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Friday, December 14, 2007

Alan Friedberg Replaces Tom Cahill at 1st Dept. Disciplinary Committee (MORE, CLICK HERE)

Alan W. Friedberg, the now-former deputy administrator of the Commission on Judicial Conduct has left the 12th floor at 61 Broadway to take over as Chief Counsel of the 2nd floor mess in the Appellate Division, First Department, Departmental Disciplinary Committee left by the disgraced former chief Thomas J. Cahill. UPDATED AT 5PM, SEE PRESS RELEASE...


Communications Office: David Bookstaver, Director
Kali Holloway, Deputy Director (212) 428-2500
Date: Dec. 12, 2007 -

New Appointments to Disciplinary Committee of the Appellate Division, First Department Announced

NEW YORK – Presiding Justice Jonathan Lippman today announced two significant appointments to the Departmental Disciplinary Committee of the Appellate Division, First Judicial Department: Roy L. Reardon, of the law firm of Simpson Thacher and Bartlett, as Chairperson, and Alan W. Friedberg as Chief Counsel.

“We are extremely fortunate to have two stellar appointees to name to these vital positions,” said Presiding Justice Lippman. “Roy L. Reardon brings to his new role invaluable credibility and expertise as well as more than five decades experience as a litigator, arbitrator and mediator. The range and depth of his experience gained during his distinguished legal career make him the ideal candidate for this position and the court is so pleased that he has accepted this appointment. He has been a stalwart on the DDC for many years and I am certain that under his leadership, the Committee will continue to thrive. Alan W. Friedberg’s prior work with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, his great knowledge, proven skills, work ethic and commitment to the highest ethical standards render him extremely well prepared to serve as Chief Counsel. I am confident that he will be a tremendous asset to the Disciplinary Committee and the New York State court system.”

Roy L. Reardon joined Simpson Thacher and Bartlett after earning his law degree at St. John’s University Law School. In his more than 50 years with the firm, his areas of specialty have grown to include commercial law, professional responsibility, product liability, antitrust, securities law, arbitration and mediation. Mr. Reardon is a former member of the Simpson Thacher Management Committee and is a former Chairperson of the firm’s Litigation Department. He is a Special Master in the Appellate Division, First Department and Special Counsel to the Policy Committee, Disciplinary Committee, Appellate Division, First Department.

Alan W. Friedberg is presently the Deputy Administrator in charge of the New York City Office of the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct. After receiving his Juris Doctorate degree from Brooklyn Law School and his Master of Laws degree in Criminal Justice at New York University School of Law, Mr. Friedberg began his career as a staff attorney at the New York City Board of Education. Prior to his current position at the Commission, he served as a staff attorney, Senior Attorney and Chief Attorney.

Web page updated: December 14, 2007 -


Anonymous said...

with the allegations of racisum
and whitewashing complaints you would think they would hire a minority. At least someone that is new to try to make changes for the better.
Guess some things never change.
That should be further proof the FBI needs to take a close look at the committe.

Anonymous said...

a political yes mouse who will do the coverup to make everything look good

Anonymous said...

If Friedberg's first action is not to fire Sherryl Cohen then we will know that he is a stooge. I just hope these people are aware of the fury and decication of the people who are fighting them.

Anonymous said...

Total joke. They move one "cleaner" from one toilet to another toilet- from the commission on judicial conduct to the departmental disciplinary committee.

Nothing gets done....everything still sinks....and the crap is overflowing....

How ironic: from the 12 floor to the 2nd floor of 61 B'way.....guess what drips downward?

I agree, if the new "yes man" Alan Freidberg doesn't IMMEDIATELY fire sherry "lets have a drink" cohen, then he has proven that he's just another useless hack. I 'll give him one week--ho, ho.

Anonymous said...

My boyfried works at the DDC and he says there's good news for Mr. Friedberg. He really doesn't have much to do since the idiots at OCA left Cahill and Cohen alone for months so they could further destroy files and documents. I have a little secret for you peoples out there: Cahill and Cohen did NOT assign case numbers (or REAL case numbers, anyway) to cases they were supposed to get rid of. Cahill and Cohen would screw with the incoming sheet where EVERYTHING was SUPPOSED to be entered. And Cohen was caught more than once taking US mail.
And yes, it's very true: Cahill and Cohen were mostly drunk during the day. And these white bastards used and abused all minorities.
My boyfriend's covered. He's already gone to the authorities.

Anonymous said...

The cover-up can't continue - the system has to change, the alleged oversight committees must be composed of at least 50% non-attorneys. This has one big cover-up scheme engineered by proinent law firms for their own ends.

Anonymous said...

Part of the cover up was on Allen H. Isaac, this is the cancer that has destroyed the judicial entity in this state.

Anonymous said...

Back at knievel.....I know they were squashing the complaint against Allen H. Isaac because I saw it for myself....I filed the complaint and the hearings were a total sham and a joke...but stay tuned...i have a lot of evidence to prove what was going on at the DDC.

Anonymous said...

Back at Finally sleeping..A big applause for your boyfriend..I admire him for going to the authorities... You said'" Cohen messed with US Mail".that's federal.. I hope these A-Holes go to Jail for a long long time.

Anonymous said...

Another inside hack is in charge of the DDC. Hopefully he drinks less than Cohen and Cahill. He'll end up being as useless as Cahill. That's my prediction.

Anonymous said...

the guy Roy Reardon worked for the law firm for 50 years. That makes him about 80 years old.
I hope the isles are big enough for the walker.
I wonder how many naps he will take in one day. Getting nothing done in a day, he is perfect for the job.

Anonymous said...

I filled a complaint. It was sent certified return reciept.
The lawyers response was different opposite from what they filled in the court papers. The complaint i filled had
a copy of the story they gave the
DDC and a copy of what they filled with the court. I included copys of the CPLR rules and case history.
The fact that the lawyer gave 2 different answers to the same question should have raised a made them look at the case. I waited the time and got no response. When I called I was told that they had never got the complaint. I told them that i faxed a copy of the green return card the reciept and a print out that it had been delivered. They then claim that they did not get the fax.
I sent them another certified letter with proof that it had been delivered. They then denied recieving that also.
tampering with complaints or complaints ending up in the shreeder did not surprise me.
When I called the woman i spoke to was laughing. She asked me how could she do anything if i never sent the complaint.

Anonymous said...

If Ms. Cohen is drinking on the job or drunk...why is she still employeed by OCA? OCA IS WELL KNOWN TO TERMINATE EMPLOYEES AT THE PERSONAL WHIM OF OCA, THEIR CHIEF CLERKS AND DEPUTY CHIEF CLERKS ETC., just because THE EMPLOYEES HAVE ETHICS, THAT ARE LACKING IN MANY CATERGORIES OF THE ABOVE POLITICAL HACKS! I, as a NY taxpayer I want Cohen removed or this will become another complaint in the FBI investigation and then all other drunks in OCA will be scrutinized!Look out JUDGES PAT, DAVID, FRANK, ROBERT AND SAM!

Anonymous said...

exposed finally...Allen H. Isaac is about to be exposed by...yes..someone who knows him very well...Ha..Ha..Dirty Perverted Pig will finally get his just dessert.

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