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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New York Corruption Top$ California Any Day

Judge Faces Discipline Over Small Claims Case
The Recorder by Cheryl Miller - February 10, 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA - Placer County Judge Joseph O'Flaherty says he was just trying to do right by litigants in his court. Investigators with the Commission on Judicial Performance say the superior court jurist abused his authority. Which side is right will be determined in the coming months as the commission pursues charges against O'Flaherty of willful misconduct, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and improper action. The charges stem from a December 2008 small claims case involving car salesman Scott Herold and two employees of a Roseville credit union. Herold had sued the credit union workers for allegedly interfering in the would-be sale of a car to one of their customers - a sale that eventually fell through, said James Murphy, O'Flaherty's attorney. After O'Flaherty dismissed the case, Herold left the courtroom. The two credit union employees then told the judge they feared Herold might retaliate against them. O'Flaherty had his bailiff summon Herold back to the courtroom. "I'm going to put it bluntly," O'Flaherty told Herold. "I think you've been abusing these people, and I don't like it." O'Flaherty then ordered Herold to stay away from the employees, both women, and their bank branch for 90 days. If he didn't, O'Flaherty warned that he would issue a restraining order.


disgusted said...

California's a joke. Here in New York, the corrupt insiders steal tens of millions on a regular basis, and that's just fine with Robert Tembeckjian and the chief counsels of the four appellate divisions.

Anonymous said...

Tembeckjian needs to go to California. He could wipe out their budget woes with his brand of OK kickbacks.

Anonymous said...

In Cal. they sue lawyers. It is done on a regular basis. Lawyers advertise that they sue lawyers and they do it on a contingence basis. No fee if they do not recover. I was told that is why lawyers in Cal. are in general better. It makes sense Doctors order test and take precautions because they due not want to get sued. In N.Y they know they will never get sued so they do not care.
It is good the hold the judge accountable for the case he will
not screw up again. It also sends a message to the other judges that
they also will be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for a decision in upstate NY on a small claims back to Dec 2006!
So where is Lippman questioning this matter...or is he assessing the judge's political connections to mine?
Maybe they should all look to the sky for connections....more potent than threats from state government!

Anonymous said...

This is a joke! We should send some of our people from NY out to CA to show them how to run the scams! This is minor league.

T Finnan said...

Here's support for NY over California. Our prior Chief Judge, Judith Kaye, received the "Pretty Pig" award in 2005 for swine-like behavior covering up judicial corruption in NY. Our present Chief Judge is involved with Judge Ramos in a complaint available on this site involving a 40 million dollar fraud. Then on to our prior AG, Spitzer, driven from office of governor because of a minor scandal involving a whore, but protected from prosecution for his other crimes with the victims being the people of NY. Now we have a AG, Cuomo, who accepts money from lawyers with actions before the State of NY and is running a protection racket for others seeking not to be prosecuted. Then, of course, it is on to Tembeckjian at Commission on Judicial Conduct, who covers up almost all the corruption complaints. Why hasn't Cuomo acted on the criminal complaint filed with his office on Tembeckjian? And of course, we have over 90,000 complaints filed with this site. California, all you have is Attorney Fine in jail because he complained about LA California judges taking illegal compensation. Here in NY, the corruption begins at the top and oozes down through every level.
Governor Paterson, the corrupt fruit is low hanging and ripe for picking; reach out and pick it; the people will thank you.

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