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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Concealing the Truth at the Attorney Ethics Committee...(CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY)

Secreting the Truth: Sealing Documents Fine with Attorney Ethics Committee - If you know the right people, that is. Chief Counsel Thomas Cahill and his deputy Sherry Cohen, Esq. call it "sealing" documents. Yes, hiding documents under seal - even from their view and the eyes of DDC investigators- is okay with them....MORE...

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse at the DDC, it does. Now, there is new and troubling revelations, bordering on the bizarre, from the Appellate Division, First Department, Departmental Disciplinary Committee (DDC) headed by Chief Counsel Thomas J. Cahill, Esq., and his right-hand whitewasher, Sherry K. Cohen.

In a complaint filed in 2004 against attorney Jeffrey A. Greenberg, Esq., the DDC permitted Mr. Greenberg’s attorney, Myron Beldock of Beldock Levine & Hoffman LLP, to submit the answer to the complaint “under seal” so that even the DDC investigator, investigating attorney and reviewing committee member would never read the purported responsive documents.

Trust Me

In an April 19, 2004 letter to DDC Chief Counsel Cahill, Mr. Beldock advises that he is enclosing an “answer” to the complaint, “which is 22 pages in length and attaches 27 exhibits, is provided in two forms: the first redacts all content after pg. 3; the second is a full text, with all exhibits, contained in a sealed envelope.”

In essence, attorney Beldock submits papers to Cahill and Cohen that cannot be read. And, apparently, that was just fine with Mr. Cahill and Ms. Cohen.

Indeed, in an accompanying letter the respondent, Jeffrey Greenberg, writes to the DDC investigator Joel Peterson, “I will respond in detail to each and every allegation of misconduct set forth in Mr. Galison’s complaint, and furnish backup documentation to evidence their lack of merit.”

Of course, Mr. Peterson could never read Mr. Greenberg’s detailed response (with “backup documentation”) because the material was either redacted or sealed.

Animal House on 2nd Floor at 61 Broadway - Double Secret Probation

Full disclosure to the Committee charged with upholding the ethical standards of the legal profession is necessary to protect both attorneys and public. Except, in New York where “who you know” will dictate what, if any, ethical standards will be enforced, or even reviewed. In fairness, it does save time. Why bother reviewing any documents if the determination of any complaint has been predetermined by Cahill and Cohen, especially after "the phone call" has been made.

Under the theory presented by Mr. Beldock, and accepted by Cahill and Cohen, a client could make a complaint against his former lawyer and prevent that attorney from defending him or herself by citing attorney-client confidentiality.

According to a former federal investigator familiar with the DDC, and who requested that his identity be withheld, “Cahill and Cohen know full well that the Disciplinary Committee can subpoena, and are entitled to review, absolutely anything and everything concerning the respondent-attorney and the complaint at issue.”

“Of course, any confidential information needed to conduct a comprehensive review- especially attorney-client material- would be withheld from the complainant- but not the DDC,” he adds, “The DDC is authorized- indeed, obligated- to review and consider all documents in its investigation of a complaint against an attorney.”

Washington, We Have a Problem

Thomas Cahill will be leaving the Departmental Disciplinary Committee in October and the name of his replacement will be made soon.  It is common knowledge within state and federal circles that since he was told to retire, Mr. Cahill has been using the last few months cleaning up (read: destroying) files.

The Jeffrey Greenberg Complaint is just another startling example of the non-existent oversight, ethics, and enforcement of the rules at a New York State attorney Departmental Disciplinary Committee-- the very entity charged with overseeing ethical standards. 

With no accountability, you get the brazen bedlam that is our New York court system. We echo the view of the countless viewers of this forum who have made the call: “Bring in the Feds.” New York needs the appointment of a federal monitor to oversee the affairs of the New York court system.

See for yourself, see the documents to the right, “Sealing the Truth.”


Anonymous said...

oh my f***** god. the same thing happened to me in another ny state department ethics panel.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just read this in the NYLJ:

Suspended NY Lawyer Charged With Selling Old Man's House Out From Under Him

October 5, 2000-By Anthony Lin

The Queens District Attorney's Office has announced criminal charges against a suspended lawyer who allegedly helped sell an elderly man's house out from under him.

