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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Former Attorney Ethics Committee Member Suspended for Sexual Misconduct

Former Attorney Ethics Committee Member Suspended for Sexual Misconduct
The JDJournal - March 31, 2012

The focused client counseling methods of personal injury attorney Steven S. Greenberg, a former attorney ethics committee member of New York State received criticism and punishment from The Appellate Division, First Department, New York, on Tuesday. Greenberg received a nine-month suspension from the court though initially a hearing committee sought a three-month suspension, the court found the term to be too short for Greenberg to return to his senses.  The incident occurred in March 2007 when Greenberg was a member of the character and fitness committee for admission to the bar. He continued to serve in the same capacity judging the moral fitness of candidates seeking admission to the bar until an aggrieved client gathered enough courage to bring criminal charges against the pillar of legal ethics.  The court noted in writing that after closing the doors in his office, Greenberg had asked the aggrieved client, who had come to seek counsel from him over an accident, to reenact the accident. While she was demonstrating, the attorney ethics committee member put his hand underneath the client’s clothing and touched her breast. He also took her hand and moved it over his groin area on the outside of his clothing without her consent, and then warned her not to tell anyone.  Greenberg was charged with misdemeanor in June 2007 but got away with a one-year conditional discharge. However, in June 2010, the Disciplinary Committee of the First Department asserted that Greenberg’s conduct adversely reflected on his honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer. Though he admitted to the allegations, Greenberg argued that he suffered from periods of mental illness (during which his hands inspected various parts of clients’ anatomies of their own accord and without his control over the situation). Greenberg also argued that (until he had been discovered and brought before the court by the hateful woman) he had a long and honorable career as a lawyer and had paid damages to the client.  The court wrote that the respondent “failed to act in accordance with the high standards imposed upon members of the bar and his misconduct reflects adversely on his fitness as a lawyer and upon the legal profession.”  The case is Matter of Greenberg, No. 00278, Appellate Division, First Department, Supreme Court.  Greenberg’s suspension would come into effect from April, 2012.


Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing that this guy was on an ethics committee. How fuc*ed up is attorney ethics in New York? This is a prime example!!

Anonymous said...

He sounds like the kind of lawyer we should all be proud of having on an ethics committee LMAO !!

suggestion said...

Maybe Steven Greenberg can teach ethics with Sol Wachtler and Eliot Spitzer. Our sexually-bizarre legal leaders are some collective piece of work!

Shut the courts down and turn them into massage parlors. It'll generate needed money for the state, everyone will get laid (not just non-lawyers getting screwed), and it'll eliminate the need to make believe there's any kind of justice going on in New York.

Anonymous said...

think that qualifys him to be a judge.
or maybe head of the barr association

Anonymous said...

Yet another sick lawyer, but then again all lawyers are SICK!

Anonymous said...

WOW, another sick, sexual deviant..sounds a lot like Allen Isaac's case...oh wait, Greenberg also used Isaac's lawyer, Michael Ross, and to boot he also used the Matter of Allen Isaac...Allen H.Isaac received a 6 month suspension for "FELONY LEVEL SEXUAL ABUSE". I guess if you have a "POWERFUL LAWYER" you can get away with ANYTHING!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Greenberg argued that he suffered from periods of mental illness...,"yes, and it's called "Narcissistic personality disorder:" a majority trait of the NYSBA. Look it up- the 'legal-industry' leads!

How about Judge Donald "PENIS-PUMP" Thompson in 2006?;

...and a DUI in 2009;
.and a 2011 STALKING w/pants open;

Can't you just imagine his 22 years on the bench and what he got away with up till, "his jig being up?"

Anonymous said...

all lawyers including but not limited to Judges suffer from extended periods of mental illness... if you look at what they do, thats all the proof you need

Jeremy M. said...

I don't know why you make so much fuss about some former attorney ethics committee member. I mean he's just another deviant. It just happened that someone made it public.

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