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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More News On Fagan Before His Disbarrment (MORE, CLICK HERE)

Neuborne Withdraws Request For Interest From Holocaust Survivors
THE NEW YORK SUN BY JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN - Staff Reporter of the Sun - February 19, 2008

An acrimonious and protracted dispute over legal fees that pitted a New York University law professor against a group of Holocaust survivors has ended.

Less than a month after Burt Neuborne asked for $300,000 in interest above the $3.1 million he had already received for administering a settlement between Swiss banks and Holocaust survivors, the professor decided to withdraw the request for the interest.

In a letter explaining the decision to a federal judge, Mr. Neuborne said the "petty squabbles over attorneys' fees" were diverting attention from the "profound legal and moral issues raised by the Holocaust."

Mr. Neuborne played a key role in a landmark lawsuit alleging that Swiss banks profited during the Holocaust from bank accounts belonging to victims of Adolf Hitler. In 2005, he submitted a bill for $4.1 million for his work in disbursing the $1.25 billion settlement by the banks to Holocaust survivors and heirs of victims. A group of American survivors objected to the legal bill, saying they thought Mr. Neuborne was working for free.

The dispute appeared to be settled last year when a federal judge in Brooklyn, Frederic Block, agreed that Mr. Neuborne would receive $3.1 million, an amount that was intended as a compromise. But Mr. Neuborne then drew another round of objections from survivors last month when he asked for $299,419 in interest as compensation for the two years he spent wrangling about his original bill.

"In deference to your call for 'peace in the house,'" Mr. Neuborne wrote to Judge Block, "I withdraw any request for the interest to which I believe I am legally entitled."


Anonymous said...

While I've never been a big fan of Bert's, I commend him for distancing himself from the roach a/k/a Ed Fagan.

Anonymous said...

Burt Neuborne is a little worm. I don't trust Burt at all.

Anonymous said...

Neuborne is a good friend of Judge Korman that's how he got the plum of the Swiss case! How much of the $3 million plus did Korman get?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Burt is a good guy. Yes, he stayed quiet about Fagan but he didn't like it. He knew Fagan was an animal and had a lot of friends. Give Burt a break; he's doing the right thing.

Ed Fagan said...

To Whomever it is that is the Owner, Operator and/or Editor of this Website:

Please provide me with the name, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses for the owners, operators and editors of this website and/or blog so they can be served directly with copies of the Order that was entered today by the Hon. Walter R. Tolub JSC in the matter entitled Fagan et al v The E-Accountability Foundation Inc et al 103184/08 and which Order is returnable for March 11, 2008. Your cooperation is expected.

Thank you.

Ed Fagan
or (646) 378-2225

Anonymous said...

FYI: I understand that the "Owner, Operator & Editor of this Website" is out of town and unavailable--She is attending a lesbian-dwarf convention in Vegas. Can you get an adjournment?

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