Attorney N. Stephen Sukhdeo is facing larceny and forgery charges for participating in a scheme with real estate broker Mohammed Keita.

According to the prosecutor's office, the two men forged the signature of one of Mr. Sukhdeo's clients in order to sell his house while he was hospitalized with a stroke. The house was first sold to a company owned by Mr. Sukhdeo's brother and then "flipped" to Mr. Keita's daughter.

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown said the scheme netted its participants hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Messrs. Sukhdeo and Keita each face up to 15 years in prison.

----Too bad he didn’t steal the house in Manhattan where Cohen and Cahill would let him get away with it!!!!!!!!!!-- LIVE AND LEARN !!----

Anonymous said...

tommy needs a vacation after all the time he's been putting in lately destroying records that show his crimes.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it's the old sealing trick! Oh, Top Secret! Then everyone will be good little sheep and go away. Well folks surprise that's not going to work this time. People are going down.

Anonymous said...

Why would public officials seal documents unless they have something to hide?

Anonymous said...

Why would OCA hire a "state" corrections officer to chase you down on the expressway, going 85 mph, cutting into and in front of you...just to get your federal court case eliminated due to...DEATH?

Anonymous said...

It's easy to conceal the facts when you're in charge, right Mr. Cahill and Ms Cohen...particularly when you're sober!

Anonymous said...

I heard that Cahill was gone? Is he still hanging in? What's happening?

Anonymous said...

Cahill and Cohen need to be arrested. probably others there too.

Anonymous said...

Cohen is drinking enough for her and Cahill


Though I have a lot respect for the people who run this site, they don't seem to have respect for me. I have been trying t reach my contact with expose Corrut Courts for the past month, and my calls and emails have never been returned.

I also wrote a far more compelling and better written account of the Cahill. Beldock fiasco, but for some reason they refuse to post it.

Meanwhile, all the comments are from anomymous "ditto heads". with names like " I hate bad judges":. Doesn;t anybody have the balls to say who they are.

We can't win this fight if we act like the idiots we are trying to replace.

HELLO!!!! anybody home?!!!!!!

William Galison

Anonymous said...

The New York State Grievance Committee is covering up for the crook attorneys too. This is the incest club at full force. Let start writting to the main media and expose the criminal activities and organized crime taken placed by the New York State Judicial System. How the whores of the Court are selling Justice and violating the RICO ACT.

Anonymous said...

We absolutely need to bring in the FEDs (NYC).
The clerks are corrupt, the attorneys are corrupt, the "fake" attorneys are rampant, the judges are even more corrupt.
It's not a "zoo" but a fucking "tea" party where everyone is "friends" and what's being "served" is not "justice" but "payoffs" at the expense of the citizen's misery.
I'm calling them real soon about the way my case is being handled and I urge everyone out there who has been victimized to do the same..........maybe if they see a "flood" of complaints they'll be "forced" to take action.
Isn't it so self-serving that in this time of "economic crisis" that the answer was NOT to raise "taxes" but court "fees" knowing full well that hundreds of thousands of people are now facing litigation for "eviction", "foreclosure" & "credit" issues.
The attorneys are "profitting" lovely from this as well as the government.
How much will these "greedy" assholes "bleed" us dry for before we take some action.
How about all the citizens go on "strike"?
I heard a rumor that nowhere in the constitution does it say that we are "required" to pay federal about we stop paying them until they decide to do their jobs?!!!!!!!!
Maybe that will give them some incentive before they start "changing" that rule too.
Come on who is the government fooling?!!!!!!
What's exactly taking the Feds so long to get here?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Being "anonymous" realing isn't helping things either.
They are making us "fearful" of speaking out and last time I looked around we are still supposed to have "freedom" of speech.
311 (NYC) was set up so that you can make a difference but that difference will never be made if you all don't speak up.

Anonymous said...

I just filed a grievance against an attorney (probate CT) who corruptly handled my late father's estate and then proceeded to have my son and I gangstalked across the country all the way from CT and back. Now I have to get the witnesses to speak up. Many have been paid off, including police departments. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

oH What a tangled web they weave. How about someone admitting they burnt records and they knew it was illegal but did it anyway. Nice right? Most of the attorneys in Albany and NY are honest and hard working but there is a whole lot of them that are just plain crooked.

