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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Former Assistant County Attorney Arrested for Eavesdropping

Former asst. county attorney arrested
The St. Augustine Record - January 11, 2011

Former Assistant County Attorney Paras Desai was arrested by St. Johns County Sheriff's Office detectives Monday afternoon and charged with eavesdropping and eight counts of illegal interception of communication, all third-degree felonies. Desai, 35, of St. Augustine, posted $8,000 bond about 4 p.m. today and was released. A warrant was issued for his arrest last week, but Desai turned himself in to Sheriff's Detective George H. Harrigan Jr. on Monday, according to booking and offense reports. The narrative in the warrant said, "The defendant intentionally intercepted oral communications without the consent of the victim. (He) secretly recorded a phone conversation with (county Environmental Division Director) Jan Brewer. The victim had no knowledge of the recording and did not give her consent." All the intercepted communications -- essentially, recorded phone conversations -- that Desai is charged with allegedly occurred within the County Administration Building at 500 Sebastian View Way, the warrant said. Other victims listed in the offense report include Assistant County Attorney James Whitehouse, Assistant Personnel Director Lisa Roe, Assistant County Attorney Diane Lehmann, Assistant County Attorney Regina Ross and Risk Management Director Sarah Taylor. Desai was employed by the county from 2004 to 2008.


Can you hear me now said...

Good thing New York is a one party state, which means only one person has to agree to record the conversation. In Florida, both parties have to agree. And even with catching all these lawyers lying in New York ON TAPE, it doesn't matter. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

MR.GALISON - A word to the wise is sufficient - LOL. The King of the taped conversations. LOL.

BTW,seriously - if you are in NY where it is legal and you speak to someone on the phone in a state where it is not legal you risk being charged by the state that it is illegal.

When all of LBJ's pals were getting caught on wiretaps, he made it almost impossible for law enforcement to get wiretaps.

Anonymous said...

Well whoever is so wise and offering "word to the wise", how about be smart enough to tell us all here how "Real Results" and "Real Action" that we were promised from "Washington, DC" will actually ever come about in this Decade?

Been over 3 years now waiting for NY allegedly to get "rocked".


Not Single Change in Operations of the Commission on Judicial Conduct;

Not single Judge arrested other than the abberation against Tom Spargo;

Not single relief afforded in any Related case;

No continuation of Senate Judiciary Hearings which were ultimately going nowhere most likely anyhow but yes we are all told Sampson is doing so much behind the scenes with the Feds, blah;

OCA and Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia Whistleblower Sun-Ming "Sunny" Sheu Victim of 10 year Mortgage Fraud THEN VICTIM of
What Certainly appears to be Murder or Foul Play for sure; Just google "Sunny Sheu" and look for host of Youtubes;

Not single Change in the Estate cases and Operations of the Surrogates Courts;

Families and Children Used as cash cows in Family Court system, medicaid bilked in the Billions;

And yet, Albany and NY State proceeds with same politics as usual and same business as usual.

So Good Job for Mr. Galison to at least Expose the Horrible state of law and enforcement much less Fundamental Govt Obligation to protect its Citizens.

Tape Em All Galison, District Attorneys, Judges, OCA, whoever until Real Change comes.

krh - hvr

Anonymous said...

You can never find a good wire man when you need him

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