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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top Cop Kerik Sentenced to 4 years; Feds Offer "Get Out of Jail Card"

Former Top Cop Sentenced To Four Years In Prison
NY1 News - February 18, 2010

Disgraced former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik has been sentenced to four years in prison. A judge made the announcement today in a White Plains court. Kerik pleaded guilty in November to eight felonies, including lying to the White House and filing false tax returns. He had been expected to get 27 to 33 months behind bars. Federal prosecutors want him sent directly to jail after the sentencing, saying he's more likely to flee once he knows for sure he's going to prison. Kerik's lawyers want him to remain free until it is decided which federal prison he will serve his time in.


Informed sources reveal that Kerik's 'Deal of a Lifetime' still stands:

see, also:


fellow talker said...

Come on Bernie, Talk. And then talk some more. Most people would love to see you walk, home to the kids, if you would be a man for a change and tell the truth about prosecutorial corruption 'round these parts. You can do it, Bernie. Talk!

Anonymous said...

this is how they use our DA's and then the police anyway they can to falsely & selectively prosecute anyone they want, racketeer cases, making money for their friends, they will keep their victim in and out of courts offering favors for those who harm the victim......

Anonymous said...

Go after the judges in Orange County, go and search the deals of the senior judge, check his chambers and don't forget his computer. oink oink oink!!! By the way find out which safe deposit is been used in the bank of the crooked lawyer in Orange County to do pay off's and kick backs. Maybe the DA is been paid from the same account and that is why they don't investigate fraud.

Anonymous said...

they also use payroll accounts because payroll accounts don't get checked in an audit!

Anonymous said...

This guy knows far too much!

Anonymous said...

Go check the special accounts set up by attorneys with the court to pay for "filing fees" follow the money it will take you straight to the pay off's and kick backs. Oh by the way I wonder how many judges and attorneys are been paid with trips to ARUBA...I bet if the FEDS look in to they may find "special" bank accounts. It just a feeling I have that Aruba is been used not only for "vacation."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am confused how Pirro is involved in the prosecution of Marshall, Brook Astors son?

That case was prosecuted in Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kerik can give up Pirro. I don't see the dummy being able to give up anyone in the Manhattan DA office. It just doesn't make any sense.

Anxiously waiting for the 'more to come'.

Anonymous said...

Go get ex Judge Lawrence Horowitz from Orange County, he knows about the deals there what the heck he participated in the deals of fixing cases. Right Horowitz?? ok time to tell the truth, after all they screw you up the jing jang no mercy no loyalty. Hor man slap Lupinetti around, I know you know about the deals of this criminal and pro pedophiles. Clean your sins by saving children and families from this crazy predator.

Anonymous said...

Lippman knows about all the deals in all the courts...go after him..he will never go to jail....will give up anyone at the thought of sleeping and having forced sex with filthy, tatooed jail rats!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges, consoles that Obama's/Schumer's lap dog attorney won't dig too deeply and threaten the system. Saint Andrew, advises he's been anointed as new governor and your contributions determine your fate and his election.

insider said...

the buzz is that Bernie is talking quite a bit and maybe cutting a deal to go into the witness protection plan and stay out of jail. And the good news is that it's NOT JUST the Pirro's and it's more than Westchester. Welcome to the party everyone, hope you enjoy.

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