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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Judicial Ethics Holiday Gift for Surrogate's Court Victims (MORE, CLICK HERE)

It is reported that The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct has initiated formal charges against Westchester County Surrogate's Court Judge Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., and who has also been acting as a Westchester County Matrimonial Judge pursuant to Chief Administrative Judge Francis Nicolai....MORE...

A source close to the White Plains, New York court reveals that the decision to proceed with formal charges against Scarpino was made during the Judicial Ethics oversight committee's most recent meeting.

Formal charges against a judge by the N.Y. State Commission on Judicial Conduct are confidential unless the justice facing charges waives that confidentiality.

"I guess Surrogate Scarpino waived that confidentiality when he voiced his anger over the charges against him to his close circle of friends," says the source. "He's furious, and a bit shell-shocked because he thought he was protected—immune from ever receiving any formal charges. Everyone, including him, thought he was untouchable"

Though long-rumored to have been pushed out of the FBI, observers say Scarpino has always touted his short tenure as a special agent for the FBI before taking a job at Bankers Trust Company where, it is alleged, he was also pushed out. Bankers Trust Company later became a felon and is now owned by Deutsche Bank.

"Tony really believed that he could do anything and get away with it because he worked for the FBI for a few years," says the source. "He used to be the 'golden boy.'"

One FBI insider sees it another way. "No one at the bureau is happy that a former agent would attempt to use their past status as a special agent to get away with illegal or improper acts—especially as a judge," he says. "It makes us—and all law enforcement—look bad."

The exact formal charges by The Commission on Judicial Conduct are unknown at this time, but as readers are aware the list of possible issues facing the Surrogate is long and from various places from around the world.

Sources within the federal investigation into the City of Mt. Vernon have indicated that disturbing information concerning the former resident, Scarpino, has emerged. This while some Westchester attorneys have recently complained that Surrogate Scarpino has merely been acting as a "traffic cop" in court, simply directing attorneys to staff and not making any decisions himself.

Just recently, Surrogate Scarpino publicly expressed his displeasure with the Manhattan District Attorney's office involving the Brooke Astor Estate currently in his court.

It does appear, however, that the current charges against Scarpino do not involve the recent revelation that Surrogate's Court staff attorney Jody Keltz and her attorney-husband Carl Peluso somehow managed to move into a nice Scarsdale home from a estate once handled by Ms. Keltz. While current inquiries exist into the alleged unseemly appointment of guardians and real estate transactions under Scarpino's tenure, the questionable and highly unusual Keltz real estate matter occurred under Surrogate Scarpino's predecessor, Judge Albert Emanuelli.


Anonymous said...

you are decending into the bowels of the beast when you enter the Westchester Surrogate's Court.....Surrogate Scarpino (orignally appointed as a county judge) has fooled a great many people and used his mob contacts to his the jig up?

Anonymous said...

How does a thug mobster like Scarpino ever get on the bench? Answer: he first gets appointed. Then he exists, and wins in the fixed election system of the 9th judicial district. bring in the feds. tony boy knows the routine: turn around you bum, so you can be handcuffed!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know a family who never got any money they were supposed to from the Surrogate Court of Westchester. This really looks criminal

Anonymous said...

In truth, it's just not scarpino who is corrupt in westchester....there are many others, they work together. so, if scarpino gets nailed, he shouldn't be alone.

Anonymous said...

Wake up and smell the mob, Westchesterites!! The mob has been controling government and the courts in Westchester for a very long time. If you have a real complaint, contact the DOJ in DC. Otherwise, forget about it. Tony Baloney Scarpino is just another hack who sold his soul to the gansters. He does what he is told.

Anonymous said...

Probate court clean up throughout NY state is long overdue. As corrupt as Scarpino is, Al sell-your-mother-for-a-buck (dead or alive)Emanuelli was worse.

Emanuelli really believed he was a respected jurist. At least Scarpino admits that he's corrupt, on the take and an all-around gangster.

Anonymous said...

You want to see how all this corruption has been going on for many, many years...and not just in NY. The following is a report about a corrupt lawyer in Maine:

Firm Axes 30-Year Veteran Partner for Ripping Off Clients, Colleagues

December 12, 2007
By The Associated Press

A longtime partner in one of Maine's most prominent law firms has been fired for allegedly stealing money from clients and the firm.

Portland-based Verrill Dana sent a letter of apology to clients of John Duncan and notified them that it has "severed its relationship" with him.

The letter said Duncan "misappropriated funds" from the firm and "misused client funds or billed clients improperly." The firm isn't saying how much money was allegedly involved.

Duncan, who has been with Verrill Dana for nearly 30 years, did not return phone messages seeking comment.

A report on his billing and accounting practices is being turned over to the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar. State and federal prosecutors have also been alerted.


Anonymous said...

tony scarpino has some friends but he also has alot of enemys in mt. vernon

Anonymous said...

I have always been told throughout my long life, that OUR AMERICAN COURT SYSTEM IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD, even though it has a few imperfections! Reading this story and all of the others, i now beleive that this embedded statement was used to deter me and others from recognizing the SEVERE CORRUPTION that was creeping into the courts the past 40yrs, that has made it comparable to the worst third world countries! Like the propaganda for Iraq, America continues to dupe its citizen's for the better of the American "individual" who profits from this destruction, rather than the good of the masses! Yes our judicial system is the best in the world in theory, but application of same is missing and is immediate need of an overhaul!

Anonymous said...

Scarpino is smoking more than usual, watch out for cancer

Anonymous said...

I wuz robbed by the bum on a trust, might makes right, that's the way he looks at it

Anonymous said...

Tony's been meeting with the boys. And he's not a very happy crooked judge! I'm told he's been threatening people.

Anonymous said...

he is carrying his piece with him at all times.....that's his security blanket!

Anonymous said...

Tony has a big problem and he is attempting to DEAL with it, we shall see if he is successful.

Anonymous said...

I just found this website. I, too, was defrauded by Scarpino and his crooked lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Scarpino, and the mob-controled lawyers at the surrogate's court, should be severely punished. Getting Scarpino's smoking slimy crooked ass thrown off the bench would make my 2008 (and 2009, 2010, etc.) !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was told that he still had friends in the Westchester FBI office. I believe it because the office was given specific information about his improper actions and just ignored it. The head in the NYC office also ignored what was going on in the Westchester Courts and the Westchester FBI office.
Also, I had been told that as of June there were over 20 complaints against him. Since then there have been more.
Either the complaints made a difference, but he probably pissed off the wrong people and it's payback time, which is the more likely senario.

Anonymous said...

this guy belongs in jail. i know a dozen people who would testify against him, he's a crook.

Sandovaliejg said...

Scarpino is smoking more than usual, watch out for cancer

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