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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Corrupt Federal Judge Thrown Off Bench

Federal Judge Impeached by House
The Associated Press by Larry Margasak - March 11, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The House has voted to impeach a federal judge from Louisiana. A House Judiciary Committee task force charged District Judge G. Thomas Porteous Jr. with a long-standing pattern of corruption. The first of four impeachment articles was approved Thursday, 412-0. The second passed 410-0. The case goes to trial in the Senate, where a two-thirds vote is needed to convict Porteous of high crimes and misdemeanors. Porteous was accused of taking cash from lawyers and gifts from a bail bondsman; lying to the Senate and the FBI to win confirmation; and making false statements in his bankruptcy proceedings to hide financial problems and gambling debts. If convicted in the Senate, Porteous would become the eighth federal judge in U.S. history to be impeached and convicted.



The Counter said...

One down, 499 to go.

Anonymous said...

Good Job..

now swing by

Suffolk County, Long Island..

Anonymous said...

We have a long list here in New York. Don't forget Orange County where the biggest judicial pimp lives.

NT Tallyman said...

Here in the 2nd Circuit, we have many other judges to impeach. The definition of bribe:
NOUN: 1. Something, such as money or a favor, offered or given to a person in a position of trust to influence that person's views or conduct.
2. Something serving to influence or persuade.

Check this site for cases before the 2nd Circuit's judicial cabal, where the judges violated their position of trust. The NY judicial sewer overflows because the 2nd Circuit failed the people's trust.

Anonymous said...

with the Governor being investigated and Kaye in the lead why aren't Lippman and Ramos being investigated, could somebody in a Toyota"moving forward" please go follow them around, just don't say anything that your accelerator stuck and your brakes don't work until those corrupt cops show up!

Anonymous said...

do you think the Governor can not have any of them investigated because then we will hear the old
he is being spiteful...keep him under investigation, keep him under fire so he can not speak....hmmm that would be the same tactics I have been assaulted with........low life's!

Anonymous said...

Hey Governor, they want to play ball! Hit them with a Home Run, forget their tactics!

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