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Monday, January 28, 2008

Integrity Commission Accepts "free" Legal Work From Lobbyists (MORE, CLICK HERE)


January 28, 2008 -- ALBANY - Four good-government groups want the state Public Integrity Commission to stop accepting free legal work from registered lobbyists under its regulation.

The Post recently reported that Gov. Spitzer's new panel had accepted such freebies from two members of Bryan Cave, a law firm that has lobbied on state real-estate issues, and from a professor at Fordham University, which has its own registered lobbyists.

Citing the Post story, the New York Public Interest Research Group, the state League of Women Voters, Common Cause/New York, and the Citizens Union of the City of New York sent the panel a letter on Jan. 17 calling the practice "inappropriate."

Last week, Executive Director Herbert Teitelbaum, a Fordham adjunct professor and former Bryan Cave partner, responded in a letter that no conflict of interest existed since neither Bryan Cave nor Fordham had any contested or investigatory matters pending before the panel.


Anonymous said...

There really should be a temporary ban on the use of the word "integrity" in all of NY state.

Anonymous said...

what INTEGRITY??? these whores don't know what the word means!!!

Anonymous said...

DUH! among other things it is a BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST! Everyone has been swimming in the same cesspool so long no one smells anything! Obviously, the corruption seeks its own level.
All of these folks and many others would say that they never ran across a CONFLICT OF INTEREST that they didn't love.

Anonymous said...

right on, it is a big conflict of interest - who cares? the people that we pay to take care of these things so that there are no problems - DON'T!

Anonymous said...

the big joke is that the Lobbyists are former elected official including Judges who have retired and then gone on to milk the system somemore, it one big loop

Anonymous said...

Judges in OCA don't retire anymore..they stay on the big payroll until they are 100 or dead...under the re-certification system! No new judges can get into the 14 yr payload, because their older and most selfish brethren are staying on for life! My question is this....DON'T JUDGES HAVE A LIFE OUTSIDE OF COURT?? THIS SPEAKS TO WHY THEY ARE SUCH BIG LOSERS FROM DAY ONE! GET A LIFE AND LEAVE THE COURTS TO RECOVER FROM WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO IT. YOU ARE NOT GOING OUT WITH A HEADSTONE THAT STATES YOU WERE ANYTHING BUT A JUDICIAL SLUG!

Anonymous said...

Ethical people (wink) in New York will make sure that impartial justice is done (wink) and that the public is properly served (wink) (LAUGHTER) and civic minded people (wink) will even perform their work for free (wink) Indeed, an honorable public service (wink) (MORE LAUGHTER)

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