent to them, I have received no reply.

Lippman is just the right guy for the job. He will make sure everything stays just as it is. Too many jobs to protect.

Anonymous said...

To the above writer.."Too many Jobs to protect"..More like too many crimes to protect.

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