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Monday, February 1, 2010

'Pants Suit' Judge Says Other Judge Should Have Recused Himself

Judge From Bizarre Pants Suit Is Back, Picking a Fight With Federal Judge
The Legal Times by Mike Scarcella - January 29, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC - Roy Pearson Jr., the former D.C. administrative law judge who famously sued over a lost pair of pants, is now picking a fight with U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle. Huvelle was the presiding judge in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia who, last year, tossed Pearson's suit for damages that targeted -- among others -- city officials and judges. Pearson gained national attention for a 2007 trial in D.C. Superior Court in which he sought $54 million from a dry cleaner that allegedly misplaced a pair of his pants. When Pearson was then not re-appointed to a full 10-year term as an administrative law judge, he turned around and sued in federal court on a claim that he was retaliated against for suing the dry cleaners. The pants suit didn't go anywhere. Neither did his suit against the city. Huvelle dismissed it last July. Now, with the case on appeal, Pearson is taking a personal swipe at Huvelle in court papers in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, where Pearson is pro se. Pearson wants the appeals court to take notice of a photograph showing Huvelle standing with several Superior Court judges, including Anita Josey-Herring, who is a defendant in Pearson's suit. Pearson included the photo -- taken in May at the annual Law Day Dinner Program hosted by the Washington Bar Association -- in his opening brief, filed Jan. 21 in the appeals court. Here's how Pearson puts it: "Judge Huvelle's enthusiastic participation in this smiling, arm-in-arm 'sisterhood' photo with defendant Josey-Herring" took place before Huvelle ruled on pending motions in the suit. Pearson said in court papers that Huvelle should have recused from hearing the suit. Lawyers for the District want Pearson's brief tossed from the record for technical reasons. City lawyers are making a big fuss about spacing and pages. "According to Mr. Pearson's certificate of compliance, his brief contains 1,288 lines of proportionately spaced text. The brief thus appears to be far longer than he was allowed to file," Holly Johnson, an assistant D.C. attorney general, said in court papers filed Jan. 25. Pearson doesn't dispute the over-length charge. But he said his brief should not be thrown out. "This good faith mistake bears no rational relationship to the draconian relief appellees propose," Pearson said. He noted that he is not a regular filer in the D.C. Circuit. The brief he lodged Jan. 21 was his first. The city's lawyers "have repeatedly sought, in the district court and on appeal, to stop prosecution of this case in its tracks so as to wear down the plaintiff-appellant and make it financially impossible to continue to prosecute this case to trial," Pearson said in court papers.


Anonymous said...

I tell you these lawyers are nuts. They think a law license gives them permission to steal, rape and abuse the system. Just like Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. acting like a pimp in Orange County, while the DA in Orange County refuses to investigated, despite plenty of evicence of corruption such as case rigging and child porn. Somebody is making a lot of money with the child porn and the rape of innocent children. Maybe the DA is getting a cut of the money in order to look the other way, as there is no other explanation for the DA's misconduct to protect pro sexual predators with licenses to practice law.

Anonymous said...

this is funny!!!!!!
this guy should be banned from ever wearing a suit in a court house.......
including his pants!

Warfarin for Rats said...

This plaintiff is experiencing all the same corruption he dealt out "Judge Huvelle's enthusiastic participation in this smiling, arm-in-arm 'sisterhood' photo with defendant Josey-Herring" took place before Huvelle ruled on pending motions in the suit." this plaintiff would have accepted, if they kept him in the rat pack.
Is there honor among rats? Hey, they kicked you out of their rat nest.
We hope you kept files on their corruption to pay them back for their disloyalty. Please send copies to us,to the FBI and to the Washington Post and Examiner. Revenge is very sweet for rats.

Anonymous said...

January 30, 2010

Karen M Summers
6778 Bear Ridge Road
Lockport, NY 14202

Attorney Grievance Committees
438 Main Street Suite 800
Buffalo, NY 14094
rrr 70093410000142573824

Dear Ms Eagan,

I am in receipt of your letter dated January 28, 2010.

I thank you for your correspondence and your request & now denial,
that you would open a full investigation into the attorneys and my allegations & proof of Falsifying Medical Records, including and not limited to, Federal Disability Records, falsifying of Court Records, defamation, slander, etc.

I do not and have never had CFIDS, it is clear my Federal Disability Records have been altered/changed. I requested you call the Feds on this issue and your denial to investigate such claims is so noted.

It is morally unsettling to know I could almost be dead with permanent injuries by the time I was 30 and those Federal records can just be deleted by my own attorneys.

It is also morally unsettling to know my own attorneys can threaten/deny my rights and falsify anything they want to the Courts and with the approval of my Attorney Grievance Committee.

Thanking you for your time & consideration,

Karen M Summers

for anyone who does not know the above story, this is how stalkers in a small town get away with felonies! Why am I being stalked, who knows ask a bunch of sheriffs who I wouldn't touch with a 39 and a half foot pole....and the things they sleep with!

Anonymous said...

hey can you low life sheriffs look up people's medical records too.....
oopsies, someone set you up, they knew you were stalking me!
dumb asses!

Anonymous said...

next time you low lifes want to lie to a lawyer or judge think twice.....I will turn you all in!
you will not harm one more person, low lifes!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They sound like Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. aka the children's pimp in Orange County. Where fraud is her motto and the rape of children her monetary investment...

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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