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Thursday, February 28, 2013

See The Latest White House Corruption Petition

Sign the latest White House Corrupt Petition Today! The president is asked to issue an Executive Order forming an "Ethics Commission." CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHITE HOUSE PETITION.


Anonymous said...

I'll keep signing the damn petitions until the damn politicians get off their asses and do something about the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath! But I guess we have to keep on trying.

Anonymous said...

Sign the petition against Laura Drager at Her Dishonor is the biggest sitting criminal on the bench today. Hope Tembeckjian is sent away with Drager, Ira Garr, Ken Burrows, Judy White, Felder and the entire Judiciary Theatrical company of fraudulent characters!

Anonymous said...


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See Video of Senator John L. Sampson's 1st Hearing on Court 'Ethics' Corruption

The first hearing, held in Albany on June 8, 2009 hearing is on two videos:

               Video of 1st Hearing on Court 'Ethics' Corruption
               The June 8, 2009 hearing is on two videos:
               CLICK HERE TO SEE Part 1
               CLICK HERE TO SEE Part 2
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