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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FBI Removes Files from Albany Office of Ex-GOP Boss

An Albany Times Union Exclusive: FBI removes files from office of ex-GOP chief Powers

By BRENDAN J. LYONS and JAMES M. ODATO, Staff writers Last updated: 2:02 p.m., Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ALBANY -- FBI agents removed files last Friday from the State Street offices of William D. Powers, a lobbyist and the state's former Republican chairman. Powers, of Chatham, has been a lobbyist since he stepped down as state GOP chairman in 2001 after holding the position for 11 years. It's unclear why the FBI took files from Powers' office at 90 State St., or, whether it is part of a criminal investigation.

"The FBI conducted investigative activity at that location last week relating to an ongoing investigation. No other details are available at this time,'' said Paul Holstein, the FBI's chief division counsel in Albany. Powers had been credited in the 1990s with reviving the state's GOP from bankruptcy and turmoil. His most notable achievement came in 1994 behind the successful inaugural campaign of former Gov. George Pataki's victory over then-Gov. Mario Cuomo. A person familiar with the circumstances of the FBI's raid said it does not appear to be connected to an ongoing federal grand jury investigation of Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno, R-Brunswick. Powers could not be immediately reached for comment. An attorney for Powers said he is not a "target'' of the FBI and that he is cooperating with the investigation. The attorney declined further comment.


Victim's friend said...

The FBI needs to RAID the New York County District Attorney's Office and investigate a few ADA's such the Chief of the Sex Crime's Unit, Lisa Friel and ADA Jennifer Steiner Crowell regarding a Powerful Wall Street Attorney by the name of Allen H. Isaac.

Enough already let's see some action said...

Once the FEDS are finished at the New York County DA's Office they could go over to the First Departmental Disciplinary Committee, and seize all of their buried records and squashed Grievance Complaints against certain select Attorneys'..and start bringing down some indictments.

the sleuth said...

Power corrupts and Powers had ultimate power so you fill in the blanks. Anyone that was close to King George Pataki's skirts is suspect. Tom D would be a good candidate. If you guy need more names please let me know.

Anonymous said...

so what! so they take files, so what! let's see the results. does anyone go to jail or is it just more going through the motions.

Anonymous said...

So many women seem to be involved so viciously in state government corruption...seems like more than men! What does this say about women in the workplace...send them back to homemaking, where they just gossiped about family and friends ...most of their typical day. Incredibly, I am a woman! It is extremely evident, that way too many women need lots of education in the world of work, dealing with other women and of course business! They have embarrassed me tremendously...thanks witches!

Anonymous said...

hopefully the feds or cuomo will finally get to the county level corruption which has been home to bill powers as well including the da and county judge paul czajka, hooked in to the pataki administration for years, go to to get just the tip of the iceberg, just the tip, the start, the beginning

albany guy said...

brother you are on the money with corrupt Columbia Co., even I don't believe what they do and the best part is that they don't care. Albany has a bad rep and alot of things have gone on here but nobody ever got hurt if you know what I mean. Columbia Co. is not that way, bad people. When the whores moved out of Hudson they spread out all over the place.

rye woman said...

when will the FBI remove files from the Westchester DA's Office. It better be done quickly since I hear that the operable word is destroy.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't anybody saying anything about Judy Kaye using taxpayer funds to advance her cause for judge's pay?
She has even posted on the Unified Court's homepage a link to the lawsuit.
If she doesn't have some nerve to do that.
Why doesn't she put in links to all the lawsuits against the courts, judges and administrators?

Anonymous said...

Hey go seize the files from the Office of Bernadette Lupinetti, Esq. in Goshen New York. It appears she is involved in the rigging of child custody and divorce cases. This "officer of the court" is involved in a hot case where the children are been sexually exploited after she advocated for the father despite EVIDENCE OF ABUSE AND CONCERNS against the dear old Daddy. Now one of the children is actually involved in chold pornography, child prostitution, drugs and alcohol. Way to go Lupinetti I wonder how much did you recieve for this job and past jobs. Don't forget her cronie Gary Greenwald, Esq. from Chester New York he maybe overweight but has plenty of skeletons in his closet.

abe in new city said...

an epidemic of corruption and in-justice has covered NYS. Where do citizens go for justice? Who will help us? NO MORE COVERUPS!

westchester reports said...

the latest word out of the Westchester County Court House is that the shedding machines are working overtime and some are burning out due to excessive use. Some people have ordered big time document/evidence destruction. If the evidence is destroyed what can anyone prove! Only in Westchester Co. could the thugs think of these things.

Anonymous said...

when the knock on the door comes from the federal authorities will Westchester be ready? How many will and will not be ready? Time shall tell.

Anonymous said...

I know they can burn all of their documents, but I still got mine and copies of theirs. I made sure to have them faxed and mailed.

Anonymous said...

OCA is so stupid..they always shred their paperwork.....after they hear about an investigation! Don't they a legal entity that utilizes investigations everyday in the course of their duties...that the element of surprise is always the key to receiving the best evidence, needed for a conviction! Information that is valuable, probably is already received by the appropriate investigators!
Somebody always has something to deliver in these situations....before and after!
So why not "can" the shredding machine! I personally know your mentality OCA , from prior dealings and possess more paperwork and information to use against you, then you can shred or coverup in a year. You probably don't even recall that these things happened, existed or are even available, because you are so busy committing new crimes and covering them up!
OCA, you should absolutely be aware that you just need "enough" for reasonable doubt (not all) evidence to secure any criminal conviction, and I am certain this is available in all of the present lawsuits, where you have committed both civil and criminal crimes, and other what is this obstruction all about?

the sleuth said...

this is part of a much larger investigation from Washington DC - sinc ethe feds are in the Albany area they might want to look at big AL Pirro. You never know he might want to spend somemore time a Club Fed. Doesn't everyone know he is a convicted federal felon.

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