Anonymous said...

To no great surprise I received my letters from the 9th Judicial District Grievance Board advising me that after a case of two lawyers, one a private lawyer, and the other an ADA in Suffolk County, a case they had since July, 2007, I received the standard reply; yada, yada, yada.

despite the seriousness of the charges and the information I provided, the GC in all their power and wisdom declined to prosecute the case further.

I think the fellow that handled the case tried, but to no avail. I also believe the 2nd Dept made that happen after they were apprised of the investigation and the findings. PF

Anonymous said...

These are the problems of having no Independent Counsel law at the highest levels of government who can oversee and prevent the ethics violations that flow through from the highest levels of public office.

Getting rid of the Independent Counsel law was a mistake, especially now that corporate America is free to buy off legislators with unlimited campaign funds as free speech, designed by our own Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

What most people don' understand is that the US Government, through the FBI, the DOJ, and the CIA both want and need to keep the people they rule in a state of perpetual fear.

The mechanisms and tools they use to keep certain Attorneys that they don't like, or don't "toe their political line," in fear, are the unfair, oppressive, arbitrary, and racist Departmental Disciplinary Committee and the Fee Dispute Committee with their purposefully grey and amorphous "Ethics Rules," which they broadly interpret when it suits them, and forgve the severe transgressions of those they like.

This is the inherent problem with the DDC and the Fee Dispute Committee today in New York City.

Anonymous said...


When Jewish business owners find another successful business owned by a different race than theirs, their first inclination is to destroy it so that they remain on top. Some of the methods these Jews use to destroy or cripple other race’s businesses include:

(1) Defaming them on the Internet, Media, and in Social Settings;

(2 Using their Jewish Head-Hunters to steal their best Employees and to breed disloyalty within the ranks (only to fire them after a few months);

(3) Use their Jewish brethren and contacts on the relevant Disciplinary Committee, Licensing Committee, or Regulatory Committee to start pursuing frivolous investigations into their company, right down to the bone, looking painstakingly for ANY irregularities with which to hang the business with;

(4) Use their Jewish brethren and contacts on the relevant Taxing Authority, Department of Labor, or other Regulatory Committee to start pursuing frivolous audits into their company, right down to the bone, looking painstakingly for ANY irregularities with which to hang the business with;

(5) Corporate espionage (good old fashion spying) using computer/server hacking techniques to steal their data and client information or even better, real live Jewish employees if the Business owner is stupid and naive enough to hire them in the first place;

(6) Encouraging and instigating domestic friction and instability at home using cheater temptations and mechanisms to pull apart the marital home somehow, and then using all of the Feminazi hench-women to neuter/castrate the man in a very costly divorce and child custody battle;

(7) Vaulting and promoting their own religion which keeps them together, while shitting all over everyone elses;

(8) Use their Jewish brethren and contacts on the relevant Credit Card Merchant Services Account Company to start pursuing frivolous chargebacks against their company, right down to the bone, looking to cancel their Merchant Services and Credit Card Accepting ability, and destroy their Credit Ratings, with which to hang the business with;

(9) Rinse, lather, and repeat until the competing business is either dead, or the owner is.

Anonymous said...

To William Galison who posted in October, 2007,

You are so right - and brave to post openly. I can't do so right now, too afraid. With over 124,000 reports of corruption and still nothing happens. What do we do?

I have also tried to connect with the folks at this site to get update on "Westchester Braces for Federal Indictments" promising some good news starting in Oct., 2009, still waiting....

Does anyone know the status of that investigation? I have explosive information to share. Who should I contact?

Anonymous said...

