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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lawyer, Looking-For-Favors As Prosecutor, Pleads Guilty

Ex-Bronx prosecutor Jennifer Troiano pleads guilty in drunk-driving case
The New York Daily News by Corinne Lestch - March 2, 2012
Says she’s sorry & donates car to charity
Jennifer Troiano, the former Bronx prosecutor, who took a plea deal in her drunk-driving case....

A disgraced former Bronx prosecutor who tried to weasel out of her arrest pleaded guilty Friday to drunk driving. Ex-assistant district Attorney Jennifer Troiano, who was spared jail time, said she was “deeply sorry” for her actions. An intoxicated Troiano, 34, crashed her car on the Major Deegan Expressway in 2010 and then tried to use her law-enforcement connections to skirt arrest. “No foul, no foul. I didn’t do anything wrong,” she slurred to cops, according to court papers. Officers hauled her in despite her desperate pleas. She was charged with reckless driving, a count that was dropped on a technicality, and driving while intoxicated. “Today I accept responsibility for my actions of Aug. 26, 2010,” Troiano said in Bronx Supreme Court Friday. “It was my distinct honor to serve the people of Bronx County as an assistant district attorney. I am deeply sorry for what I have done and any harm I have caused others.” Under the terms of her plea-bargain agreement, Troiano has to pay a $750 fine plus about $400 in court fees and complete a drunk-driving prevention program. She also had her license revoked for six months and will have to install a device in her car ensuring that she drives sober. But that’s a moot point, said defense lawyer Steven Epstein, because Troiano donated her car to charity. “I can’t tell which charity, but she does a lot of volunteering with animal rights,” Epstein said after his client’s court appearance. Troiano declined to comment as she left Judge Robert Sackett’s courtroom wearing a big smile and a black skirt suit. The deal was hammered out by Epstein and two special prosecutors from the Manhattan DA’s office assigned to the case to avoid a conflict of interest. Troiano was also embroiled in two previous incidents — one in 2005 for crashing a vehicle upstate and the other in 2009 for allegedly driving drunk after leaving a Christmas party. She managed to avoid arrest both times after telling cops she was a prosecutor, sources said. The Bronx DA’s office was investigating cops for fixing tickets and arrests and the appearance of special treatment for Troiano was an embarrassment to prosecutors. Thanks to the plea deal, Troiano’s colleague, fellow prosecutor Amy Weiswasser, was spared the possible humiliation of having to testify against her friend at trial. Epstein would not comment on what Troiano, who was fired by Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson on Jan. 13, would do next. “She's happy she can move ahead with her life,” he said. With Kevin Deutsch


waiting said...

Has the DDC suspended the law license of this legal disgrace yet? She tried to use her status as a lawyer and prosecutor to get out of breaking the law- to get out of committing a crime .

Anonymous said...

If you are an insider you don't have to follow the law. If you are a lawyer AND a prosecutor you have double protection.

Kris Sergentakis said...

And if your a federal judge you can run over police officers with immunity.
The Wheels of Justice: Judge John M. Walker Hits Police Officer in Traffic Accident

Here the federal judges are the new royalty in America. They are above the law and they urinate on it daily.

Victim of the Manhattan DA's Office! said...

"The Manhatan DA's Office" says it all...I rest my case!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that she's no longer looking for favors, now she can look for a job. I agree that her law license should be taken away.

Anonymous said...

A fix: a guilty plea without significant punishment; no implication of other lawyers at that DA's office; a little rehab and the law license is intact. One law for them and another for you.

Anonymous said...

she probably knew someone t the charity she donated car to and was able to write of full value of the car to the donation. not what the car was worth after accident. This way if she did not have to pay for repairs to her car
sweet deal

Anonymous said...

How many cops did she screw?

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