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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Law Makers, Lawyers, Laws and Lawlessness

By FREDRIC U. DICKER - August 7, 2008

ALBANY - A political rival yesterday blasted closed-mouthed Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for lending $50,000 to a small company that funds personal-injury lawsuits and could be hurt by efforts to limit lucrative awards to trial lawyers - including those at Silver's law firm. "You have Sheldon Silver putting the interests of [law firm] Weitz & Luxenberg and the Tria Lawyers Association above that of New Yorkers," charged Paul Newell, who is challenging him in the Democratic primary. "Silver is employed by Weitz & Luxenberg for an undisclosed salary for undisclosed work on behalf of undisclosed clients, and if that wasn't bad enough, he now is personally investing in companies that have business before the state." Silver has lent at least $50,000 to Counsel Financial Services, an Upstate company that finances small law firms specializing in personal-injury cases, The New York Times said yesterday. Silver, who has blocked efforts to cap payouts in such cases, refused to comment.


Anonymous said...

Wow..Sheldon Silver is lost for words..I wonder why.. He got caught with his hand in the cookie Jar. Typical Lawyer.

Anonymous said...

so what! Silver has done right for us forever. Give him a break, so he makes a little on the side, so what. Enough already

Anonymous said...

so my boy Shelly Silver got caught with his pants down, shame on you, it is time to retire and go to Florida.

Anonymous said...

years ago i read an article in the getting money for cases at
Weitz & luxenberg.
That has been going on for years.
He probably made 10 X more money
from them than he did as an elected official.
Maybe he does not have enough work to do in albany?

Anonymous said...

Just as the Don gives $100 a week to the Church and $500 for the Columbus Day Float; the net from Silver is a gigantic loss for the taxpayer or persons trapped in the courts..

Anonymous said...

you know this kind of corruption is worst than the know what the mob is...these are the guys that are elected to protect us and they steal from all of us in a bigger way...hey, bring back the "old" mob...go figure

Anonymous said...

jail this sleazy lawyer ---- what makes him special?

Anonymous said...

the big makher Sheldon Silver made a contract and put the fix in! At sometime the rest of the story will be exposed.....stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

I have a strong intuitive feeling, a lot of things are in the works..waiting for the truth to be revealed and OCA will be slammed in the process!
I am a patient individual, and especially if OCA gets it in the END!

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