To poster: How Jews destroy Other races Business: I can not believe you are still alive, stating facts in order. My husband's business and I'm sure many other Gentile's Business's were destroyed by this certain sect of Jewish/zionist, racist, anti everybody group.
A beautiful fun full of all faith shop keeps in Nassau County,lots of schools, parks, restaurants, theather now has been slowly settled run and owned by thease people, that are not even curtious to Gentiles. They set there eyes on something they want or is in they path... Get there connections Poof IRS, attorneys subpeonas, lost money, family split and your gone. They buy your place for practically Nothing. Until they own the whole town, school system, sit on every board, you are made to close on shabbas, no one comes into your shop. While other little towns are booming with business they continue on their path of destruction, because they had enough money to pay of mayors Attorneys etc. Town is Now Dead, but a million Flags of Isreal spiked on the front lawn of a newly erected synogouge as If they won an expansion battle and guess What? They did!! No one was ever anti-semitic in this town ever.. The percentage of jews was always very high. What ashame , but this there goal for all America unless they are stopped and learn to live with everyone else. Like one Jewish leader said " We care not who makes your laws, we just want to control the money" Something like that and we don't pay attention.

Anonymous said...


It’s when a Licensing Board or any Review Board picks on someone egregiously, or on the other hand, lightly slaps on the wrist another, based purely on race, religion, skin color, creed, political persuasion, or sexual orientation. For example, the Departmental Disciplinary Committee First Department of Manhattan which regulates lawyer ethical conduct, and the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee of Manhattan which determines if lawyers can keep their charged legal fees if disputed, are predominantly, and totally, made up of Jewish people. There are hardly any Chinese, Japanese, Muslims, Indians, Blacks, or Hispanics (well, NOW there are a few Hispanics) on the Board of Directors of those agencies. So here is the million dollar question - if a Jewish Attorney is facing either of these 2 agencies, or if a Black or Muslim Attorney is facing either of these 2 agencies, which one of these 2 individuals is most likely to get fucked over unfairly, and why? And after years and years (if not decades) of this kind of shoddy ill-treatment, which of the 2 Attorneys is most likely to be richer with fewer blemishes on his career, and which one is more likely to be poorer and blotched with marks all over his record as a Lawyer? And people wonder why there are more minorities in prison that white or Jewish people - racists say “minorities have more of a propensity for crime and violence” than Jews or Whites, when in reality, their system gives them a free pass in the seemingly most sinister and horrendous of cases (see the Allen Isaacs case), while nailing to the wall those hapless and unlucky minorities who have the misfortune of falling into their spiderweb, sometimes through sheer jealousy and competitor sabotage. What is the solution to this travesty and miscarriage of justice? Well, there must first be AWARENESS that there is a problem, followed by ACCEPTANCE that there is in fact a problem. Only then can we achieve a system of governance over Attorneys, Judges, and others that is fair, neutral, and impartial.

Anonymous said...

The New York State Division of Human Rights is investigating the Departmental Disciplinary Committee First Department and the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee for treating minority Attorneys like crap, while routinely whitewashing complaints against Jewish or White or Big Corporate Law Firms.

In othr words the DDC and the NYCLA Fee Dispute Committee only goes after and nails small minority lawyers so that they can keep their statistics high that they "do in fact nail some lawyers" - they just don't tell you that the lawyers that they nail are the ones who are representative of the most vulnerable in society - minorities.

The Big Fish law firms that make a lot of money have friends on these Commiittees, who totally take care of them.

Anonymous said...

MsDivine, you got it so right when you state this... "
Isn't it so self-serving that in this time of "economic crisis" that the answer was NOT to raise "taxes" but court "fees" knowing full well that hundreds of thousands of people are now facing litigation for "eviction", "foreclosure" & "credit" issues.
The attorneys are "profitting" lovely from this as well as the government.
How much will these "greedy" assholes "bleed" us dry for before we take some action.
How about all the citizens go on "strike"?
I heard a rumor that nowhere in the constitution does it say that we are "required" to pay federal about we stop paying them until they decide to do their jobs?!!!!!!!!
Maybe that will give them some incentive before they start "changing" that rule too.
Come on who is the government fooling?!!!!!!
What's exactly taking the Feds so long to get here?!!!!"

