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Monday, February 18, 2008

Judge John Phillips, Dead at 82


February 18, 2008 -- John Phillips, the former Brooklyn Civil Court judge who was ripped off by court-appointed guardians entrusted to manage his affairs as he slipped into Alzheimer's-related dementia, has died. He was 82. Phillips, a colorful courtroom figure in Brooklyn who was nicknamed the "Kung-Fu Judge" for his martial-arts prowess, was also known for opening two theaters that were devoted to African-American empowerment.



Anonymous said...

This is so sad, what they did to this judge. AND JUDGES themselves let it happen. Disgraceful!

Anonymous said...

those dirty bastards killed this Black Icon! They were afraid of the "Kung-Fu Judge" because he was intellectually independent, thoughtfully out spoken and did the right thing. So they raped him psychologically and grounded him down to destroy him. SHAME ON YOU ALL - REMEMBER THE GOOD LORD HAS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL FOR ALL OF YOU.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of savage animals some of these judges are. They wouldn't even protect their own brother judge Phillips. What a bunch of disgusting bastards!

Anonymous said...

members of the the illegal profession set upon Judge John Phillips to destroy him, I for one will not forget who they are.

Anonymous said...

how many of scumbags that abused Judge Phillips will be coming to his service? How many hypocrites do we have?

hANOVER fIST said...

We cannot allow for this abuse to go unpunished. The quislings involved in this scumbaggery must be prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent that the law will allow. Only then will these shenanigans cease.

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