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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ex-Bridgeport Mayor May Get Law License Back

Ex-Bridgeport Mayor May Get Law License Back
The Associated Press  -  March 6, 2012

Former Bridgeport Mayor Joseph Ganim served nearly seven years in prison for corruption and lost his law license, but he now may be on track to becoming a lawyer again. The Connecticut Post reports that Ganim's probation officer says the federal judge who sent Ganim to prison, Janet Arterton, is backing Ganim's bid to get his law license back. Probation Officer Christopher Rogers revealed the judge's support of Ganim in testimony to the Statewide Grievance Committee, a lawyer discipline panel that held its final hearing on Ganim's request to get his law license back Monday. The Judicial Branch's chief disciplinary counsel has been the only person to oppose Ganim's bid. The committee will be making a recommendation a three-judge panel that will make a final decision on Ganim's license.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this clown and Sol Wachler can open up an attorney ethics consulting business. LOL

Anonymous said...

Just about every attorney is a criminal anyway.

The only difference, is some have actually gone to prison for it.

So much for the sham of attorney "ethics".

Anonymous said...

Is good character is required for the bar? Do felons make good lawyers? Are judges who want to allow felons as lawyers deserve respect? Felons,judges,lawyers are all alike in character.

Anonymous said...

Has it gotten to the point that only ex-felons are protected from having their law license permanently taken away?

Disgusted said...

When the lawyers, judges and felons meet, even Satan cannot make a distinction.

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