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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One NY Judge Removed From Bench, Another Admonished (MORE, CLICK HERE)

New York Lawyer - December 21, 2007
By Daniel Wise
New York Law Journal

The Commission on Judicial Conduct yesterday determined that one town justice should be removed and another admonished.

The commission removed 11-year veteran Ellenburg Town Justice Dennis LaBombard for hearing a criminal case in which two of his stepgrandchildren were defendants and contacting another town justice about a second criminal case involving one of his stepgrandchildren.

Junius Town Justice Stephen H. Brown, who has been on the bench nearly a year, was admonished for writing a threatening letter, at the request of a landlord, in an effort to enforce a settlement in a housing case that had been before him. Both justices are nonlawyers.

The commission's ruling are subject to review by the Court of Appeals.
Justice LaBombard's lawyer, Peter A. Dumas, did not respond to a request for comment.
Justice Brown, who represented himself, declined to comment.


Anonymous said...

Once again, only upstate judges. Downstate judges NEVER get called on the carpet.

Anonymous said...

The judicial conduct commission likes to go after the easy ones and upstate is easy..we don't have the powerful law firms they are connected to and the mob has almost all disappeared to fla. It pumps up there stats for funding and attempts to prove they are working for some taxpayers in the state. NY is way to corrupt for their efforts, plus you see they always go after the town and village judges....what a an easy mark! Sounds to me like the commission is an off shoot of OCA...ATTACK THE WEAK AND ENJOY THEIR FALL, BECAUSE IT PUMPS UP THE MINDS OF THESE BIG ASS LOSERS...HAPPY NEW YEAR...WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE STATE COMMISSION ON PROTECTION OF JUDICIAL CORRUPTION WORKING WITHIN OCA...FOR ANOTHER LONG YEAR!

Anonymous said...

Could it just be that NYC, Westchester and especially Brooklyn and Queens have all the honest judges. NOT!!!!! (they're just the ones with the connections) IT'S ALL ONE BIG CORRUPT RACKET!! The new mob who now OWN our courts.

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