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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NY Court Reporter Busted for Dealing Cocaine

NY Court Reporter Busted for Dealing Cocaine
The New York Law Journal by Vesselin Mitev - July 30, 2008

A year-long probe into two Long Island cocaine rings has netted a freelance court reporter, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas J. Spota. Barbara Divello, who had worked as a court reporter in Suffolk courthouses, was arrested along with several others on charges they funneled drugs into clubs and neighborhoods on the East End. Ms. Divello was a "major player," Mr. Spota said yesterday at a Riverhead news conference. Ms. Divello was charged with being a distributor for an East End auto-body shop owner, Salvatore Sapienza, who allegedly supplied Ms. Divello with the drugs. There was no immediate word on how long Ms. Divello had worked as a court reporter. CLICK HERE to see RELATED STORY, "Confessions of a New York Court Reporter."


Anonymous said...

While the use of cocaine may explain some of the "changes" in official court transcripts, fraudulent manipulation of an official court record is usually simply done by corrupt lawyers and judges for personal gain or favor.

Anonymous said...

Just read the court reporter confessions story..... my god, I bet a lot of them are on drugs so they can deal with the reality that they are working in a corrupt system of law with corrupt lawyers. I'd probably start using drugs because I wouldn't be able to cope with the fact that lawyers and judges are doctoring court transcripts. People need to start going to jail.

Anonymous said...

some of the court reporters are bad apples...the biggest problem with the alterations of official court transcripts is with Judges and their law secretaries who lean on the court reporters. When a Judge gets a bad reputation people bring in their own court reporter and screw the Judge who will rule against you anyway.

Anonymous said...

While altering the Court transcripts by direction of the Judges and lawyers, these Court reporters are aiding and abetting in these crimes. So therefore, lock all of these bums up. They know damn well what they're doing, I'm sure they're getting their palms greased with lots of dough to keep quiet.

Anonymous said...

how much were these people using?????????????????? I'll bet way too much. How did they get the 'bread' to pay for the candy?

Anonymous said...

the buzz with the court reporters is this blog. We are all talking about it. Man, you all could help clean up this business, that's the way I look at it anyway.

Anonymous said...

If the court reporters and court clerks employed by THE OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION throughout NY STATE, really wanted to clean up the system... THEN YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO COME FORWARD all have the goods on everyone!

Many and I mean many of you, have the information needed to correct this disgust and corruption within, and you must know OCA will never fire all or even a few of you. OCA is under tremendous scrutiny!

You all have a moral and legal obligation to participate in this cleanout and cleanup for the sake of your own sanity, civil rights and that of all future employees that will be subjected to this gross abuse by something called ....A JUDICIAL SYSTEM!

You people are the saviors of the system, so do not delay in coming forward. I have done so for 3 yrs , and I fight them in every way I can concoct! It would help beyond your expectations, if all of you would come forward and support the truth that is suppressed by the NY court system.

Speak about the massive corruption and injustices that plagues you employer...THE OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION!

Anonymous said...

You really can't blame this court reporter chick for selling drugs. Her work environment has trained her that EVERYTHING is for sale, and you can probably get away with anything. Was she selling herself also? That'll be the next thing we'll hear: "Court Employees Run Whore House in Jury Room"

Anonymous said...

My, this is lovely..... what a friggin joke....

Anonymous said...

Hasn't the time come to videotape EVERYTHING and have a direct feed to the internet.

Anonymous said...

Court Reporters keeping quiet about court corruption is not new and/or surprising!
Reporters are highly paid, with state hush funds from OCA for their silence, because OCA knows how well they are aware of and viewing judicial behavior!

In 2000...OCA had intended to upgrade the Court Reporters...again and for a nice why would that be?
The Court Clerks have been snubbed, lack any upgrade for 28 yrs, and most of all work like, abused step children! Now why would that be?

Clerks have tremendous political hack supervision and oversight, by many, many political parties and their families and friends, as well as political judges!

All other regular employees have been upgraded, because they work within the office of the HACKS, etc. and are intimidated into keeping silent for the sake of their jobs...many whom are minority and single moms!

As the person above stated that many will remain silent, until the corruption is busted, and then many will come forward, is the plan OCA had hatched for this entire expose!

Threatening job loss or any other harm is a method of an organized crime operation and the statements about such (one which was made to me personally...if they remained my friend..they are gone) is enough to open an investigation by the FBI, DEPT OF JUSTICE AND THE US CONGRESS ON JUDICIAL MATTERS!

I am requesting that anyone of these groups leap into this crime and investigate , or just give all the lesser criminals amnesty until they do!

Anonymous said...

When I first became aware of the clandestine meetings held in upstate NY, by the top brass at OCA from NYC and upstate NY, regarding judicial employees and OCA'S desire to begin a cleansing (termination) of several low level and unimportant, as they deemed, positions, I was stymied as to the reason they wanted to upgrade the court reporters, who already made lots of money and took advantage of the daily work schedule of hours of coming and going! Court reporters came and went, at least in the lower courts, mimicking the same hours as their judges and worse!
Just recently....I realized that the reason for the request for more big money for these people, was a payoff from the NY they could leave early, as their judges did ...and keep quiet about the altering of lots of transcripts, with the threat that they could be convicted of a crime, as well as the judges, if reported, so keeping quiet was the easiest way to stay in their luxury jobs till retirement!
Everything I have learned in the past few years, places lots of questionable actions by court employees and OCA in perfect perspective! Now that I have connected the dots with superior assistance, I am obligated to share them with all of you...the entire world!
OCA has just started ringing my phone....again..with out of area phone calls, several times a day and when answered...the dial tone comes on.
This method of harassment was one used by them, three different times, when I had one of their lack of due process hearings, after they found out I was filing a federal lawsuit, and when they were actually served with the lawsuit!
These out of area calls came every hour, for 12 hours a day at my home, 7 days a week, with a computer answering it!
This people, is the juvenile ways of the toughest JUDICIAL SYSTEM IN AMERICA....NY STATE OFFICE OF COURT ADMINISTRATION!

Unknown said...

Really sad to see what our society has come to. Drugs are killing our progress and it is very important that strict action is taken against anyone dealing or doing them.
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