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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our Culture of Destroying Evidence: Patentgate, the DDC, and our Courts; Now the NFL

The New York Post By ANDY SOLTIS

February 2, 2008 -- A powerful Republican senator yesterday blasted the NFL for destroying the "Spygate" videotapes - and for ignoring his questions for more than two months about the New England Patriots' cheating.
After Sen. Arlen Specter's criticism, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded that he was "more than willing" to meet Specter and provide his "very good" explanation for zapping the tapes.

Goodell also said there was no indication the Patriots had cheated in winning previous Super Bowls - and denied that the scandal would taint their record if they beat the Giants tomorrow and finish with an unprecedented 19-0 season.

Spygate broke open in September, when the NFL confiscated a video camera during the Patriots' season-opening win over the Jets. The league fined the Patriots $250,000 and head coach Bill Belichick $500,000 for illegally stealing Jet signals. A week later, the NFL destroyed six tapes that the Patriots had surrendered.

Specter said Thursday that he wrote Goodell in November asking about the league's probe - and again in December after learning of the "inexplicable destruction of the tapes."

He said he didn't get a response until Thursday, when Goodell wrote back saying he did away with the tapes to ensure that the Patriots "would not secure any possible competitive advantage as a result of the misconduct" - apparently fearful the tapes could fall into the hands of other teams.

But Specter, the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said that "absolutely makes no sense at all."

"I don't see any reason for the destruction of the tapes," he told reporters in Washington.

He made a veiled threat to repeal the NFL's antitrust exemption, which allows the league to sign billion-dollar TV contracts for all 32 teams.

Specter said destroying the Spygate tapes may not be as bad as the CIA destroying interrogation tapes, but "the integrity of football is very important."

"There's a credibility issue here," he said.

Goodell replied yesterday at a press conference, "The reason I destroyed the tapes is they were totally consistent with what the team told me."

"It's not exciting," he said of the tapes' content.

Asked by reporters if he had thought before de stroying the tapes that it would look like a cover-up, he said, "No, I didn't."

Goodell, son of a former US senator from New York, said that if he merely locked the tapes up, they might have been leaked - as one tape was shortly after the scandal erupted.

Destroying the tapes "was the best way to make sure the Patriots followed my instructions, to make sure that bit of information would not appear anywhere again," he said. "If it did, I'd know they didn't hand me all the information."

The commissioner said the videotape cheating "probably had limited, if any, effect on any game" because NFL coaches take precautions to avoid their signals being stolen.

The tapes were from the 2007 preseason and the 2006 season. Goodell didn't say how far back the Patriots' taping began.

But he said he could assure Specter, an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan, that the Eagles' loss to the Patriots in the 2005 Super Bowl was not due to signal theft.

Eagles head coach "Andy Reid is a very smart coach," he said.


Anonymous said...

And we make fun of other countries and their systems of government?

Anonymous said...

Did you know Roger Goodell is from Bronxville? Yes, Westchester resident an everything. I'm wondering if tough guy Nicolai helped Goodell destroy the truth....just wondering.....

Copy and Paste this link:

Anonymous said...

wonder if Goodell is a lawyer? There has to be a reason for the DNA damage. It's called obstruction of justice folks. These leeches will ruin football too.

Anonymous said...

talk to me about the distruction of documents, I see it all the time particularly as of late, their getting rid of the evidence big time.

Anonymous said...

OCA and JUDY KAYE have been plotting this corruption and takeover, using crooked administrative judges she has put in place or influenced since the mid 1990's. She honed it to her perception of crime in the 2000's! I would love to confront her about all of this, but she like all her judges are gutless whores in hiding! She will see justice from all her ill deeds!

Anonymous said...

Does Goodell and Nicolai bank at Chase (fomerly BONY)or Hudson Valley Bank? Any one know?

Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord. What's next. The courts are fixed, and now it looks like there is deep corruption within the back offices of the NFL. Next, we'll find out Bush didn't really win the election-- oh, wait...

Anonymous said...

You nuts don't have a friggin clue as to how things work at OCA. Judy "the empty dress" Kaye is a front. There has always been a wall around her and she really (REALLY)doesn't have a clue as to what is really going on. (So stop blaming her - it was Judy's husband, not her. She's really a decent person)

And to the especially big nuts who leave 5000 word comments and probably set their own family car on fire: check yourself into a mental facility- maybe you'll meet Britney Spears.

OCA's problems are really quite simple. There aren't any big wild theories. Ever hear of KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid.

OCA is simply a bunch of low level crooks and they aint too smart I'll tell you.

See you all at the next UFO convention.

Anonymous said...

some of the prior comments are beyond the pale. Take your medication and relax. Think we all have one thing in common, we all know that the system is broken and its only going to get worst.

Anonymous said...

To the 5:44 P.M comment..Why would someone set their own car on fire, I'm sure it wasn't to prove a point, you idiot, do the math. We all have very valid complaints against the (OCA) OFFICIAL CORRUPTION AGENCY.The only people that need to check into mental facilites are people like you that leave retarded messages. Most of us have contacted Judge Kaye with our valid corruption complaints, and it was just swept under the rug, please explain how and why this happened. Was Judge Kaye on VACATION? Explain how numerous complaints were ignored? Oh, I better not leave a long message because I will have to check myself into a mental facility..LOL

Anonymous said...

the Giants are playing a team today that has repeatedly engaged in covert spying. When the facts have been exposed, what happens, the evidence is destroyed. Its the same as the courts.

Anonymous said...

Really, JUDY KAYE is not a nice person...she is phony, ignorant and greedy for power and money. If her BIG DADDY was the the top MOBSTER, then when he conked why didn't SHE, THE BIG ASS loser cut out of this CORRUPTION THAT IS IN HER NAME ONLY..NOT HIS!!!!
I too would love to leave you with a 1000 word message, but my home is on fire and i just saw A CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGE, A CHIEF CLERK, A DEPUTY CHIEF CLERK AND AN ADMINISTRATIVE ATTY FOR THAT FEMALE CHIEF JUDGE LEAVING THE SCENE! God i wish these people would leave me alone for a year or two!

Anonymous said... the way know it have no idea what investigations have taken place by sources that you could never imagine participated in, that brought out the behind scenes criminal actions of OCA, ITS OWN LEGAL STAFF OF ATTYS AND ITS NY ADMINISTRATIVE JUDGES AND POLITICAL HACK STAFF MEMBERS, SOLICITED TO DO SOME VERY UNTHINKABLE ACTS OF VIOLENCE. IT APPEARS THAT YOU ARE NOT A TARGET...WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE....ANONYMOUS? LET ME KNOW.....I CAN HOOK YOU UP AND THEN BLOG!

Anonymous said...

Oh, great. All we need now is to find out that the NFL is as corrupt as the NY court system (in the COVERUP Dept), and of course we'll then learn that Tom Brady threw the game because Goodell told him to so Congress wouldn't go after the "perfect" team. One scandal after another.

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