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Friday, March 26, 2010

New York Post Confronts Judge on Schoolkids

Do it for the children, judge
The New York Post - EDITORIAL -March 26, 2010

State Supreme Court Justice Joan Lobis sure has a misplaced sense of doing right by city schoolkids. Wednesday was to be the day when a nerve-racking process dating back four months was to come to an end for some 80,000 eighth-graders. They were supposed to find out what high schools they'll be attending in September, after submitting a list of up to a dozen they'd be willing to attend. Ah, but they didn't know about the roadblock the UFT and the NAACP were about to throw in their way. A barrier that Judge Lobis has all too gladly kept firmly in place.

The two groups filed suit last month challenging the city's right to close 19 failing schools, including 15 high schools. Like Jamaica HS in Queens -- where barely one in three African-American students graduates within four years. Or Paul Robeson HS in Brooklyn, with a student body that is 95 percent African-American -- and where only one in 10 students earns the Regents diploma, soon to be required for graduation. That is, schools patently failing in their duty to children. Because eighth-graders weren't given the option of including any of these high schools on their request forms -- as if any would want to -- Judge Lobis barred the Department of Education from notifying those students what schools they've been matched with. And that ban stays in effect until she decides the merits -- such as they may be -- of the UFT-NAACP lawsuit. What nonsense. As one parent told The Post: "We are all waiting to move on with our lives, and we need to know what the plan is." But they can't find out until Judge Lobis makes up her mind. Or at least allows the process to go forward. Stop procrastinating, judge. Give these kids a break.


Happy with the NY Post said...

Three cheers to the Post for speaking out on this issue!. Because Judge Lobis' order, more than 75,000 children, parents and caregivers are being deprived of important, basic information to which they are entitled. There are much better ways to handle the situation. The D.O.E. could send out the letters now, and, if the lawsuit is settled in favor of keeping the 19 schools open, the DOE could have a special round for those schools. The D.O.E. could also incorporate those schools into the supplemental round.

This issue has nothing to do with the school closings or the merits of the case. Shame on the UFT for requesting that the letter not be distributed! Is wrong to hold the entire process hostage to a legal decision concerning 19 schools. If the court rules in favor of keeping the schools open, what then? We start the process over? What about the students who have already been placed in schools? The judge shoud do what it right for the students and the schools of this city and release the high school letters now.

Anonymous said...

we need more and more stories in the main stream media that will keep the judges on their toes. good and bad stories, just the truth about what the judges are doing

Anonymous said...

I guess Joan Lobis still an inept Judge. You can move her around the court but she will still be inept. Get her off the bench and take her license away. She needs to go get herself a job in a fast food place. It is truly sad to see how the system allows these type of parasites to hurt children in all settings. Maybe because she is a lesbian she hates kids and anything that has to do with the benefit of a child.

Anonymous said...

Joan Lobis is known for been a case fixer, she hates anybody who is not gay, unfit and/or a sexual predator. "Alledgly" yeah right.

Anonymous said...

Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of Crooked Lawyers and Judges praises Judge Joan for serving those who financed her selection on the bench. Joan ignores the petty demands of adolescents and instead rewards those who will pay. One cannot serve two masters and Joan knows only one master. She justifies Saint Andrew's Passion for his supplicants.

Anonymous said...

she hates anybody who is not gay, unfit and/or a sexual predator

why is it the same type, evil attracks evil, that are destroying our courts, our country
why are they not ousted from our courts, by thier own piers!!!!!!!
or atleast start following them around in a TOYOTA!!!

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Anonymous said...

We the citizens of New York State ask for our useless agencies to be investigated and shut down for their uselessness and cover up scheme to defraud the citizens of New York State & the New York State Court System.
We also ask for a "Federal Monitor and hotline where the citizens may contact a federal entity to present evidence and allegations of violations of federal laws within and about the New York State Police and Court System."

Anonymous said...

I think soon we may have a wild west and it will be an eye for eye. God protect the innocents from these judicials pro corruption, pro child sexual abuse, pro domestic violence, pro child abuse, pro child prostitution and all of the judicials whores. God protect the children of Orange County from the criminal of Bernadette E. Lupinetti, Esq. a true child pimp.

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