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Monday, March 12, 2012

NY Times Editorial: "Federal Judge Should Resign"

Judge Cebull’s Racist ‘Joke’
The New York Times -  EDITORIAL  -  March 5, 2012

Apologizing for atrocious behavior is better than not trying to apologize. Rush Limbaugh’s nonapology to Sandra Fluke for calling her a prostitute was a good example. But sometimes even a seemingly sincere apology is not enough.  Richard Cebull, the chief Federal District Court judge in Montana, acknowledged last week that he had sent some of his friends an e-mail containing a joke based on sexual and racist slurs against President Obama. He apologized, directly to Mr. Obama, which is more than Mr. Limbaugh did to Ms. Fluke. But he did it in a way that only exacerbated doubts about his judicial temperament and whether he possesses the balance and impartiality essential for any federal judge.  To his credit, Judge Cebull, who was nominated to the bench by President George W. Bush in 2001, admitted that the joke was racist and that he displayed “very poor judgment.” But he also said he did not send the e-mail because it was racist but because it was “anti-Obama.”  His dislike of the president is so strong, apparently, he could not resist the urge to violate his ethical duty to avoid intemperate conduct that suggests racial and political bias and an appearance, at least, of impropriety. Although Judge Cebull did not intend for his e-mail to become public, his use of a government computer and an official e-mail account to spread the hateful message removes any claim that his action was purely private.  At Judge Cebull’s request, the Judicial Council of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will now consider whether and to what degree to discipline him. It has the power, if it chooses, to reprimand him and temporarily suspend him from hearing cases.  It should not be necessary for the appeals court to do that. Judge Cebull has forfeited the trust Americans need to have in the impartiality and judgment of members of the federal bench. He should resign.

CLICK HERE TO SEE BACKGROUND STORY, "Federal Judge Files Ethics Complaint Against Federal Judge."


pissed said...

This federal judge is a disgrace and must walk off the bench. And behind him out the door should be a long line of other federal judges who have disgraced our federal courts and betrayed their sworn oaths to uphold the U.S. constitution.

Anonymous said...

The bigger question is how did this clown ever get to be a federal judge in the first place.

Anonymous said...

It's it required for a judge to be unbiased? This guy has failed that test, so how could he continue to conduct any judicial proceedings?

He's violated his oath of office and has to go.

Anonymous said...

Oh horror, the NY Times is offended about a joke, but is silent about rampant NY Court corruption which destroys the lives of many NYer's. The vilest of hypocrites are on the NY Times editorial staff.

Anonymous said...

An investigative reporter,from Buffalo NY, who has recently retired from the Buffalo News has recently asked OCA for housing court records that have been produced twice previously , is now meeting with resistence from OCA about these very public records, handled by public servant judges... paid for with tax dollars.
This week is sunshine week for the media and these stories are coming out.
So if the courts who rule on the sunshine FOIL.FOIA laws for every other Gov agency , refuses to abide by them now see the dilemma that reporting negatively about OCA and thier twisted corruption will contribute tremendously to OCA's...our JUSTICE SYSTEM... continued cover-up of all public information by them or any other Gov agency.
The media must use their massive power to investigate all American courts and judges.. probably using the public disgust to occupy to enter those who refuse, while circumventing the courts exclusive right to make illegal or absent rulings about what the public should know about Governments under the sunshine laws.

Anonymous said...

What this judge is nothing compared to the obvious corruption at 500 Pearl St. that happens everyday.

Anonymous said...

Looks a lot like what is going on in Mexico and their reporters not doing stories on the drug cartels.

The reason they don't write the stories is that they are too afraid of what will happen to them and their families.

Anonymous said...

he filed a complaint against himself because he knew they would never do anything to a judge.
He is arrogant enough to know that nothing will happen to him
So he files the complaint and if anyone says anything he can say the disciplinary commitee cleared him .
Now when he can claim he has a perfect record while on the bench
What he is actually done is prove that the Disciplinary commitee is a joke. The judge knows it and now so does everyone else

Anonymous said...

my what has happened at the NY Times? It seems they have gotten religion! What kind of drugs are they on?

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