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Friday, March 19, 2010

UPDATE ON: Embattled Manhattan Surrogate Fraud Scandal

Manhattan judge comes out swinging against fraud accusations
The New York Post by Laura Italiano - March 19, 2010

Embattled Manhattan Surrogate Court Judge Nora Anderson came out swinging today against charges she illegally funneled $250,000 into her 2008 run for the bench -- portraying herself as a hard-working underdog who had no hand in reporting the movement of money in and out of her campaign coffers. Prosecutors have her under indictment for allegedly taking the quarter-mil in gifts and loans from her former boss -- millionaire Brooklyn lawyer Seth Rubenstein, her co-defendant -- well in excess of campaign limits, and of then intentionally hiding the money's source in campaign finance reports. A very simple money trail shows the loot going directly from Rubenstein's accounts and into Anderson's in two lump payments, assistant district attorney Daniel Cort told jurors. The trail goes on to show Anderson dumping the loot into her cash-strapped campaign, he said. Anderson faces anywhere from probation up to four years prison if convicted of intentionally lying that the money didn't exceed campaign limits since it was her own money, not Rubenstein's. But Anderson today insisted she was too busy following the busy schedule set for her by her campaign manager to know what her staff were filing in those reports. Instead, she was shaking hands in subways, speaking to community groups and texting her campaign manager at three in the morning -- all while paying the bills through her lawyering day job. "You can just imagine what a tough uphill battle this lady had," her lawyer, Gustave Newman, told jurors, noting that Anderson was elected despite having no name recognition and no support from the city Democratic Committee. As for the allegedly knowingly false campaign finance reports, filed in September, 2008, Anderson passed blame for any alleged improprieties on her campaign committee. "Once the committee is appointed its the duty of the committee concerning the contents of those reports," Newman told jurors. Rubenstein, too, insisted through his lawyer, Frederick Hafetz, that Rubenstein did not knowingly file the allegedly false reports.



victim said...

Like most NY surrogate judges, this one is completely corrupt. They have sold their soul. Anderson just sold it earlier than most.

Anonymous said...

Where are the feds?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the feds are after the pimp of Orange County you know Bernadette E. Lupinnetti, Esq. the one who fixes cases to help kidnapped innocents children, so they can be sexually exploited. I wonder if she pays her daugthers education and extra curriculum activities with the sexual exploitation money she gets from other children.

Anonymous said...

Was Nora Andreson set up by her 'friend' in Bklyn and Sheldon Silver? Time to think Nora!

Anonymous said...

Nora Anderson is being represented by Gustave Newman..that says it ALL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Seth, her boss, was only making an investment in her Surrogate Judgeship. Such investments can return 100% or more yearly, but this return is coveted. The local Committee may have thought they'd be left out of the gravy train. Poor Nora, without sin or guile, an unknowing victim of others greed.

Anonymous said...

seems odd such blatant abuse of the campaign finance, most use a fake organization .....

Anonymous said...

is she that stupid or was she set up, either way, she shouldn't be a judge and should be in prison, just make sure you take the other corrupt bastards with you!

Anonymous said...

Message from Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges: My condolences to poor Nora and Seth, I'm sorry I couldn't be of aid, but you neglected to keep me in your loop with a generous contribution. Sadly, the world and my benevolence run on cash in advance. Again, my passionate concern and hope that your example will encourage my beneficiaries' generosity.

Anonymous said...

Surrogate Court Hon.Gary Weber & Clerk Cipilino both crooks in the worst of ways.
My very dear friends was secretely murdered.Had her estate stolen with Webers help.
What did he receive in compensation? About $159,000 from a fraudulent mortgage on her home.
At this rate won't be long before all of my friends,neighbors are gone.
These scumbags gnawing on their remains.
The Karma surrounding these so bad stand clear of them.
Also do not keep your deeds & valuables in safe deposit box.
Crooked bank employees accessing them getting your info your valuables.Killing you robbing you.HSBC Patchogue one very bad bank.MOB

Anonymous said...

Above is regarding Suffolk County Court probate Riverhead.Hon.Weber.Crooked Crook sitting on the bench.Should be siting behind bars in Federal prison with his cronies.

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