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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tembeckjian's Cover-Up Committee Rears Corrupt Head in 2010

Commission admonishes State Supreme Court Justice McGrath
The Albany Times Union by CAROL DeMARE - February 17, 2010

State Supreme Court Justice Patrick McGrath of Troy should be admonished for sending a letter to pistol permit holders during his campaign promising he would not abandon them should he be elected to the higher court, a state judicial watchdog panel said Tuesday.
It was the second time in six years McGrath, a former Rensselaer County judge, has been disciplined for his conduct. As a county judge McGrath signed more than 20,000 permits and permit amendments. During his fall 2008 campaign for Supreme Court, he stated that should he be elected to that office, he looked "forward to serving the pistol permit holders for another 14 years," the length of a Supreme Court term. The state Commission on Judicial Conduct, in a determination dated Feb. 5, found that McGrath "made improper pledges or promises" to pistol permit holders and "misrepresented his jurisdiction over such permits." The commission ruled unanimously in recommending the sanction. McGrath, 56, a Troy Democrat, defeated incumbent Appellate Division Associate Justice Anthony Carpinello, a highly regarded jurist, in the November 2008 election.

Using "Judge McGrath for Supreme Court" stationery, the judge sent letters in October of that year to about 7,000 people in Rensselaer County, addressing them as "Fellow Pistol Permit Holder." He said as a county judge for the past 14 years -- he was in his second term in that office -- he had been "responsible for all pistol permits in Rensselaer County. My pistol permit is very important to me as I know yours is to you," the judge wrote. He continued, saying as a Supreme Court justice, "I will still be responsible for all pistol permits in Rensselaer County." He ended the letter asking for the person's vote. The commission, referring to case law, said "even an implied pledge or promise may violate ... ethical standards." It said that viewed in its entirety, the letter "conveyed bias and the appearance of bias in favor of pistol permit holders and implied that as a judge he would favorably consider their interests." "A judge's role is to serve the public as a whole, not a specific constituency," the commission said. Also, the panel said, McGrath misstated the law by suggesting he would still be responsible for all pistol permits in the county. "Any judge or justice of a court of record in the county may issue a pistol permit," the panel said. By representing that he had "exclusive jurisdiction over such permits not only was legally incorrect, but buttressed the biased message conveyed in his letter," the panel said.

In 2004, McGrath was admonished for publicly commenting on the Christine Wilhelm murder trial on national television. At the time, he was a candidate for re-election to Rensselaer County Court. In view of that discipline McGrath "should have been especially sensitive to the ethical rules," the commission said. An admonishment is the lowest form of public reprimand a judge can receive from the commission. Within the next 30 days, McGrath can ask Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman for a review of the determination by the Court of Appeals, the state's highest court. If he chooses not to make the request, the commission's recommendation of admonishment takes effect. McGrath could not be reached for comment Tuesday. In a 2008 Times Union story, Carpinello, McGrath's opponent, took issue with the pistol permit letter. But McGrath said he was comfortable with it. "I received a lot of inquiries," McGrath said. "A lot of holders wanted to know what would happen if I become a Supreme Court judge." McGrath said at the time he had "established a pretty good relationship with all the rod and gun clubs over the years, and they have been happy with the way I handle permits." Some club members told McGrath they weren't going to vote for him because they wanted him to remain a county judge. The letter was "an informational thing," the judge said at the time. He said he obtained names and addresses through a Freedom of Information request, saying the information is public record and is used all the time for political purposes. Carpinello said at the time that while he was pro-Second Amendment and believes in the constitutional right to bear arms, he felt "the tone of the letter is problematic. The clear tone ... is that I'm a pro-pistol permit judge." Carol DeMare can be reached at 454-5431 or by e-mail at


Bob's boyfriend said...

They have been after McGrath for a while.... and they'll get him because that's what the CJC can do.... all while they let real crimes by their friends go unaddressed.

Keep up the good work, Bob. Oh, and don't worry, you've already reserved a fine place in the after life... a first row seat while you burn in hell for all of eternity for all of your misdeeds!

Anonymous said...

So they not only use our Police & DA to set people up, and our Grievance Committees to Racketeer our Communities into their insane idea of justice

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked lawyers and Judges, advises that the CJC is not about ethics, but about politics. Pistol permits are anathema to the Saint Andrew's campaign. McGrath didn't meet the ethical requirements for Saint Andrew's beneficence and is sacrificed to protect the more ethically challenged judges championed by Saint Andrew.

Anonymous said...

That is why the pro child sexual exploitation, pro child porn, pro child rape, pro violence, pro and case rigger Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. from Orange County has been allowed to destroy families and sell children in to porn and pedophilia. Because she makes money for the judges, I wonder if Bernadette E. Lupinetti uses the child porn money and the child prostitution money she makes out of children in child custody cases to send her precious daughters to college and to participate in their swimming competitions and so on. I know the money is not been used for wardrobe, hair, nails and/or a facelift, the dude is in need of a serious a most needed do over which is overdue.

T Finnan said...

