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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Disbarred Lawyer Headed to Prison

Flip-Flopping Disbarred Lawyer Pleads Guilty, Headed to Prison
The New York Law Journal by Vesselin Mitev - July 15, 2008

A disbarred Hewlett attorney pleaded guilty yesterday in Nassau County Court to stealing more than $400,000 from clients. Joseph C. Levine had a plea deal revoked in February after one of his victims implored County Court Judge John Kase to "not allow Mr. Levine to con you the way he conned me" and give him a longer sentence than one-to-three years behind bars. Judge Kase offered Mr. Levine the option of either taking a new deal of three to nine years or withdrawing his guilty plea and going to trial. In March, Mr. Levine opted to withdraw his guilty plea and go to trial. He changed course yet again yesterday by accepting the three-to-nine year deal. Sentencing is set for August 29.


Anonymous said...

連邦政府の介入疑惑の窃盗以来、数十人の米国特許発明された独自のニューヨークの弁護士-政治的に尊敬され、一度に接続 ズ法律事務所-が大きく、実質的に話し掛けられていないです

Anonymous said...

this bastard screwed me too. He conned people left and right. He had alot of fellow attorneys that covered for him. He deserves even more time in the can, 20 years would be nice and he should be made to pay for each year out of his own pocket - he has plenty of money.

Anonymous said...

The Feds should be looking at the Greenwald Law Offices particularly Gary Ian Greenwald. Even his own peers comment about his shaky ways and no so legal manners. He is a mafia wanna be and the Feds should be looking at this garbage involved in rigging cases and more.

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