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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hint of Justice: Brooke Astor Judge Scarpino Reverses Self (MORE, CLICK HERE)

By DAREH GREGORIAN - The New York Post

January 5, 2008 -- After Manhattan prosecutors won a delay, the battle over Brooke Astor's $190 million estate is on ice until at least May.
Citing the pending criminal case against the philanthropist's son, Westchester Surrogate's Court Judge Anthony Scarpino issued a stay yesterday.

Manhattan prosecutors say Anthony Marshall, 83, abused his mom's mental frailty to help himself to millions of her dollars and coerce her into leaving him more in her will.

Witnesses were to start testifying Monday in the civil-court fight over which will is legitimate. Scarpino ordered this week that the earliest scheduled depositions go forward. The new ruling reverses that decision.

The parties are due back before Scarpino on May 7.


Anonymous said...

Hint of Justice? No, not with this guy Scarpino. This judge wouldn't know justice, or anything related to law and order, if it bit him in the ass.

Scarpino's controlled by the party bosses and, especially, the head thug: Administrator Judge Frankie "the fix" Nicolai.

Scarpino decides NOTHING himself, never has- he sold out a long, long time ago.

But maybe his recent and ongoing problem with the Commission on Judicial Conduct made him listen a little to the Manhattan District Attorney and ultimately change his mind. But that's not going to make the "dinner club boys" very happy.

Anonymous said...

It's not easy being a judge. You have to rely heavily on your law clerks. Scarpino's a decent guy. But most of his law clerks (divorce and estate) are crooked; they are paid off by the lawyers and political hacks. Everyone keeps track of who-owes-who. Totally corrupt at 111 MLK Blvd courthouse. I know, I see it every day. I work there.

Anonymous said...

Remember one thing. Scarpino was first APPOINTED as a judge in Mount Vernon. Then he used that judge position to be really elected as a judge.

And he has come a long way as he is now the lone Surrogate AND in charge of all the Westchester family court judges.

How? you may ask. Because he's one of the biggest deal makers around, and because he and Frank Nicolai fix everything nicely. It's not about right or wrong or justice in Westchester, it's about favors and money for Tony and Frank.

IF, and it's a big IF, the feds look deeper, even they will be astonished as what they find in Westchester!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Commission on Judicial Conduct was going after Scarpino. What happened? Does that process take a long time?

Anonymous said...

I participated in a judicial conduct commission investigation, as a major witness and it took 3 yrs! Yes, the commission has to investigate, report to the commission members and the chief atty for word on future direction and necessity for more witnesses. They proceed with lots of information and facts and group participation. After the investigation, comes the hearing...could be months. Then the commission etc. reads the transcript etc and they vote and write a decision...more time! Then without any notice to the public a decision is rendered and handed to the media! This is how they operate...esp. with elected 'lawyer" judges!

Anonymous said...

The only "hint" coming from Westchester is more backroom, payoff, corrupt dealmaking.

Anonymous said...

So does Westchester know the are being watched...great evidence!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This judge Scarpino needs to be handcuffed and pulled off the bench.

Anonymous said...

Scarpino, Keltz et al. are running a corrupt enterprise, they should all be in a federal jail. The buzz is that Scarpino is under considerable pressure and may roll over. His friends will not be happy with that situation.

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