To Gov. Paterson AG Cuomo, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara
No more excuses; ACT. You chose;then the voters chose. Begin criminal charges against Tembeckjian and CJC. My certified letter sent to each individually in Nov. 2009 follows:

Dear Mr. Tembeckjian, Ms. Savanyu and CJC members:
Ms. Savanyu’s 11/4/9 letter claims careful consideration in rejecting my complaint. But it was not careful enough concerning your criminal and other liabilities.
Take NOTICE concerning the NY Constitution article § 6. .... "The power of grand juries to inquire into the wilful misconduct in office of public officers, and to find indictments or to direct the filing of informations in connection with such inquiries, shall never be suspended or impaired by law."
Take Notice of applicable Federal laws and “honest service.” Follow the “Blagojevich Trial,” for potential federal charges. You have not immunity. Save yourself by doing your duty and removing Judge Kevin K. Ryan.
A grand jury will see Judge Kevin K. Ryan’s conduct was corrupt/unethical and an offense against Human Dignity and Rights. Judge Ryan, who knew I was a candidate for a heart transplant, moved up a two week later scheduled court action to later in the same day’s morning while I was in cardiac intensive care, with the NOTICE to me, a call by the judge’s staff to the hospital, which call the judge knew was not put through. The hospital does not accept calls to a patient in cardiac intensive care. And why, after receiving the hospital reports, did Judge Ryan not rehear the matter while I could be present? And the grand jury will see your conduct.
You(CJC members and staff) now have no excuse for covering-up Judge Ryan’s conduct, after receiving this NOTICE. It will be undeniable dishonest service and willful misconduct by each of you and in violation of NY and Federal law.
Terence Finnan

Anonymous said...

Why is a psychotic stalker allowed to run loose in Niagara County?
Why are females committing suicide after being stalked by the crew of psychopaths, why are the Pigs Not in Prison?
Setting up and harming the innocent and using the police, DA, Lawyers and Judges is a Felony!

Anonymous said...

why would we dam pistols, the judges are going to need them and so are a bunch of lawyers when the war begins because our Grievance Committees are scam operations..

Anonymous said...

Hey Fed guys, shoot to kill if they threaten you!

Anonymous said...

OCA Judges, Administrators and employees.... speak lies....write lies.... and testify with lies....all knowing that there is No...NONE...NEVER..any accountability to Federal Court is bought....the FBI is inactive,unconcerned and apparently freightened....allowing these actions to be highly condoned and in place to be utilized daily against innocent Americans....also permitting this activity to proceed as it weakens all forms of American Government...everywhere...and Americans are rendered and abandoned as helpless and hopeless while watching the American political environment leave it's citizens shackled and immobile!

100,000!! NY state...."judicial" complaints made to this blog over a 3 yr period...cannot summon any concern or action by the FBI, FEDERAL COURT OR THE DOJ....blah,blah,blah?


Black robe rage must be garnered.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was illegal to cancel someone's medical care, to try to turn them into every agency, to make sure every thing in their life costs them, to file false charges meanwhile, the felon informants & liars continue to file false claims, to use our courts as their means of wealth and are never accountable for their felonious actions......
HIPPA who cares we will just alter and change your medical history to fit our lies and no one will ever make us accountable!

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy,
where is the FBI and Hippa Violators, these are not only State crimes they are Federal Crimes!

Anonymous said...

Can you guys go after a plumber in the Falls? Please make sure you nail those corrupt over flushers!

Anonymous said...

Now everyone will know why the last female stalked in Niagara County committed suicide, you can not call your Sheriffs, DA, Feds, US Attorney or even Hippa not bother filing a complaint and every lawyer you pay to help you just takes your money and denies your rights, even commit more felonies and try to file a complaint, they are scam operations telling you to pay another lawyer to violate your rights.........

Anonymous said...

The CJC along with the DDC are a feel good cover up joints that try and con the suckers. It's all one grand con game run by the lawyers many of whom are pols. Wake up voters!

Anonymous said...

Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. maintains her reign of terror and pedophilia support in Orange County. This pile of human waste is responsible for the sexual exploitation of children, protection of sexual predators, criminals like herself. WHile children are been raped her daughters maintain a lifestyle of commodity courtesy of sweat, tears and pain of the children been raped. It is disturbing to see how the office of Frank Phillips DA for Orange County together with the courts and Child Porktrective Services are covering up the trafficking of minors for sexual performance and Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. the biggest predator in the county.

Anonymous said...

political environment

because they pay people off, there are more people who can not pay their bills and are willing to do anything to harm others, they come cheap, some get county ,state jobs
free healthcare & pensions & some get to work for select law is all about the money

Anonymous said...

LOSERS/CRIMINALS who take/accept bribes, money, favors to harm other people will GO DOWN HARD...PROMISE!!! As will those who do the PAYING...DOUBLE PROMISE!!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!

to the filthy animals...!!!

Anonymous said...

let us say Merry Christmas to the filthy animals who tell me my doctors are lying and alter my medical history to fit their fake stories because I have and will notify every single one of them.......remember the Rectal Society has the last say!
Uneducated pieces of trash!

Anonymous said...

3 words discribe what is happening before our very eyes:


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