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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Judge Stands Up to Judicial Commission Shenanigans

NY Judge Changes Mind, Won't Resign Over Allegations
The New York Law Journal by Mark Fass - August 19, 2008

A town justice who agreed to step down from office in the face of allegations of misconduct has changed his mind. According to a complaint by the Commission on Judicial Conduct, the misdeeds of Hudson Falls Village Court Justice Michael M. Feeder included flagging down a motorist for speeding through a yield sign and then presiding over the early stages of that same motorist's trial.

Under a stipulation with the commission, Mr. Feeder agreed to resign and never again seek judicial office in New York. Friday was scheduled to be his last day. However, according to the Glen Falls Post Star, Justice Feeder has decided not to resign, citing an oral agreement to keep the conduct case private that the commission purportedly broke by releasing information to the media. "They [the commission] said, 'Sure, great…it can all be done quietly,'" the judge's attorney, Lee Kindlon, of Kindlon & Shanks in Albany, told the Post Star. "Then the commission turned around and made it public." The commission's counsel and administrator, Robert H. Tembeckjian, denied the existence of any such agreement. "No member of the staff said any such thing to the judge or to his counsel or to anyone else representing the judge," Mr. Tembeckjian said. Mr. Kindlon could not be reached for comment.


Anonymous said...

Is there honor among thieves? Who do you believe: the corrupt Commission on Judicial Conduct or a Judge? A moral dilemma, or they're both probably liars. Nothing is what it seems as Gilbert and Sullivan said: Skim milk masquerades as cream.

Anonymous said...

Wow..if you look up what the definition of a liar will see all of these clowns pictures listed there.I've never in my life seen such a bunch of thieves and liars as these Judges and lawyers. How to these creatures sleep at night? They sound like a bunch of sociopaths running amok.

Anonymous said...

Tembecjian is a thief, hack and liar. Show him the cuffs.

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that the former Judge Michael M. Feeder kicks in the teeth of these bums. He can start with Bob Tembeckjian (who's wife works at the Daily News, so that's why you don't read anything about the corruption in courts in the paper - it has been said that she also gives him the tips and info the paper gets so he'll know how to protect the system and cover everything up) and work his way up. Clean their clocks buddy, it is long overdue!

Anonymous said...

Don't know Bob or his wife and live where they cannot find out anything I can EVER CJC does offer silent protection to the judges they DO take complaints against, and if the judge eventually becomes removed and doesn't piss off the lawyer in chief at the CJC...they may get that promise.
A turn of the mood of the lawyers at the CJC, can easily disrupt that promise and they will then not inform the judge, and just send the entire story to the media~
I believe the town justice, because that is one of the power plays of the fearless CJC!

Anonymous said...

go kick their collective asses Bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck

Anonymous said...

this is how the system turns on their own. Lawyers beware!

Anonymous said...

the Judicial Commission is one of the heads of the corruption- it should be cutoff!

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