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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Watchdog Groups Combine Efforts Against Corruption

Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere
(Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)
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Coalition of New York Court Watchdog Groups Combine Efforts by Jointly Founding Committee on Public Integrity – CPI

New Governmental Oversight Organization on Public Integrity Is Formed by Public Committee on Attorney Conduct, Committee on Public Integrity, Litigation Recovery Trust, Integrity in the Courts and Expose Corrupt Courts Blog Organizations

New York, New York - Committee on Public Integrity - CPI - has been founded as part of a national movement to hold New York State governmental organizations, officials and employees accountable under stringent standards of fairness, transparency and citizen review. The new organization has been established jointly by Public Committee on Attorney Conduct, Citizens United for Court Reform, Litigation Recovery Trust, a New York based rights administration organization, and Integrity in the Courts and Expose Corrupt Courts, leading Internet blogs focused on attorney disciplinary process and procedures. Committee on Public Integrity is being headquartered in New York City. In announcing plans for the new oversight group, John T. Whitely, president of Public Committee on Attorney Conduct stated, “For too long, we have allowed government to be controlled by officials and employees often to the detriment of the citizens they are expected to serve. Indeed, the system is often found to be dominated and controlled strictly by money, favoritism and cronyism. The keystone of this reform effort must be to change and in some cases replace the current failed system with new structures, directly answerable to the general public.” William J. Hallenbeck, executive director of Litigation Recovery Trust, stated that this new umbrella reform organization is being founded in part as a result of the growing number of federal whistle blower lawsuits. In New York State in particular suits have been filed to expose cronyism, self-dealing and fraud within the justice system. Mr. Hallenbeck noted, “Clearly, as suits against the court administration system continue to be filed, the time has come for a top to bottom review of the fatally flawed government system which remains shielded from public scrutiny.” Frank Brady, chairman and co-founder of Integrity in the Courts, also issued the following statement: “In New York State, well documented complaints of malpractice, personal attacks and even theft, filed by individuals victimized by attorneys have revealed that the court system is corrupt to the core. The establishment of Committee on Public Integrity is a necessary step in a process designed to hold officials accountable for their illegal actions, which threaten to undermine the standards of fairness and integrity on which our system of government is founded.” According to the founding organizations, Committee on Public Integrity will include as members individuals, who through their personal and professional lives have established a reputation of responsibility and fairness. Mr. Hallenbeck added, “We are in search of a committee to be made up of members with broad and diverse business experience and expertise, as well as impeccable records of fairness and sound judgment to review breaches of law and ethics.”

Inquiries and documents should be sent to Committee on Public Integrity via email at: Telephone inquiries can be directed to 347-632-9775. For additional information, contact the CPI website at
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For additional information please contact :

John T. Whitely
Chairman Executive Search Committee
Public Committee on Attorney Conduct
515 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Telephone 347-632-9775

Expose Corrupt Courts

Litigation Recovery Trust
William J. Hallenbeck, Executive Director
515 Madison Avenue
New York, New York
Telephone 6462019269

Frank Brady

About Public Committee on Attorney Conduct
The Public Committee On Attorney Conduct reviews both past and present cases brought before the New York State grievance committees to provide an independent assessment and analysis of the facts, and issue proposed findings. With respect to past cases, the committee will hear from persons, who maintain that they have been treated unfairly and unjustly by the state disciplinary committees. As part of its efforts, the committee is actively seeking documentation of all complaints against any attorneys dating to January 1, 1988. Public Committee On Attorney Conduct includes as members individuals, who through their personal and professional lives have established a reputation of responsibility and fairness. While attorneys will be available to the PCAC as advisers, all voting members issuing formal reports and decisions will be non attorneys. PCAC is the first such lawyer conduct review organization in the U.S. to be controlled solely by non attorneys.

About Litigation Recovery Trust
Founded in 1995, Litigation Recovery Trust is a New York based claims and rights administration organization. LRT pursues claims and causes of action worldwide, and processes single and group litigation claims, as well as general rights fees and awards. LRT also participates in legislative and administrative initiatives designed to protect or advance individual claims and rights.

About Integrity in the Courts
Integrity in the Courts is a Internet blog, which focuses on ethical and legal issues related to the administration of justice nationwide. Issues impacting both the judiciary and the bar are examined, including compliance with codes of judicial conduct, and codes of professional responsibility. Violations of law and failure to abide by codes of conduct are monitored, together with actions leading to disciplinary rulings, including attorney admonishments, reprimands, censures, suspensions and court ordered losses of licenses to practice law.

About Expose Corrupt Courts
Since beginning publication in March 2007, Expose Corrupt Courts has become one of the leading sources of both public and inside information concerning bench and bar misconduct. While the blog focuses primary attention on the court system of New York State, it regularly covers stories of interest throughout the U.S. Expose Corrupt Courts has led coverage of the massive corruption charges that have been filed against the attorney grievance committees in New York resulting in the filing of over a dozen law suits with the federal district court in Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Now do something that works. Nothing else works?!?

Anonymous said...

take our complaints to the Governor, force him to invoke a dual investigation, force our Senators to sign a proper ethics bill & make our Grievance Bureaus Accountable.......

T Finnan said...

Congratulations: I happily note that VOTE is at the top your web site. So many of us have plead with the NY Courts for Justice and the Corrupt Commission on Judicial Conduct and the several Attorney Grievance Committees for redress. Our fight is one battlefront against the corruption of our State which saps the vitality and money out of all the honest people of NY.
The people across the USA are now getting wise to the corrupt status quo. We can name names and throw light on their acts and VOTE out the politicians who protect them.

"Quid Agas,cum dira et foedior omni crimine persona est." Juvenal
(Latin: What to do, when the man is more foul and dirty than what you can say about him.)

Anonymous said...

Governor Paterson,

We NEED your HELP!!



Anonymous said...

i figured Paterson is not running he would say why not and try tp push ethics reform in before he leaves office. Now he is friends again with Sheldon Silver I think thier is no hope. Also he is a lame duck.

Anonymous said...

They do not want to get caught, they will buy off anyone or they will get hurt, they are cutting off our union people, that is what they have been doing and with all the scams they have accumulated a lot of money and friends.......
So you think the union guys are thugs, think again, they are playing a game, all of them!

Anonymous said...

Good Scam whomever set up the Governor for this one, using the State Police, common practice in the 8th, right George!
Like I said they are using our police, DA, courts and they also use them to set people up!

Anonymous said...

bada bing!

Anonymous said...

they can even produce fake paperwork to make judges believe their stories, it is all done behind your back using any Agency they can, they have their operatives in every Agency to hinder them from investigation, to conceal & alter evidence........
So our decent judges do not get a raise but our Senators continue with their consulting fees, so they can rule our government....

Anonymous said...

Latin: What to do, when the man is more foul and dirty than what you can say about him.)

You make him crumble until the Bible becomes his guide!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Upstate legitimate, concerned Dems and Republicans...who are aware of the NY state judicial issues, which has been exposed heavily in the past 5 yrs..are in full support of any top of the line co-ordination, taking place anywhere in NY state.
You can count on our efforts..up here!

Anonymous said...

Hm hm.. that's interessting but frankly i have a hard time determining it... wonder how others think about this..

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