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Thursday, January 15, 2009

NYS Senator John L. Sampson Accepting Input on Chief Judge Nomination

Representatives from the office of New York State Senator John L. Sampson today stated that confirmation hearings will be held soon regarding the nomination by Governor Paterson of the Hon. Jonathan Lippman as the state's next Chief Judge. 

Senator Sampson is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the state body that will confirm or reject the Governor's choice as the state's highest justice. It was indicated that members from the Democratic and Republican leadership will soon determine exactly who will sit on the committee under Senator Sampson.

Senator Sampson's office also advised that they are accepting the public's input, either by facsimile, if under 5 pages, or by U.S. Mail.

Senator John L. Sampson Contact Informaton:

The Hon. John L. Sampson
New York State Senator and
Chairman of the NYS Judiciary Committee
506 Legislative Office Building
Albany, New York 12247

518-455-2788 telephone
518-426-6806 facsimile


Anonymous said...

Brady Bunch here: I can't wait to submit my (5) page letter to the Honorable John L. Sampson.


YouTube film exposes quintessential corruption

Anonymous said...

Boy, do I have an earful for this confirmation committee.... please post the date as soon as you know. I live in South Carolina and will be flying to NY to attend. I've waited 5 years for this. New York's shit hole corrupt system of "law." has ruined too many lives. And a guy named Lippman was the mum Administrative Judge when I got screwed. Even with evidence, he stuck his ugly head in the ground. I WILL CRAWL ONE THOUSAND MILES TO ALBANY TO TESTIFY AGAINST LIPPMAN AS CHIEF JUDGE. HE WILL MELT WHEN HE SEE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lippman and Pfau would only be a continuation of Kaye and Pfau: nothing but back room deal making-- all while violating the law for their own gain. sinful. Lippman and Pfau are NOT the needed change we need.

Anonymous said...

Times Union Story on Judge Pay Raise issue Fading??

Lippman should be grilled on the Integrity in the Courts, Court Corruption, Judicial Immunity, Surrogate Court Abuse and Corruption, Matrimonial and Family Court Corruption, Case Fixing, Statewide Problems in the Attorney Discipline System and more.

Shouldn't Lippman be directly asked if he knows about Corruption and case fixing and the other scandals and if so, what has he done about it?

Lippman should be asked about systematic whitewashing at the Commission on Judicial Conduct which is a component of our system under the State Constitution. If corruption exists there, what are the implications for a properly functioning and Constitutional system?

Lippman should be asked about the Club of Lawyers who were systematically ripping off the pension system too.

Pay raises for Judges should be last, AFTER Confidence in the system is restored.

One has to Wonder if Lippman and others live in a Fantasy world of denial like the old "Ivory Towers" given the Widespread Public outrage and criticism of our State Justice system yet always praise for Kaye and the like.

I mean, its not like the statewide problems got there overnight and its not like the State has not already paid for Various reform commissions and the like over the years where Lippman was Deputy Chief Administrative Judge which mostly seemed to be look good and feel good actions that got nowhere.

Anonymous said...


I don't think I have any beef with OCA, but I certainly have life altering grievances with certain hoodlum judges and what has gone on in their courts.

What could Kaye or Pfau or the honorable Jon Lippman do about that ?

In fact, what could the CJC even do about that ?

Anonymous said...

To the above Brady...I think you know that OCA could do everything about your judicial problems, in the vein of correction and future behavior.

Butt...OCA chooses to not.... and thus they leave in existence a non- justice system, judges who do not follow the cannons of the judicial codes, biased courthouse environments and work performances that have no intentions of benefiting the citizens that pay for them.

Instead...OCA has put it's middle finger up to you and the rest of NY state and says...catch me if you can. And If you can...they want to give you a life that will reflect their most terroristic and severe abuses of ruination!

Everyone you mentioned, certainly can and are obligated to do something...they are just daring you to make them...that is what this blog is revealing!

Anonymous said...

Hey ! I have taken their 'DARE' on countless occasions out of belief that 'the law' was unmistakably on my side. All I've got to show for it are multiple malicious prosecutions, wrongful convictions and incarcerations for 'crimes' that are not even cognizable in New York, AND, a decade plus of up close and personal experiences establishing New Yorks honorable judiciary to be infested with liars, cheats, thugs, and thieves.

How anyone can advocate higher salaries for those mostly responsible is infinitely beyond my ability to articulate.

How could it have possibly gotten so foul? ...and God help us WHEN will our State administrators DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?


Anonymous said...

We need to send Senator Sampson our complaints against Lippman. If you send email, copy them to the press: Here's a short list of reporters who have written about Lippman recenty.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Latest Times Union Article on the Continuing Fundraising by Top State Leaders:

Will there Ever be a chance at Real Justice, Equal Justice, and Real Reform if the Fundraising and Money and Pay to Play by the Wealthy and Special Interests like Insurance Lobby and Trial Lawyers and the like never stop??

Will the Feds hopefully break open the Dysfunctional NY process before then?

Anonymous said...


After the revelation that the SEC had been informed by a whistle blower about the Madoff scam years before it was busted, they are squirming and pointing fingers and many heads are going to roll.

Likewise, when Lippman and his thugs go to prison in a couple of years, the press and politicians who refused to listen to the thousands of documented complaints against him will be held to account and they will go the way of Spitzer.

We need to shout from the rooftops that Lippman is a gangster who is only qualified to make license plates and cobblestones.

Write your representatives by certified mail. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Write our Representatives ??? No offense Brother, but you, like essentially all of 'the People' are living with the pipe dream of the Republic we were given by the founding fathers and yet couldn't hang on to.

I went to my alleged representative, David Koon, with a documented case of judicial fraud and public official misconduct. The honorable Mr. Koon apparently made one or two phone calls, called me back and said 'the state constitution prohibits me from interfering with matters concerning the Judiciary"

I say that our 'leaders' are infinitely more inclined to pay lip service to their constituents than they are towards helping us solve our problems, AND the only real solution I can see really wouldn't want to hear.

Anonymous said...

I sending my documents to this senator in the morning!!!! Please everybody send your stuff to him!!!!!

Anonymous said...

go look here:
on the left hand side click on "message board" ....then go to the "rumor board" ...
have a look at the thread titled Nassau/Suffolk guardianships.

Sampson should read that before the confirmation hearings take place.

Lippman will be as useless as Kaye was. He will just carry on where Kaye left off. Kaye claims to have "reformed" those courts ??? I say Bull_ _ _ _ !

Anonymous said...

I heard that Senator John Sampson "sold us all out" and took a high-powered (and well-paid) job offer at some humongous law firm in Manhattan, presumably offered to him to stop pursuing the Ethics and DDC criminals, and since then has not so much even looked at the Ethics Committee Hearings again - say it isn't so?

Anonymous said...

There is politics in many hav their hands in the pots, its becomes mind blowing the scams they get away with. Search Sam Sloan's eccentric pursuits. Their games is meant to just do that to a victum of the judical manipulation. Eventually, Mr. Sloan was enlightened to his pleading to the very judge that orchastrated his constant failing is his visitation preceedings. Note: even the an litigants lawyer is given promotional job referrals in order to subvert a litigants pursuits. My complaint went to (then) Judge Barry Cozier....look what his career is taking the mix of gov't appointment and who know what else.

mbara said...

senator sampson has a bill that is needed to make judicial disciplinary proceedings more open to public scrutiny and to expose the commission on judicial conduct covering up for corrupt judges like thomas f whelan in suffolk county riverhead courts.the bill number is 1713 and the people need it. no government agency can be allowed to cover up corruption and hide behind we can not tell the public.

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