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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New York Post: Idiot Jumper, Idiot Judge (MORE, CLICK HERE)

January 16, 2008 -- Dumb judges beget dumb lawsuits.
The dumb jurist du jour is state Su preme Court Justice Michael Ambrecht, who last January threw out reckless-endangerment charges against moron parachutist Jeb Corliss.

Because no specific law prohibits parachuting from the Empire State Building - and because Corliss was a trained jumper - he did nothing illegal in trying the stunt in April 2006, Ambrecht ruled.

Never mind that Corliss could've seriously injured someone on the ground (or worse) had his parachute failed. Or that he could have landed in the middle of traffic. Or . . . the list could go on.

It's called reckless endangerment - and it's a broad charge for a reason.   As it was, Corliss did injure one security officer as he fought with guards who subdued him seconds before his jump.
Not that that mattered to Ambrecht, whose ruling opened the door for countless potential copycats.  And now, it appears, a lawsuit.
Corliss filed a $30 million claim against the Empire State Building yesterday, arguing that the guards who prevented his jump not only caused him "severe emotional distress" but endangered his life as well. And why not - if, as Ambrecht ruled, Corliss was completely within his rights to try the stunt?
Fortunately, common sense may yet win out. A four-judge appeals panel last week heard arguments from the Manhattan DA's office urging it to reinstate the charges against Corliss.
Here's hoping it does.  Corliss' recklessness should earn him 30 days in Rikers, not a litigation jackpot.
And, in justice, Judge Ambrecht should be sitting right beside him. Sad to say, stupidity isn't a crime.


Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, do we have some dumb Judges! Today the Supreme Court ruled that the way NYS picks Judges is OK. So get ready for many more dumb Judges who can buy their Judgeships here in the Empire State.

Anonymous said...

The newspapers need to comment more often like this. THAT'S HOW WE KEEP THE BAD BOYS IN BLACK ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW!

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