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Sunday, December 16, 2007

NYLJ on OCA Attempt to Clean Up DDC Corruption (MORE, CLICK HERE)

NYLJ (New York Law Journal) + OCA (NY State Office of Court Administration) + DDC (1st Dept., Appellate Division Departmental Disciplinary Committee) + Friedberg + Reardon = ????? - MORE........

Friedberg, Reardon Named To Discipline Unit Positions

New York Law Journal - Thursday, December 13, 2007 - Page 1, col. 4

PRESIDING Justice Jonathan Lippman yesterday announced the appointments of a new chairman and a chief counsel for the Appellate Division, First Department's disciplinary committee.

The new chairman of the 58-member committee is Roy L. Reardon, a partner at Simpson Thacher & Bartlett who has served in different capacities on the committee for more than a decade.

Alan W. Friedberg, the deputy administrator of the Commission on Judicial Conduct, will succeed Thomas J. Cahill, who had been committee's chief counsel in charge of its 23-lawyer staff since 1998. "Roy Reardon brings a distinguished career and widespread respect and credibility throughout the bar to the leadership of the committee," Justice Lippman said.

Mr. Friedberg, a prosecutor at the conduct commission for 29 years, brings "a proven record in the field of professional discipline and will make a first-rate chief counsel," Justice Lippman added.

Mr. Reardon was appointed to a three-year term as chairman, an unpaid position. He succeeds Paul J. Currari, a partner at Kaye Scholer and a former Southern District US. attorney who is required to step down at the end of the year after serving a maximum of six years, five of them as chairman.

The disciplinary committee has jurisdiction over 78,000 lawyers practicing in Manhattan and the Bronx, and receives about 3,500 complaints a year charging lawyers with misconduct.

The New York City office of the judicial conduct commission, which Mr. Friedberg heads as deputy administrator, receives about 750 complaints a year against judges sitting in the metropolitan area.

Mr. Friedberg will receive a slight increase in annual salary when he assumes his new duties in early January, to $126,764 from $125,000.

Lawyers in the professional, field yesterday praised the new appointments, saying they would bring new energy to the office. Several lawyers said the prior chief counsel, Mr. Cahill, had not had experience in lawyer misconduct work before his appointment and had left the operation of his office to subordinates.

Mr. Cahill's resignation as chief counsel was announced over the summer (NYLJ, July 23). Mr. Cahill, 76, however, had agreed to stay on until a successor was chosen and left his post two weeks ago.

One lawyer said that under Mr. Cahill there was "no real oversight and, with no one pushing, morale dropped and bickering among staff developed."

Another lawyer with a professional discipline practice said that Mr. Cahill "brought a lot of integrity and candor to the job but maybe not a lot of energy."

Two lawyers pointedly said that two highly respected lawyers - Sherry K. Cohen, the committee's first deputy counsel, and Andral Bratton - had run the office's day-to-day operations. The fact that Justice Lippman bypassed the two reflected that he "wanted fresh blood," said one.

Mr. Cahill said in an interview yesterday that the office during his tenure "performed better than it ever had."

"I believe the court and the bar as a whole have been very pleased with our accomplishments," he said.

Mr. Curran, the outgoing committee chairman, said that Mr. Cahill had done a terrific job and had "brought the case load down."

Both Mr. Cahill and Ms. Cohen were named in a lawsuit brought by a former committee staff attorney charging that complaints against some attorneys were whitewashed (NYLJ, Oct. 30). Justice Lippman said the lawsuit had nothing to do with the personnel moves at the disciplinary committee.

Michael S. Ross, who specializes in professional discipline work, called Mr. Reardon "a giant in the profession who has handled many sensitive matters for attorneys and law firms."

Mr. Ross added that over the years he had many dealings with Mr. Friedberg, who "brought honesty and integrity to every issue and both the committee and its staff will benefit from that."

Other lawyers described Mr. Friedberg as "apolitical" and able to bring "excellent judgment" to the chief counsel post.

Mr. Friedberg, 59, worked at the New York City Board of Education before joining the commission staff in 1978.

He rose through the conduct commission ranks to the number two position. Among the high-profile judicial misconduct cases he handled was the removal of former Brooklyn Surrogate Michael Feinberg for awarding excessive attorney's fees to his personal and political friend, Louis R. Rosenthal, whom he had appointed counsel to the Brooklyn public administrator.

