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Monday, December 10, 2007

Federal Judge Orders Ethics Scandal Hearing

United States District Court Judge, Shira A. Scheindlin, has issued a federal court order requiring that all parties appear in her court at the U.S. Courthouse at 500 Pearl Street in Manhattan on Wednesday, December 12, 2007. MORE ON THIS TUESDAY.....


Dirk Raat, the Netherlands said...

Execellent news! In the mean time I am working on a amended ethics grievance -- covering alleged attorney misconduct by Mr. Melvyn Weiss of Milberg Weiss Lawfirm --. Past week I spoke with a staff member of the particular First Department Disciplinary Commitee and asked if I could re-file my previous ethics grievance, since I doubted the judgement of the Committee's former Chief Counsel Thomas Cahill. The response was positive so I started writing a grievance regarding the judgement -- whitewashing -- of Mr. Cahill in the grievance against Weiss. If you scroll down and click on 'Milberg Weiss' picture on the right side, you can witness the whitewashed grievance. A sneak preview regarding the -- due to be filed -- amended grievance: Comments, editors and suggestions are welcome!

nyc attorney said...


nyc attorney said...


Iviewit / Patentgate / Eliot Bernstein / The Windy Bat said...

1 Billion Dollar Fed Lawsuit to be filed shortly against First Department scum and others by your favorite bat.
eliot bernstein inventor

Finally.. said...

Luisa Esposito will be there with bells on to blow my whistle on how the First Department violated my "due process" against Allen H. Isaac. Hearings are currently pending against Mr. Isaac. The evidence that I have to prove their circus fiasco's are surreal.

Finally.. said...

Luisa Esposito will be there with bells on to blow my whistle on how the First Department violated my "due process" against Allen H. Isaac. Hearings are currently pending against Mr. Isaac. The evidence that I have to prove their circus fiasco's are surreal.

Anonymous said...

The question is - Is there an honest federal judge that will give Ms. Anderson a fair hearing?

Anonymous said...

With my present experience...PROBABLY NOT... if the whole entire Government is corrupt, then how is anyone going to get JUSTICE.

rabbi said...

Pray to G-d

Victim of Corrupted Officer said...

I hope somebody looks in to the dirty deals of an attorney by the name of Gary Greenwald in Orange County that is one big fish in a small pond thinking he can run the County like a mafia wanna be.

Eliot Bernstein / Iviewit / Patentgate / Bat out of hell said...

Response to the Rabbi
Pray to G0d for other things that are of divine nature. The corruption of NY and the country does not need divinity to clean it up, it needs a few good men. Men who will die for the right.

"The greatest want of the world is the want of men, --men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. -Education, p. 57(1903)

We need men and women to beat this crap, good ole honest New Yorkers, the ones I grew up with who maintained nothing was more imp than their integrity. New York, like the fed gov has temporarily been seized by a corrupt group of people with anti American agenda's, cults of spoiled rich kids whose trust funds should be distributed back to the People. Many of them have law degrees or went to top schools based on who you knew, not who you were by what you had accomplished, ie Bush / Cheney, etc.

To quash this crap look not to G0d, look to history, for it shall repeat. History is replete with legal debacles caused by third generation spoiled kids who thought because who their daddy was they could be the Decider to the lowly People. So they treated the People like shit and when the People woke there was hell to pay for the priviliged.

The People may have liked your daddy, the king perhaps but nobody likes spoiled children or sadly the parents that spoil them, spoiled is perfect to describe the lack of soul one has from having not built life from scratch with hard work, "hard work" a phrase our President throws around thinking it means "hardly work", what he is best at. Rape, rob, bk company's, illegal wars for profits on the back of dead kids, if it is money ill gotten through political debauchery, well it has our Bush/Cheney Presidential seal of approval from two of the biggest losers ever, I mean talk about guys with nothing to show through their lives but big fat L on their forehead.