I'd like to know just WHY the probate court system of the state of Connecticut, where taxes are some of the highest in the land, are allowing the corrupt Probate Attorneys and judges to rip off the surviving family members whose relatives paid good money to hire some con-artist Probate Attorney, who claimed they were going to abide by the terms of the will, but yet, will not, to keep destroying and even sometimes ending the lives of people who hired them?
The probate system in the state of Connecticut has to be one of the most corrupt courts in the nation, if not the MOST corrupt.
Realize this, you spend your whole live, saving up money and working your fingers to the bone to make a decent living and to leave something to your family so they can live well, or merely survive when you die.
However. you got fraudulent attorneys, like Naigle, Teller & Throwe, & Leone in Connecticut who will claim they cannot touch the principal of your family's estate, yet, in the last year or so, have lost thousands and thousands of dollars in how they have handled the estate of our family.
I've talked to other clients of theirs who used them for probate attorneys and was told that Frank Leone, one of their attorneys, totally lied to them, before they died, verbally abused their disabled offspring, insisted they couldn't inside their family's house, after their parents died.
He's also insisted that a disabled person who grew up in their home, and was left their family house, couldn't live in the house that was left to them, because "they were disabled".
Now, that's a Federal Law, the ADA, the American Disabilities Act, yet, this lawyer, Frank Leone thinks he has the right to completely discriminate and verbally abuse his client's disabled family members, who were put in the will.
Don't use this lawyer unless you want your family's lives destroyed, or even ended early. He'll also recommend bad & negligent health care workers to take care of your ill family members so he can take advantage of you.
Our family member died within a weeks time as a result of whom he recommended for health care. A registered nurse, not a physician's assistant, nor an MD, came to our home and gave our family member twice the recommended dose of a heavy drug, which they had no right to change in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Don't use Interim Health in the state of Connecticut. They make end your family's life early than expected.
These are negligent, corrupt, and totally unscrupulous people we're dealing with here.
Also, the estate attorney, Frank Leone, refused to even finish reading the will to us! I've never heard of that, but when we complained about it, at town hall, the probate courts employees there, in East Hartford, claimed that "only on TV, is the attorney expect to read the terms of the will"!
Oh, really, I find that very hard to believe...
Yup, the feds need to come to Connecticut with a fine tooth comb and start going thru all these cases of corruption and start investigating the corrupt probate attorneys who refuse to follow the terms of the will.
What on earth is the people of Connecticut paying such a large fee for? To have our lives destroyed, ended, put into total misery?
For that's what these corrupt probate attorneys & courts are literally doing to us!
Yeah, I agree with the professor who states that "You Don't want to Die in Connecticut". So true...
This is a constitution state? By what means is it that? We're a state whose constitutional rights are violated on a daily basis here in CT!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RE:Samuel Brooke, Esq.
Judicial Branch

State judicial branches are usually led by the state supreme court, which hears appeals from lower-level state courts. Court structures and judicial appointments/elections are determined either by legislation or the state constitution. The Supreme Court focuses on correcting errors made in lower courts and therefore holds no trials. Rulings made in state supreme courts are normally binding; however, when questions are raised regarding consistency with the U.S. Constitution, matters may be appealed directly to the United States Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

Trying to motivate the First Dept to investigate conflicts of interests between the United Federation of Teachers and the NYC DOE. When UFT members have alleged a conflict of interests
between DOE administrators and officers of the UFT whom they supervise the union "farms out" the work to an attorney who works on an at will per diem basis. So far, said lawyers have obstructed:

a. Review of the rules and regulations addressing financial involvement between DOE and officers of the UFT whom they supervise.

b. Rules and regulations regarding intimate relations on and off the worksite and burden to orient NYC DOE employees properly. What steps are to be taken to assure that children do not witness their Teachers and other school employees engaged in acts of sexual intimacy at the work site. The affirmative burden of DOE employees to document said relations conducted at the work site. (THE UFT REFUSES TO ANSWER THIS)

C. Rules and regulations regarding the UFT delegates collection of money for school and retirement parties...end of year parties...

d. Rules and regulations regarding UFT delegates sale of items at the work site, i.e. jewelry, tax returns, educational books, porn

e. Rules and regulations regarding the delegates participation in the election of the in-coming delegate.

BOTH the DOE and the UFT refuse to explain how a per diem lawyer,
whose continued employment turns upon good graces with both parties can review conflicts of interests between these two entities.

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