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Thursday, August 21, 2008


The New York Post by DENISE BUFFA - August 21,2008

Some people were s--- out of luck when it came to doing their business yesterday at the Bronx Hall of Justice. A broken sewer line caused raw sewage to back up into the new glass courthouse at 265 E. 161st St., forcing authorities to close bathrooms, courtrooms and prison cells. "We're working on getting it fixed," said Mark Daly, a spokesman for the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, which runs the building. "We see no chance that the entire thing is going to have to be shut down." Reports of a horrible stench and some flooding in and around courtrooms, bathrooms and locker rooms led to the discovery of a broken sewer pipe - 30 feet from the building and 12 feet underground. Authorities closed down half the plumbing lines of the $421 million courthouse, which officially opened in January. While 200 prisoners slated to see judges were not allowed in because they couldn't use toilets, other male visitors were directed to ladies' rooms.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Justice STINKS in any Court (Out) House because there is no justice or truth!

Anonymous said...

In Judge John K. McGuirk's court justice stinks like dirty money. I wonder how much he is been paid in Orange County to destroy litigants lives and children's lives.

Anonymous said...

McGuirk is not the only involved in these deals. Go ask Lawrence Horrowitz he knows the deals that go on in the Orange County Goshen Court.

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