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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Surrogate Scarpino Orders More Astor Legal Fees, Ignores DA Morganthau (MORE, CLICK HERE)

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January 3, 2008 -- A judge has ordered depositions in the battle over Brooke Astor's $190 million estate to go forward, despite Manhattan prosecutors' request the case be put on ice until criminal charges against her son are resolved.
The prosecutors are concerned that the son, Anthony Marshall, might find out too much about their case if the depositions go forward.

In a ruling made public yesterday, Westchester Surrogate Court Judge Anthony Scarpino ordered Astor's former lawyer Henry Christensen to be deposed Monday, and two of his former colleagues to answer questions under oath before the end of the month.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office had sent Scarpino a letter requesting he halt all depositions and document production pending the outcome of its case against Marshall, who they charge took advantage of his mom's failing mental health to grab her millions.

Scarpino's ruling didn't mention the letter from prosecutors, but did deny a bid from Christensen's lawyer to delay his deposition.

Scarpino noted that Christensen drew up Astor's wills, and all sides involved in the big-bucks dispute agree his testimony will be key to determining which of her wills he enforces - and how many of her millions will go to charity. CLICK HERE TO SEE RELATED SCARPINO STORY


Anonymous said...

This guys not a judge. He's a mobster with a black robe.

Anonymous said...

Scarpino would like people to think that he's very "judicial." In fact, while appearing to be middle of the road, he ALWAYS goes with what gets his bosses the greenbacks. Judicial? Tony? Baloney!

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