So through careful and secretive agenda's these spoiled rotten children embarked upon a scheme to overthrow democracy dressed as American's, touting the flag, freedom fries, protection from terror, etc. American's were fast asleep in the lap of democracy's rise, failed to keep up the checks and balances, trusting politicians despite the fact that the Constitution warns us not to trust the government, perhaps using Bushillogic’s they rewrote the Constitution to allow lackadaisicalness, trust and complacency, erasing to form militia’s and take down corruption if it seeps in and erasing democracy at the same time. Of course we did not even see it coming, it was of course secret, so the People are only to blame if the facts are now presented and they choose to overlook them. So the Boneheads and a few of their secret butt buds, took offices in key posts, in key places, it did not take many, just a corrupt few, who swear oath to the People, with an agenda like Skull and Bones in the back, which trumps the oath to the People, allowing them to infiltrate almost at will.
They care not what organization, religious belief, race, etc. they find a few tokens from the group, convert them to the Skull or CFR agenda crap and those people look like they care but are really sinking their own People for personal gain and to be a part of the secret. There are only a few thousand of these inbreds and when compared with the billion good American’s, they are soon to learn what a good American pogrom is all about, especially where everybody hates a nazi and their sick agenda’s.

Well the secret is out, now it is time for us American's to do the following:
1. Check the facts, is it a conspiracy theory or is it fact. I have reviewed, I am thorough, I am convinced that since Bush and Kerry were Skulls and many repubs and dems are CFR's (a Skull founded group disguised as a gov't research group, with of course no gov affiliation, that smells like spoiled rotten Rockefellers to me) that our country is under siege by lunatics that masturbate in coffins and eat on nazi flatware in Yale crypts. Must have missed that in Madtown Wi, we had football and most kids like me worked and went to school, to make it through and well we did real hard work whereas the Boneheads at Yale hardly worked, those whose daddy's were someone, those kids hated the hard workers for they worked hard, the very hard workers that had built their daddy's to somebody's they looked down upon.
2. Once the facts are established we need to implement, before 08 elections, both a bullet proof vote count to ensure democracy and a Senate Cult Bill to force all public servants to disclose any affiliations with any groups, any oaths sworn to any group, any anti-American secret agenda bs and all under penalty of treason for false oath under G0d (and this is where we need G0d in the picture) for to those who lie or swear false under G0d, the penalty will be treason and I have said often that my company Iviewit will provide free blindfolds or pitchforks or boots for those trying to subvert our government into neo-Nazi, federalist crap. If this country is under siege and what is going on is a precursor, these are the last idiots in the world I would want as my Decider, I will take my chance as a conscientious objector and call me anti American for not supporting aggressor wars on bs or the fact that the trade center was a hoax (no insurance claims were made for the airplanes, a first in commercial aviation history, no bodies, no baggage all bs on asleep and trusting American's.
Ok, now that you are awake and have two logical remedies, force them upon them by supporting the Iviewit Senate Cult bill submitted to the Bilderberg carrying, CFR family plan and Yale law school gal, the Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton which can be found at . Yes actually fill out the form and send questions to Hillary starting with if she signed the COI before doing nothing on it. But we still await response from her Chief of Staff who called last week to have another copy sent.
With this Bill - most of these A-Holes will take their masturbatory cult crap and go deep in the closet for the next hundred years.

Then all we have to do to is correct and reverse the effects. So what laws have they changed, who did they plant in the Gov for three generations, what effect did they have (you will be horrified) what profits have they illegally gained that the People can take back, how did they start the CIA and how do we get rid of it, what judges are involved, what lawyers, what laws were changed with intent against the People. Does anyone have a pre King George the Idiot and his court of clowns version left of the Constitution that we can again adhere too, forming a "more perfect union"?

Now, I do not know what you are doing today, perhaps you are content with this New World Order crap evolving where you can be tortured by nutcases or your kids tased or bagged and sent to Guantanamo, for asking pipe hitting question’s like "where you [Kerry] and Bush members of the secret society Skull and Bones?" asked by a 21 yr old American kid and assaulted by our neo-Nazi leaders, perhaps you cannot see that by not stopping it now, they are building ovens.
So Rabbi, again pray for the brave men in their plight for praying for G0d here would probably not be wise, for if he were to come and see what NY has become, a Sodom, he certainly might smite the whole lot of us for our complacency and failure to kill it ourselves, be careful what you pray for in other words. I pray, you and all those involved in the fight to take it back have health for you and yours in the upcoming holiday season.

Gotta fly like a bat out of hell and file a 1 billion claim against the first dept and some other very corrupt guys dressed in legal robes, soon to be prison garb.

Hang in there Rabbi and pray that G-d comes to bless all those who risk life and limb to free our country and it's states from the Terrorist Within.

