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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Connected Attorney Arrested for Sexual Assault

Suspended Montrose County DA Serra arrested again
The Daily Sentinel by Rachel Sauer - December 22, 2010

Seventh Judicial District Attorney Myrl Serra was arrested again Wednesday, this time on allegations of harassment, protection-order violation and violating bond conditions, a felony. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation, which is conducting the investigation, accuses Serra of contacting at least one of his three accusers in an ongoing sexual assault investigation against him. “He violated his bond agreement,” CBI Agent in Charge Collin Reese said Wednesday evening. “Originally, when he was first arrested, he had imposed on him a condition for his bond, and he also had a protection order imposed, and he violated those agreements. That’s why he was arrested today.” Serra first was arrested Sept. 30 on suspicion of unlawful sexual contact, official misconduct and indecent exposure. In November, he was charged with criminal extortion, unlawful sexual contact, three counts of indecent exposure, official misconduct and unlawful sexual contact. He is accused of victimizing several women who worked in the 7th Judicial District offices. A condition of his bond in that case, in which the preliminary hearing is set for Feb. 11, prohibits him from contacting his accusers or any witnesses in the case against him, or from entering 7th Judicial District offices. The Montrose Police Department arrested Serra on Wednesday, but declined to comment on the case because it is a CBI investigation. Serra was released on bond Wednesday evening. Montrose attorney Dan Hotsenpiller will take over as interim 7th Judicial District Attorney in January. Currently, the office is being run by Colorado First Assistant Attorney General Jean Woodford.


watching alan said...

Maybe Alan Isaac, the NY attorney who used friends of the court to get away with criminal sexual assault in NY, should consider moving to Colorado.

And Isaac should take the appellate division first department judges with him since they disregarded Isaac's disbarment, as suggested by an ethics committee, but instead gave him a slap on the wrist 6 months suspension.

Anonymous said...

And Cuomo is continuing to keep all the Albany insiders that have been running this state into the ground.

With the new Census figures, they still don't get that people are leaving the state. Things have been bad, and they will continue to get worse because they don't want anything to change.

I hope the state goes bankrupt, and takes their pensions with it.

I'll be long gone.

A Pox On Them All said...

He needs a change of venue to the NY 1st Department where the understanding judges and the understanding disciplinary committee know how to quickly rehabilitate him in six months and allow him to return to prosecuting others. He could be a companion for the judges' grandchildren over the Holidays and into the New Year.

Investigating Crystal L. Cox... said...

...And where is the world renowned "investigative reporter," Crystal L. Cox on these sexual assault and sex for representation instances? Perhaps the man hitting on woman thing is so foreign to her that it goes right over her head...Dyke F****** Bitch...

Anonymous said...

Sick individuals reveal themselves as usual

Justice for all said...

@investigating Cox That large black bon-bon Santa left in your Christmas stocking is meant to be swallowed whole. Here's hoping you get what more you deserve for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...everyone gets arrested except KING KONG, Allen Isaac..they should call him Santa B.J.!!!

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