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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tammany Hall II - Attorney Ethics Scandal Update (MORE, CLICK HERE)

Lawyer Discharged in Federal Suit Against First Department
by Daniel Wise
The New York Law Journal – Page 1, Col. 1
News in Brief - December 19, 2007

Christine C. Anderson, a former staff attorney at the First Department Disciplinary Committee who filed a federal lawsuit in October seeking $10 million in damages against her superiors, has discharged her attorney, Frederick K. Brewington of Hempstead. In a Dec. 12 letter, Mr. Brewington advised Southern District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, who is presiding over the case, Anderson v. State of New York, 07-cv-9599, that Ms. Anderson had relieved him as her counsel because of “irreconcilable differences.” Mr. Brewington declined to elaborate as did Ms. Anderson’s daughter, Tembani Selepi Xaba, who said she is stepping in temporarily as counsel for her mother while she seeks a new lawyer. Mr. Brewington filed an amended complaint on Nov. 7, and Ms. Xaba said that Judge Scheindlin had set a Jan. 2 deadline for filing a second amended complaint at a scheduling conference on Dec. 12. The state must submit its response to the amended complaint by Feb. 14. In the lawsuit, Ms. Anderson charges she was fired in June, after working for the committee for six years, because she had complained that her superiors were “whitewashing” complaints against “certain select” lawyers (NYLJ, Oct. 30).

End of New York Law Journal article

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Anonymous said...

Luisa Esposito said...I am working on my complaint against the DDC..stay tuned..I have alot of evidence on what's going on at the DDC..I will be combining all of the Agencies that failed to protect my "CIVIL RIGHTS" and "DUE PROCESS" against alleged Sexual Abuse, Coercion, Extortion. Police Report Reads, "FELONY, SEXUAL ABUSE, WANTED ALLEN H. ISAAC".

Anonymous said...

I would guess that Ms. Anderson figured out that this guy was not doing her any good and that is why he is gone! Good for her and good luck to her. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Has the whole City gone to hell...What in the world is happening here...i feel like i'm reading an episode from the Sopranos..Where the hell are the Feds and why are they allowing this to happen to all of these innocent people..These creeps need to be behind bars for the rest of there lifes, they have sold their soles for the old mighty DOLLAR...How do they sleep at night? Probably with a bottle of scotch next to them, to bury their soles in alcohol..

Anonymous said...

I know first hand that it is almost impossible to find an atty to represent you in a case against OCA..this is the place where atty's make there living. This is not the only reason, because a fair and ethical judicial system would and should welcome a professional doing their job, even if it is against them. If OCA is operating legally as they should, they would not fear someone representing a litigant that has reason to believe they have been harmed by the judicial system! But again, OCA conducts themselves in an ORGANIZED CRIME MANNER ( I THINK WE CAN GUESS WHY)flinging their abuse of power, their 2 billion dollar budget and mediocre legal minds at best! They bully attys, employees and taxpayers who do not cave into their criminal, political and always questionable behavior! Ms Anderson can enlist federal court for proper and ethical representation, that does not have behind the scenes OCA interest in their motives in representation! OCA thinks it has a big bag of tricks, unknown to the non-legal community....but they never could guess someone has the assistance of some excellent and tricky informants, themselves! Find a lawyer that practices in federal ct only!

Anonymous said...

I filed a federal lawsuit against OCA in the 90's over sexual harassment, and my atty (who practiced in state and federal court) settled the case by stipulation, without my knowledge or permission! I found out, not by my atty, but through my mother, who was in a nursing home with a stroke, and WHOM i was trying to protect from the disgust of OCA. She had heard it from the local news paper, radio and television, three days after the settlement, with no knowledge or information relayed to me, by anyone! Imagine, a lawyer settling a case in federal ct with the STATE ATTY GENERAL working for OCA, without the pltf's permission!! MY ATTY ONLY CALLED ME WHEN THE NEWSPAPER WANTED A STATEMENT FROM ME AND OF COURSE HE WAS TOO LATE AND THEY REPORTED I HAD NO COMMENT, BEFORE I COULD EVEN COMMENT! If this story does not warn anyone dealing in federal ct with OCA, i surely don't know what else can be said. Watch your back with everyone!!..always... and trust no one!

Anonymous said...

First - the un-ethical department needs to be fumigated
Second - the ethics of lawyers is too important to be regulated by lawyers, it doesn't work
Three - an independent group of non-lawyers that have no conflicts whatsoever (no political stumblebums)should be formed to regulate these lawyers
and that would be a clean sweep

Anonymous said...

The whistle blower Anderson suit now in federal court is the tip of the iceberg, this scandal has Judith Kaye and the powers that be scared stiff, because they know they are next. What has comeout so far is a grain of sand on the beach compared to what's really there. They are currently hard at work with trusted associates plugging holes. Some of the large law firms are in a panic and on damage control full time.

NOTE - They (the system) currently have court officers and state police watching/following her (Anderson) and people near her. Best to take their pictures and create your own rogues gallery. They more than likely also, have illegal wiretaps on Anderson's communications devices. Ms. Anderson be sure to establish this during discovery. Just a few more egregious violations of your rights compliments of Judith Kaye et al.

Prediction: This scandal will break open the pervasive endemic corruption that premeates the NYS Judicial system.

p.s. Ms. Anderson keep your chin up you have many friends.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should write just described my federal case filed in 2005 and OCA'S behavior against me. They tapped my phone, had three area police depts follow me, my witness and family, they tried to create an accident with me on the highway, and held drive bys at my home using female employees plus so much more! I state again...OCA IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! One unique thread though...i was following them while they were following me...and now it is time for that discovery you mentioned. Two cases with such similar MO'S in federal court against the NY JUDICIAL SYSTEM...i have her CASE in possession of the right people for presentation. Judy Kaye, et al can clean house all they want...i'm watching!

Anonymous said...

The Eagle Is Landing....Soon to be filed federal action will detail how DDC started a departmental "investigation" of an attorney who was defending another lawyer targeted for disbarment by the committee at the request of a major US law firm. The defense attorney withdrew and later suffered a cardiovascular incident traced to the pressures brought on by the DDC actions taken against him. The DDC's unethical and illegal actions were directed by Sherry Cohen - the same person named as a defendant in the Anderson case.

Anonymous said...

Next week, Federal Complaint to be filed at the District Court Southern District against the DDC. How are they going to get out of their lies,, lies,, and more lies...Stay tuned.

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