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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lawyer Who Duped Judge May Face Rap

Lawyer who duped judge may face rap
The New York Daily News bY NICOLE BODE - January 7, 2009

Queens prosecutors could bring criminal charges against the defense attorney who helped free a convicted murderer using a taped confession that turned out to be a fake, lawyers revealed in court Tuesday. Thomas Hoffman was part of a multimillion-dollar pro-bono legal team that convinced a Queens judge to overturn Kareem Bellamy's conviction last summer on the grounds that another man was caught on tape confessing to the crime. Bellamy, 41, was granted a new trial.


Anonymous said...

His punishment, if any, will depend on who he has been paying all these years. For his sake, it better have been places deemed appropriate by the chief counsel at the local grievance committee.

Anonymous said...

Pro bono was changed to pro bono for lawyers. He will be admired by the grievance committee for his efforts to free his client (the guilty murderer).

Anonymous said...

Well it seems that people believe everything they read. First I'd like to say one thing--Mr Hoffman- the Attorney, is an outstanding person. Second, if that was your child accused of something such as murder and was sentenced to life for something they didn't do-wouldn't you pray someone would help. Mr Hoffman DID NOTHING WRONG! I so happen to be the retired Detective on the case and unfortunately their is an ADA who I pray will be seen for what he really is in the coming months. There should be a Federal Investigation into the ADA handling the case. Describing the ADA as unethical would be putting it lightly. Just remember "MIKE NIFONG". For the wizards out there that don't know--read the Duke University Rape case papers.I've never been a fan of Attorneys but Mr Hoffman deserves much better.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Hoffman's a good guy.... there's more to this story.... I believe Hoffman himself was fooled!! Forget the ADA seeing any justice- they are protected by the ethics committees. Almost every bad act by a prosecutor is totally overlooked!

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