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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

State judges can sue for pay raise

The New York Daily News - Wednesday, February 6th 2008

State judges have the right to sue for a pay raise because the Legislature violated the constitutional separation of powers doctrine, a Manhattan appeals court ruled Tuesday. Four New York judges sued Gov. Spitzer and the Legislature last September, claiming their rights have been violated because state judges haven't gotten a raise in nine years.

Justice Edward Lehner said the judges' rights were violated when the Legislature linked pay raises for judges to several bills, including a campaign finance reform bill. The bills did not pass. "It's a wonderful watershed moment for separation of powers," said Tom Bezans, a lawyer representing the suing judges.

"It's the first time a court has suggested the practice linking judicial pay to political issues in the Legislature is inappropriate." Lehner let Spitzer out of the suit, saying he had immunity in the case.


Anonymous said...

Let the fun begin!!

Anonymous said...

many taxpayers have not had a pay raise in nine years, who care? But Judges are special or so they think, so they are allowed to sue over pay raises by another Judge. Is this not a major conflict of interest??????????? Will a Judge rule on that too?

Anonymous said...

NY STATE gets more outrageous everyday! How do we live here without cracking up? A raise for a JUDGE by a JUDGE..why not just hand it over now!

Anonymous said...

everyone that is not happy with thier pay either asks for more money or tries to get a job some place else for more money.
But lawyers that applied to become judges knew what the pay was
then can demand more money.
then the state pays it.
Maybe everyone should sue thier boss very time they want a raise.

Anonymous said...

I can't understand isn't their current pay in addittion to pay offs and kick backs enough?

Anonymous said...

I say give them all a raise say to $2,000,000.00 a year per judge and higher for the higher ranking. On one condition, that being that if they are found doing the slighest wrong they face 25 to life. Ok, two conditions, the other being that if they commit a wrong, they are to be investigated and tried by a special committees of citizens whereby no conflicts can exist with their friends and cohorts. If they are caught weasling they get an extra thirty.
This will solve two problems, first, judges needing to steal from the People to earn a competitive living and judges committing crimes and protecting themselves with their friends in crime.
One more addition would be the three strikes rule which should apply with a sentence of death for the third offense.
The damage they do the People when they are motivated for whatever reason are horrific and cost the People far more than the pay raise will cost. It will be nice to see these criminal court jesters spending time behind bars or fried and unable to use as their defense that they were underpaid.
If instituted today, the benches would clear quickly of the scum and the price of vasoline would skyrocket.
Bat out of hell,

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