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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Honoring Honest Judges

Bill Would Name NY Courthouse After Judge Who Died This Month
The New York Law Journal by Scott Pegram - July 31, 2008

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation on Tuesday to rename the federal courthouse in White Plains after Southern District Judge Charles L. Brieant Jr., who died on July 20 at age 87. "Judge Brieant's legacy of patriotic service to our country and thoughtful jurisprudence must never be forgotten," said Congresswoman Nita Lowey, D-Harrison, who introduced the bill and has been working to get the building named in honor of the judge since 2003. A lifelong resident of Ossining, Judge Brieant served 37 years on the federal bench, including 17 as chief judge of the Southern District. As chief judge, he oversaw construction of the White Plains courthouse, which opened in 1995. In a statement yesterday, Ms. Lowey said she is "hopeful and optimistic" the Senate will pass the bill and President George Bush will sign it "so that we can properly honor this brilliant and distinguished jurist."


Anonymous said...

I say put his name on a brick or plaque either on the building or on the ground!
No judge I have ever known, put his career and duties to the taxpayer, above the politics that get him/her into the position!
I am always against naming a building after someone other than the TAXPAYER!
Name any or ALL government buildings ex....TAXPAYER FEDERAL COURTHOUSE, TAXPAYER CITY HALL, ETC.
A few years from now, no one will know this person and someone better will always come along, but the TAXPAYER will always exist in the same state WITHIN more to the them, than he/she will ever receive!
Why do these do gooders, not ever think of the real heroes in AMERICA..the TAXPAYER!

Anonymous said...

I knew Charles Brieant for many, many years. The truth is he was once beholden to the Westchester boys. But as he got older (and much older), he returned to his pure sense of duty and, as a result, will be remembered for this.

Yes, a newly admitted attorney learns quickly that the court system is broken and abused in New York. And newly admitted attorney Charles Brieant discussed this sad fact with me for more than 50 years.

I have been reading this blog since January and can tell those people behind it that they had Judge Brieant's blessing.

In the very troubled state that New York's system of law finds itself, I hold comfort in knowing that Judge Brieant tried, and ultimately succeeded, in making making a difference for future generations.

Anonymous said...

Judge Charles Brieant Jr., did the right thing so now we should do the right thing put his name on the Court House that he honored.

Anonymous said...

They named the federal courthouse in Islip, NY after Big Al D'Amato, and he ain't even dead yet.

Named the Manhattan Tombs after Bernie Kerik. One day he might be enjoying the building once named after him.

doesn't surprise me that Judge B was once compromised thru politics. It also sounds like he rose above it all when he realized he was actually a judge with lifetime tenure. I always heard good things about the Judge.

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