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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Judge Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Autistic Man (MORE, CLICK HERE)

Judge Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Autistic Man
New York Lawyer - February 22, 2008

MENOMONIE, Wis. (AP) -- A former municipal judge has been found guilty of sexually assaulting an autistic man. According to a criminal complaint, Eugene E. Dunagan fondled the man and performed a sex act at his home in 2005. Dunagan, 71, who denied the charge, was convicted of second-degree sexual assault of a mentally deficient person. Circuit Judge Bill Stewart passed judgment Thursday after a one-and-a-half-day bench trial. He ordered a pre-sentence investigation. Sentencing was scheduled April 22.

After the verdict, Dunagan's bond was revoked and he was taken into custody. "I think justice was done," said Andrew Maki, assistant district attorney. Defense lawyer Phil Steans of Menomonie said he hadn't spoken with Dunagan about an appeal.

"Any time allegations such as these are made, it's a very difficult thing for a defendant just because of the nature of the allegations," Steans said. The victim was a now 24-year-old Colfax man who has high-functioning autism. Dunagan was elected Colfax municipal judge in 1984 and served for about 20 years. He also is a former Colfax teacher.


Anonymous said...

But judges can do anything they want. Ever here of judicial immunity?

Anonymous said...

oh, great. this jerk used to be a teacher!

Anonymous said...

a sick former Judge, current lawyer and former teacher! What a combo! Throw this bum in jail for the rest of his life!

Anonymous said...

But he's a judge, was a judge, so it's alright (wink, wink) He, as judge/former-judge, can do no wrong (wink, wink)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

they wear dresses, they attack people of disminished capacity....what next? Will they steal from the dead? Oops, they've already PERFECTED that crime! Never mind.

Anonymous said...

what a dirtbag.

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