Eliot I. Bernstein, Inventor, very tired

oh yeah, to all the bad guys, may your holiday cheer be filled with mud and brain clots.

Eliot I. Bernstein
Founder & Inventor
Iviewit Technologies, Inc.
Iviewit Holdings, Inc.
39 Little Ave
Red Bluff, California 96080-3519
(530) 529-4110
(530) 526-5750 (c)

Anonymous said...

Amen brother Eliot!

victim said...

I for one will be there - I checked and it's at 4:30PM in courtroom 15c - Let's all try and make this, get as many people as we can get there - show them all the numbers. Show them that people do care about ETHICS.

concerned said...

What's the buzz? Hear this Judge is straight? Wonder what will happen? Time shall tell if she will do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

This one is for victim..Why at 4:30p.m.,doesn't the Courthouse close at 5:00 p.m.

a victim said...

I also questioned the time. However, I checked and the hearing is at 4:30 pm in court room 15C at Pearl St. Possible they are having it at the end of the day figuring no one would come?

a victim said...

I attended the hearing and felt that the Judge was very fair and honest. Many other people also attend and the Judge said that she had received copies of letters from various people (she named them) concerning this case. I saw Ms. Anderson but did not have an opportunity to talk, she seemed like a fine lady. The one person that struck me as a real worm was the lawyer for the Attorney General's Office who represented the State of New York. Right away he was talking about sealing things and keeping things confidential (codeword for we can't let this out to the public, who know's what will happen!) so that way no one will know what's going on. A major SCANDAL and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE ivolving State/Court hacks. These people get caught violating the law and right away they want to cover everything up!

Please note that there was a member of the fourth Estate present.

P.S. Also, the worm doesn't like this BLOG which he called a website! More of the let's try and keep everthing SECRET! Don't let anyone know of all the criminal activity that was going on with major law firms, it's all a big racket! People are watching worm so don't try anything.

a fly on the wall said...

It indeed was an interesting group late yesterday afternoon in the court room. A few of the many victims of Mr. Cahill and Ms. Cohen were there. Mr. Lamont of Iviewit spoke, informing the court that he et al. had just prior to the hearing filed a $1.5 billion federal suit involving these matters. The prior posting (a victim) I believe characterized the attorney for the NY State correctly, but I don't think he is the "A" team. Could be for this one NY State will employ outside counsel? We shall see? Keep the faith people.

Anonymous said...

I have a state atty general (WORM) on my federal court case in WNY of course and for now, AND MY CASE IS GOING ON ITS THIRD YEAR, WITH ALMOST NO DISCOVERY, AND ONE PARTIAL DEPOSITION! I cannot believe that NYC already has a hearing on a case filed a few weeks ago. OCA knows WNY HAS LITTLE NEGATIVITY TOWARDS THE COURT SYSTEM ( BUFFALO NEWS IS TO BLAME) SO THEY ARE STALLING! I have been aware that OCA was going to stall on my case since 2006...informant...and they have been true to form from second one! I am now through with their crap for good and the AG'S office must pick up speed Jan. 2008! I could care less how their office views this site...they are the opponent, anyway! Good for NYC, and OCA can now fight everything at the same time..showing their propensity for abuse and blocking informtion from the taxpayer! I say...GIVE THEM HELL NYC!

Anonymous said...

Twilight Zone..I have been reading some of the comments and I cannot believe it..With such blatant exposure of corruption..what the heck is going on? Anderson and Esposito have evidence revealing the DDC, so why hasn't the media ran with an explosive story?

Charles Hannasch said...

re: attorney GARY GREENWALD.

I am an investigative writer working on a possible book project which involves attorney Gray Greenwald, who currently lives in Orange County, New York. At one time, Greenwald was the attorney for Vincent 'the Chin" Gigante, the head of the Genovese crime family. I am thinking that in order for Greenwald to have been hired as Gigante's attorney that there might be some type of previous association between attorney Greenwald serving as legal counsel for other members of the Genovese crime family.

I have also heard unconfirmed rumors that Greenwald may have recent connections to the Gambino crime family.

Anyone with any information and/or leads about the activities re: attorney Gary Greenwald, or any member of this firm, the Greenwald Law Offices, lincluding attorney David Brodsky and attorney Erno Poll, located in Orange County, New York, past or present, is welcome to email the information to me at

It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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