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Monday, January 12, 2009

Ethics Attorney Violated Orders to Cover-Up, Says Unethical Superiors

Fired NY Lawyer Violated Direct Orders, Ex-Bosses' Claim in Response to Suit
The New York Law Journal by Daniel Wise - January 12, 2009

New York state, in a motion for summary judgment filed last week, portrayed an attorney who sought $10 million damages for her firing by the First Department's Departmental Disciplinary Committee as violating the direct orders of her superiors. The lawyer, Christine C. Anderson, filed the lawsuit in 2007 claiming she was fired after six years as a staff attorney because she complained the committee's chief counsel and his top deputy were "whitewashing" complaints against "certain select attorneys." A brief filed for the defendants - the state and three committee officials - stated that instead of following her direct supervisor's orders, Ms. Anderson engaged in "an eight month campaign to circumvent and berate" the supervisor, Sherry K. Cohen. The brief, which was written by Assistant Attorneys General Lee Alan Alderstein and Wesley E. Bauman, also contended that the "highest officers" in the First Department courthouse were aware of Ms. Anderson's "acerbic and posturing conduct." Ms. Anderson's attorney, John A. Beranbaum, retorted that the defendant's brief is using an "employers' time-honored technique of trying to trivialize a valid whistle-blowing claim" by labeling it "a disgruntled employee's personal grievance." Mr. Beranbaum, of Beranbaum Menken Ben-Asher & Bierman, added, "at the end of the day, this tactic will prove unsuccessful."


Anonymous said...

Sherry Cohen is an evil drunk. How the hell did she get AND KEEP a job at ANY ethics committee. THAT'S THE BIG QUESTION !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Judge Scheindlin has to do the right thing here.... deny their Motion for Summary Judgment because all of these thugs belong in JAIL..The DDC's is above and beyond corrupt...and they're guilty as sin...I admire Ms. Anderson and her courage to expose these animals...Give Ms. Anderson- Alan Friedberg's job as the next Chief Counsel for the DDC.

Anonymous said...

Check Sherry Cohen's finances, and that of her family.... follow the money....

Anonymous said...

This is so OCA behind those puppet mimicking attorney generals.

OCA DEPISES ethics and will portray anyone in their way, as dreadful, beastly, corrupt slugs..always disobeying them and their alleged legal and appropriate supervisory demands...even if OCA has to concoct the paperwork and stories to bolster their lies.

The person who dares to flaunt ethics in their crooked faces, becomes the monster that OCA and their own counsel's office, always paint as the one who should be ashamed of multiple wrongdoings!

OCA is the senior devil that needs the correction in behavior and ethics from federal court, and most definitely not Ms.Anderson!

OCA assuredly has already ruined this woman and her career, but I am certain this will not be the end of her heroic story.

The truth always will and has always prevailed against OCA and their stronghold on criminality.

Patience and will shall be the solution for success for Ms. Anderson and I am sure she will receive the redress she is deserving of!

Support for you comes from many parts of the state and this is one part that congratulates your strenght....don't let them break you...that is their game!

Anonymous said...

I have been fighting OCA for 5 years in a employment discrimination suit. OCA has ruined my promotional opportunities by blacklisting me and they have a lot of power. the supervisor that I filed against is a known vindictive bully and OCA backed him up even though I tape recorded a conversation (legally) with him and then he perjured himself on his deposition. I wish Ms. Anderson all the luck in the world but the odds are stacked by OCA and I will continue my fight to the end.

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