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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Disbarred NY Attorney, Seeking His "Dignity," Gets His License Back (MORE, CLICK HERE)

by Anthony Lin - New York Lawyer - January 2, 2008

The Appellate Division, First Department, has reinstated a lawyer who was disbarred after pleading guilty in 1998 to engaging in a 13-year scheme by which he paid bribes to insurance adjusters to expedite the settlement of his personal injury cases.

A 4-1 majority of Justices Richard T. Andria, David B. Saxe, Eugene Nardelli and Bernard J. Malone said that Thomas J. Culhane had expressed genuine remorse for his actions and noted that, despite the length of his professional misconduct, he had been lawabiding in other aspects of his life.

The court also said in the Matter of the Application of Thomas J. Culhane, M-1907, that it was taking into account testimony by Mr. Culhane that he has no intention to return to the practice of law but merely sought to "regain some measure of dignity."

In dissent, Justice James M. McGuire said the length of Mr. Culhane's scheme and his persistent claims that no one was "hurt" by his actions should weigh against his reinstatement as a lawyer. The dissenting judge also said Mr. Culhane's stated intent not to practice law should not be considered because he is "free to change his mind."


Anonymous said...

This atty wants to regain some sense of DIGNITY? He offered bribes for the 4th dept. he would be screwed! How do you live a long life of crime and really expect people to give you back your dignity...the oath you took as a lawyer, required that from the start! A predictor of the future is the truth for the past...ask any shrink. This man is an A-HOLE and his buddies in law and the judiciary are right there with him!

Anonymous said...

he is free to change his mind
Who would believe he is not going to turn around and practice law again. be serious. He applied for his lic because he is going to practice again. I am telling you all they want is the dues that lawyers have to pay. They do not care whaat they do or how they do it as long as they get thier about 3,000 a year. I guess the commitee needs every dollar it can get to pay themselves

Anonymous said...

Not being from NYC, I now see you can commit any kind of matter what it is....and in the future you get your law license back! This is why and where the corruption begins and spreads to the rest of the judicial areas of the STATE! What a mistake for NYC to take over the entire judicial system, back in 1977..we the other taxpayers, sure were stupid! How do we undo this blasted mess!

Anonymous said...

Once NYS gave Sol Wachler back his law license it was all over, in my opinion.

Shut down the Commission on Judicial Conduct and all state attorney ethics committees. Give that money to the judges.

Anonymous said...

OUT OF CONTROL...EVERYTHING IS OUT OF CONTROL..... The lawyer/exlawyer/whatever should be in jail!!!

Anonymous said...

There's a new TV reality show here, somewhere. Sol Wachler can host "A Law License to Steal"

Anonymous said...

I am certain that Allen H. Isaac probably knows Sol Wachler very well..Birds of a feather flock together

Unknown said...

The penitentiary is full of people who committed crimes while under the influence of drugs. How and why does this sleazy guy wachler get a pass?

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