Mr. Friedberg also handled the case that resulted in the removal of Queens Supreme Court Justice Laura Blackburne, for allowing a prisoner to use the stairway at the rear of her courtroom to avoid arrest by a police officer who had come to her courtroom with a warrant.


Anonymous said...

I know Mr. Friedberg. He is a good man - NOT a hack, as many have suggested. He will restore the absent integrity at the DDC, all brought and fueled by Mr. Cahill's horrific actions during his 10-year tenure.

Mr. Friedberg will soon allow mishandled and criminally abused ethics complaints to be revisited.

And I believe Ms. Cohen will soon depart the 2nd floor of 61 Broadway.

Dem, my two cents....

Anonymous said...

This is unreal, are these people on drugs?

Anonymous said...

this is a pig pen, a cesspool, it will never be cleaned up - tear it down and start over ... no more cover ups ... the PJ should stop screwing around

Anonymous said...

is not drugs is disorganized crime

Anonymous said...

Does anybody understand why/how the NYLJ is in bed with Cahill and Cohen. The NYLJ knows all about the rampant corruption at the DDC, yet they write this tepid crap in which the worst thing they can say about Cahill is that he "lacked energy". It takes a lot of energy to whitewash all those complaints.

Forgive my naivite, but What's the connection between the NYLJ and the culture of corruption?

Anonymous said...

Bring it on - good, bad or ugly. In efforts to continue the scams while under the light, let them try to stop what is coming in just the Iviewit case with further scumbags. Those that are signing up for the side of corruption, to aid and abet these sick people, a word of caution from a man some say is a soul collector - put your fingerprint on any of these scandals in any wrong way and you will be swimming in the world of shit the rest of them are. Let them promise the world or a briefcase of cash to aid as they have in the past to the fools who sold their souls in days when they thought nobody would ever figure their scams, above the law they claimed, so side with lawlessness seemed like a breeze through Central Park -- a batta bing. But now, the feds are all around, political foes can taste the blood, the injured are rising (thanks to blogs like this) the scum has trouble recruiting and nobody is going to buy in that this is under control, certainly not that I am.

Many have messed with me in the past, their names at for the world to see their crimes, they too thought they were above the law, perhaps mans laws that they trashed but certainly not above the law of G0d, I warn you in advance, if your intent is to aid those on their way to hell, hell welcomes your efforts. So sign up to aid these idiots Mr or Mrs blah and you have sold your soul and we are collecting for Xmas souls for the New Year, the devil my good friend has promised me and eternally good time with them.

Ever hear the joke about the three scumbag lawyers going to hell? Devil greets them and offers three doors of eternity to spend time in. Once in one there is no turning back. Opens first door and all are standing on heads in glass shards and fire, screaming in blood. Devil asks if anyone wants door one? First two think it can't get worse, third guy jumps in on his head, devil closes door. Devil opens door two and all are on their heads in shards of hot steel with three headed dog taking bites of their heads. Devil asks the two if they want to join this eternity, first guy thinks it can only get worse and jumps in on his head, the last guy thinks the devil is playing a game and it can't get worse, he waits. Devil opens last door, everyone standing around in steamy shit drinking java from Starbucks, Devil asks last guy what he thinks, he says he knew it, the other guys were fools and gladly jumps in on his feet, grabs a cup of java and smiles. Five minutes later while thinking a world of shit is better, Devil opens door and states "Coffee break over -- Everyone back on your heads.

Point being, no matter how you fingerprint yourself to this scandal, no matter what they offer today to entice you to sell your soul, a world of shit awaits you. So sip up quick now...

I leave you dirt bags that have entangled all these people in your crimes with a thought. Give up, surrender now, for the sake of others who you will enroll to hell, you already have caused massive damage to peoples lives, including those souls that converted, albeit by their own acts, who may never have gone bad without your false promises. If you can not win through "just war" tactics you are like a Nazi, like Hitler, throwing kids with no weapons against the Russians marching on Berlin with tanks, you are a sicko and need to kill yourself and your diseased bloodline or I will be knocking on your bunker door soon.

Merry Xmas New York!!!!
Yours truly, the bat out of hell
Eliot Bernstein

Anonymous said...

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